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  1. I didn't know what to choose for the 3rd q. Isn't Jones still on IR?
  2. If nothing else, I love the way Dugger hits. Just old-school, explode into the guy, crisp collisions.
  3. I already regret sitting this one out (way too late in my timezone though). Off to the t******s I guess.
  4. Terrible. Just let Cam sit out a few more weeks and let Stidham play, because he's clearly not right.
  5. How cooked Cam's arm can be to call that on 3&12?
  6. If Stid looks like a viable QB it also means that somehow he was able to produce with the putrid pass-catching options available right now. So WR becomes less of a need and they can focus on shoring up the lines on both sides of the ball. I haven't been able to follow college football recently, so I have no idea whether the talent is there to fill their needs through the draft, so I'm just throwing up ideas. Offense: Keep Thuney and draft/trade/sign for depth on the OL: at least a swing tackle and an IOL who can adequately replace Andrews if he's injured again and provide depth at G. Push the offense towards running the ball and controlling the clock: get a big bodied WR who can make contested catches outside and in the red zone and can run-block. Draft RB depth and ignore the TE position hoping that the rookies will emerge and be reliable short-intermediate range targets (thatsaboldstrategycotton). Defense: The main focus of the draft and the first two picks ought to come here. IDL and LB with the first two picks in a coverage backer/run stuffer or interior rusher/thumper (main strengths) combo (too specific? maybe). Hope and pray the secondary can last one more year / earlier draft picks (Williams, Dugger) start panning out and draft DB depth if the capital is still there. 10 picks seems nice and can provide some wiggle room.
  7. Yes, his head tilt backwards windup is terrible. My problem is that the decision making is not improving even though he spends more time in the offense and gels with his weapons.
  8. Am I wrong to think the first three weeks was all that Cam had left in the tank? Probably yes, but the vital signs are pretty weak lately.
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