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  1. The Other Games Thread Week #6

    In a blatant act of self-hate I chose the Seahawks-Browns. Eh, I'll just switch to KC-HOU if this turns out to be ishshow.
  2. Bolden being used and being useful is a nice surprise.
  3. how in hell do you learn 80 pct of the playbook in a few days, but can't learn basic pass blocking in cca. 10 years?
  4. General Talk Thread

    I love Diggs, but this is beyond crazy.
  5. I don't know when was the last time I saw Brady so disoriented. Not for 4 quarters anyway.
  6. did Brady forget Dorsett is not 6'3"?
  7. can't believe there's almost a quarter left still
  8. oh no, I didn't realize the GOAT is the Bills backup now
  9. at least the D and STs get it done
  10. You's on a roll today, keep it going.
  11. Gore can have the yardage. But that's it!