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  1. Wasn't it named football because it originates (along with rugby) from Gaelic football? They (I mean the Ivy league people who first played it) just removed kicking, which is more prevalent there and enabled more tackling. I might be wrong though.
  2. WTF is a Titel? Are you German? Are they allowed here?
  3. No minicamp this year, so I can't gauge the hype around these players and Lewerke is the only one I've seen playing, being an MSU fan (he's pure trash). I'll default to the QB, I guess: Smith.
  4. Top: Uche: versatile, productive, (hopefully) good athlete, great value in the 2nd round. Dugger: I get that many people got the thousand miles stare when they made the pick, but I'm a believer. Sound like an intelligent enough guy who could pick up things fast at the Senior Bowl. We at least know for sure he has no athletic limitations... Keene: tough decision between him and Asiasi. Eventually I think he will provide more as a receiver and provide more flexibility for the offense Bottom: I just chose two guys I have no idea about and were their last two picks (Maluia, Wooddard) and Rohrwasser (K in the 5th and other reasons).
  5. Develin ain't coming back either.
  6. Originally they wanted to sign Paolo Di Canio, but went with the younger option.
  7. I need a high resolution pic, I can't make them out.
  8. With the Great Leader succumbing to the 'rona, the battle for the thro... chairman position will commence. This is the Hoodie secretly announcing his claim by acknowleding his fealty to the great Ideology in the heartland of the Enemy. Anyway, wasn't Uche touted as an early first round pick just a few months ago?
  9. I remember some draft forum dwellers liking him a lot (as seen above), so I'm cautiously optimistic.
  10. Somewhere Richter is nodding in approval. Or not, I'm not sure how good Allen is anymore.
  11. I'm just here for the meltdowns. Temporarily unmuting people.
  12. We're on to *week 1 opponent of 2020*.
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