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  1. General Talk Thread

    I forgot this part.
  2. General Talk Thread

    this is a comment I'll regret making, but Never trust a c*****list, no matter how benign public image they build for themselves.
  3. This seems to contradict your constant harping on how Belichick always makes "D+/C+" players play very well or how most Pats players wouldn't even be close to starting on any other team. What a turn in thinking in less than 24 hours.
  4. *unarticulated screams of joy* Gotta go to bed now. OMG Vince with the trophy, I love that guy. G'night everyone.
  5. Obligatory "My heart stopped for a second" comment.
  6. Guess you don't always need him. Close this goatman.
  7. I've been wrong with my every prediction regarding this game. And there's still more!