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  1. In 2015 Blake Bortles was a top five fantasy quarterback. Here were his stats cmp 58.6 Yards 4,428 Tds 35 Int 18 Pr 88.2 they went 5-11 that year. but at least he doesn’t throw check downs
  2. Sure you can say that but the reality is that's not the only team that happened to. It happened with the dolphins the Chargers and the jets(we just happen to get lucky and win that game). We have to look at how bad the defense actually was last year.
  3. I thought it was funny that a lot of the film that was reviewed in this video were against the Chiefs who we beat(one of two teams who beat them all season) and lost to because of the defense and Kurt Warner says "Youre not going to beat the chiefs doing that" and then later on basically says "I know they won but still"
  4. Maybe I’m reading too much into this but it’s interesting that Casey Hayward was not in this video. Maybe it implies that he’s Considered as one of the main acquisitions this off-season So they don’t want to feature him
  5. Now when it comes to that you and I agree. I think Jefferson provides a pretty decent floor. And I like the ceiling of Solomon Thomas.
  6. It'll be a good conversation to have a year from now
  7. My thing with that is even if he does play the Texans record last season showed all of us that having a quarterback like him on your team does not automatically guarantee your team a playoff spot if your defense is garbage
  8. I just wanna point out that Fitzpatrick did the exact same thing hahaha.
  9. Calais Campbell is listed as a defensive end but doesn't Rush from the end spot. He plays the five tech that kicks inside very similar to what they want Ferrell or Gregory Rousseau to do. in terms of Allen, I'm not even talking particularly about last year I'm talking about going forward it'll be interesting to see how Allen does without Ngakoue going forward(also want to see how Nick Bosa does without deforest Buckner going forward)
  10. Now this is actually a good question(probably the best question you've asked me this past week). Let me start by saying I absolutely love Maxx Crosby. I think he's a good player that wins with effort rather than actual pass rush moves. Like if you actually watch how he plays he never actually wins the rep he mostly gets his sacks off of broken plays where the quarterback is either a holding the ball forever or be scrambling. Currently his ceiling is 10 sacks and his floor is 7. Why Yannick is different is because 1. He actually wins reps with a handful of different styles of r
  11. Campbell was an interior guy. All I'm going to stay with Allen as I want to see what he looks like without yannick
  12. I respect that position but it's one thing to say he's not an elite player it's another thing to say that he's a complementary player. Those are two different things lol
  13. How did he get outplayed by Allen for multiple years if he only played with Allen one year
  14. So in order to not be a complimentary pass rusher you have to get at least 10 sacks every season right? Things like having more pressure than everyone else doesn't matter right?
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