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  1. what is your mock draft for the whole draft
  2. thomas davis tore his acl THREE times in his career, all in the same knee
  3. highland park high school and they grew up on the same street
  4. maybe, just, maybe if they win the afc east brady never is drafted because they drafted steve grogan in '78 and then tony eason in '85 then bledsoe in '93 then brady in '01 so if they won the division they probably would not have drafted grogan so that means none of the others got drafted 8 years after
  5. tebow played 18 games. manning and ryan played more than 10 years
  6. exactly he forced a fumble that he did not bring the wrong way which ended up being the diffrence
  7. lamar jackson is the only qb to run for 1,000 yards in back-to-back years and in multiple years
  8. mike vrabel has 12 career catches, all for touchdowns, as you might know. but you probably dont know none were for more than 2 yards. and percy howard had 1 career catch, a touchdown in sb X Percy Howard - Wikipedia Percy Howard - Wikipedia
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