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  1. The Other Games Thread 11 *Bye Week*

    Vikings-Bears early. Late slate is a bit stale, but I'll go with Broncos-Charges and Eagles-Saints, because that will be broadcasted here (that's a late game too, btw).
  2. I don't think you could take one single aspect of the game. It was a complete s***... failure.
  3. Can't believe the play of the game would be a punt with a lucky bounce at the end.
  4. Ugh that really sucks if that's non-contact tear. Poor guy.
  5. The Other Games Thread week 10

    24-0 to the Bills in the second quarter. Is the legend of the Barkley true? Probably no.
  6. The king of QBs giveth - he is a beneficient ruler.
  7. And that was terrible. What the hell is Gilmore doing today?