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  1. Rebuilding the Patriots

    I don't think that person exists, but who do you think about?
  2. General Talk Thread

    And Tyreek Hill. And Travis Kelce. And Andy "He's Still Good In The Regular Season, eh?" Reid. And the draft left to improve the defense (granted this is a cold comfort, especially with Spagnulo, but still). Edit: nvm, haven't read the news yet on the resident woman beater
  3. Adrian Clayborn released

    From that tweet I gather he asked for this release. Why?
  4. I don't get the enthusiasm either.
  5. This seems to contradict your constant harping on how Belichick always makes "D+/C+" players play very well or how most Pats players wouldn't even be close to starting on any other team. What a turn in thinking in less than 24 hours.
  6. *unarticulated screams of joy* Gotta go to bed now. OMG Vince with the trophy, I love that guy. G'night everyone.
  7. Obligatory "My heart stopped for a second" comment.