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  1. To me it looked like Brady completely YOLO'd the second half. He didn't seem very upset even after throwing all those picks. Very different body language compared to what he looked like here, from what I could tell.
  2. In these bio segments, has any player chosen Ren and Stimpy as his favourite original Nick cartoon yet?
  3. I'd be OK with that, but I don't think he'll last that long. Especially with a good combine.
  4. Opinions on Daviyon Nixon and the chances of getting him? He seems like an athletic disruptor who can provide interior rush, but also plays intelligently against the run. Is he going to go too early for the Pats?
  5. Damn, I wish Can was as good as he enjoys himself out there.
  6. Y'all need to get in here, I don't want my inane drivel to be the only thing filling this thread.
  7. A passing TD is a passing TD, I guess
  8. Considering that he doesn't seem to be able to lift his elbow up to a proper throwing position, that's not surprising, lol.
  9. Howmanyeth time this season that this offense starts with a great series and then completly stalls for the rest of the game? Feels like a lot.
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