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  1. “Beau Knows”

    Somewhere Richter is nodding in approval. Or not, I'm not sure how good Allen is anymore.
  2. Tom Brady 2020: Signing Off?

    I'm just here for the meltdowns. Temporarily unmuting people.
  3. If Brady does in fact leave...

    We're on to *week 1 opponent of 2020*.
  4. I'm just surprised the Patriots are not involved somehow. Though it may be too early to tell yet.
  5. Offseason Thread

    Well, if that's a given, then I'd be OK with going up that far.
  6. Offseason Thread

    Tua's injury history is too scary for me to blow up the defense to get him. I'd rather have the core of the defense retained, build younger pieces around them and get Brady some help.
  7. WC: Titans at Pats

    This, so much. Up until the last seconds they had a chance and it was thanks to the defense stepping up. Henry ran over us, but they couldn't capitalize, so the inanity of the offense was doubly maddening. I'll hop on the Titans bandwagon too, hope they can ride their momentum to the SB. Henry hammering hapless humans is my new playoff theme.
  8. WC: Titans at Pats

  9. WC: Titans at Pats

    I swear to doge, I had already typed in that this defense needs to force a turnover and deleted it. I got Harmon'd.
  10. WC: Titans at Pats

    The CB was still peering in the backfield by the time Jules was in the enzone
  11. WC: Titans at Pats

    No. You're a running back dammit, just plow through them.
  12. WC: Titans at Pats

    You can't pull a Taysom Hill with Mariota, heh.
  13. WC: Titans at Pats

    yeah, if you can't get separation at least catch well, that works too
  14. WC: Titans at Pats

    Go Pats!
  15. Best Games of the Decade

    Besides the SBs (obviously), the 2013 Saints game for Zolak's "WHERE'S THE BEEF??" call on the final TD. I liked Thompkins, too bad he turned out to be bum.