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  1. Well actually that was my thing i’ve never seen a running back that ran 4.6 go in the first round so I was hot. It was like no matter what you think of him he’s never going to break a run for 60 yards. but more importantly to me was that he had never been in 1000 yard back in college so what made the Raiders at the time think that he could be a workhorse back But then I started hearing stuff I like the Clemson coach saying that that was the best player he had ever coaches against. And then his rookie year he was a top 10 running back. And that’s why I stopped questioning. He
  2. I never liked to Montgomery. But he really balled last year he looked good in week one. I don’t have a problem with taking a runningback in the 1st. For example, I had no problem with the Steelers drafting Najee Harris. So my thing with Jacobs back then was that there was nothing special about him coming out. The guy was 5’9 225 ran 4.66 in the 40 And never had 700 yards in a season. If there’s a type that you draft in the first round he’s not the type imo(Especially when you could get someone like Miles Sanders who was a five-star recruit and his first year starting as a senior after ba
  3. (LOL I knew this was coming😭) Really? because I did admit Multiple times this week that I thought Max Crosby was a complementary pass rusher and he definitely didn’t play like one on Monday. I also mentioned A few months back how I wanted Miles Sanders over Josh Jacobs. Is that enough times or do you want more? Lol
  4. Back when I used to read this forum but not comment on it I do remember a lot of people on here wanted Tua. It just shows you how the draft pageantry gets a lot of people. The grass is always greener on the other side until they actually have to play. You dont win because an A+ draft grade on NFL.com
  5. I’m not gonna lie I knew Herbert was going to be good
  6. I would like to see the Raiders just keep drafting defensive lineman in the first round
  7. If we drafted him we would’ve traded him too lol
  8. NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reports Raiders RB Peyton Barber is expected to "handle some of the lead back duties" in Week 2 against the Steelers.
  9. Wait you would draft a running back in the third round after signing a running back for 7 million per year
  10. Because here's the thing: I like Ragas too if you're going to start a rookie running back week two against one of the best defenses in the league because you didn't expect your starter to be hurt? I'm not doing that. And we know already that Josh Jacobs gets hurt and A. Misses games B. May playing in a game but hes not as effective
  11. But that's my thing: Say we don't sign Drake and Josh Jacobs is hurt week one, who are you starting against the Steelers week 2?
  12. And THAT is why you pay a player like Kenyan Drake $7,000,000 per year
  13. I don't like Peyton barber at all and have no idea what the raider see in him lol
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