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  1. Training Camp Buzz

    Well, yeah, I know there aren't ads on regular season uniforms, so I figured we were talking about training jerseys.
  2. Training Camp Buzz

    Patriots have them too:
  3. What Happened To Him?

    From the last photo I've seen of him, he became an astronaut. Good for him putting that Ivy League eduction to good use.
  4. Yes. Hell, even I had one as a kiddo in the 90s. I mean, black and silver, a cool looking pirate guy and the word "raider" (thanks, mom's dictionary) sewn on it... what else does an 8-year old want? It was a pretty good Chinese knock-off. It was discarded by the time I got into football:(
  5. wewlad, at this point this gotta be considered trolling, innit?
  6. As a Europeon, I've had zero geographical pre-disposition to choosing an NFL team initially, though you can say that geography eventually played a part in me becoming a Patriots fan. I got into football around the same time I got into reading H. P. Lovecraft. His depiction of and enthusiasm (yeah, not that part) for the New England area made me choose the Bostonians. This was around 2006, the high time for Patriots bandwagoning, so nobody believes this, of course. Maybe righfully.
  7. TE Michael Roberts traded from Lions

    Failed his physical so we get back the pick. He was also waived by the Loins.
  8. I don't know how to feel about this. He never seemed so passionate about the game, but his athletic ability compensated for his motivational/mental shortcomings. I hope he puts it together this time, I really liked him as a draft pick.
  9. Brandon Browner?
  10. Probably my favourite pick and I liked the previous two players too. He's a much better athlete than that scouting report indicates; not very explosive, but his agility numbers (6.94 3-cone and 4.11 short shuttle @ 256 lbs) are elite. Arms are a little on the short side, but his hand usage can compensate. Ninkovich is a cheap comparison, but I expect him to fill similar roles, due to their similar athletic profiles.
  11. 2019 NFL Draft Thread: Nashville

    Well, happy birthday! I'll make do with more scrolling then.
  12. 2019 NFL Draft Thread: Nashville

    No separate threads for the picks this year?