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  1. Offseason Trade Targets

    I think going from McCourty to Thomas is a lesser upgrade than the downgrade of going from Mason to Thuney is. I know they probably can't retain him after this year, but I'd take a year of stable O-line play than upgrade at a position that doesn't really need an upgrade. That's of course, if we're talking about the scenario outlined in the article. What do you think would be a fair compensation for Mason in any other scenario?
  2. Offseason Trade Targets

    I do not trust Thuney enough and however highly I think of Wynn, he's still just a rookie, who will have his hiccups adjusting to the NFL game (if he even plays guard). I wouldn't be happy.
  3. NFL Coaching Hot Seat

    Haven't even coached a game and already on the hot seat? I got that OP said "after the season", but I see neither of them having Tomsula-level abysmal seasons.
  4. If the situation was as horrible as described in this scenario and BB-TB would essentially be a bad look away from an open fistfight (ramp up the my hyperbole hype), I'd say why not. Of course that isn't the case, so the only logical answer seems to be: lolno.
  5. Wynn better proves to be a good LT.
  6. General Talk Thread

    Deservedly. They found their mental Guerrero.
  7. I didn't see any Georgia games last year, but the way he manhandled DL in the Senior Bowl was a thing to watch. He is strong af and has really good movement skills; I wouldn't mind them giving him a run at OT.
  8. Patriots Draft Focus: Offensive Tackle

    I don't think Connor Williams has T-rex arms. Sure, 33" is just at the cutoff value (for me, at least), but not Robert Gallery bad. Why would you move your elite RT to a position he never played before?
  9. 2018 Patriots Mock Draft

    I'd hate to see Mason go , but I really like Garcia. Out of the two Cali QB, I've always liked Rosen more (though I know next to nothing about scouting QBs, so I only rely on gut feeling there), and since my favourite, Mayfield, is not there anymore, I'd be content with the team drafting him. Aruna and Hall are physically very intriguing, as you said. I haven't followed Hall, but those jumping numbers at his weight are insane, as is his production. Love Reid and the depth your draft gave to the defense. I wouldn't have minded a mid-late round T though, maybe in place of McFadden.
  10. Now, tell me about Matt Barkley.
  11. If this were true, they wouldn't have tried to extend him. They were interested, the price was just too high.
  12. Patriots trade Brandin Cooks to the Rams

    I don't think it would take all that much to move up for Mayfield. The hype seem to have become very calm around him and he was frogleaped by Josh Allen as QB3 (whether this was justified is another question) on most big boards and probably even by Lamar Jackson.