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  1. I definitely agree about dobbs. you could definitely tell that he knew what he was talking about. But I do get that vibe from the Ziegler guy too
  2. I have no problem being proven wrong with this one. In fact, I’m looking forward to it. But I’ve already put out my positives and negatives on the guy so y’all know where I stand
  3. Now THAT is a good point. That is the one difference that I see between him. None of the other guys inherited a playoff team. Although with that being said, the Broncos had a squad when he took over for Mike Shanahan(who I thought shouldn't have been fired in the first place but was happy about it because I'm a raider fan) and that was the first time I actually saw the whole patriot assistant formula where they come over and then the good players start wanting to leave or get treated and then things just start going haywire. I could see that happening here is what worries me the most.
  4. it seems like he wanted Josh McDaniels the whole time tbh. Where I get that from is there as soon as the season was over us they're already reports about the Dave Ziegler guy. That showed me they want to do the patriot thing. Use Mayo did the field and Rooney rule. And then they did the Todd Bowles/Spytek combo as a backup and then the Dodds more of that "in case we get Harbaugh" GM prospect
  5. sure it's all opinion. I don't disagree with anything you really said. But one thing that has to also be taken into account is that patriot assistants will always be offered jobs. It's just a fact of the NFL. Which means that the NFL always looks favorably upon patriots assistants. It's just one of those things that we should all keep in the back of our minds. For saying similar things about Matt Patricia. And then right after similar things about Brian Flores. Thing I always notice is it's always that the next guy is gonna be different from all the others when it comes to that whole Patriots
  6. ^right which is why I know already that McDaniels is getting the job
  7. Actually no Cory Littleton was not(I was actually going to use that as an example of how a mood doesn't make sense in theory). Littleton didn't fit with the Raiders wanted to do with PG defense at all. It's actually why there were even reports that Paul Gunther didn't actually want Cory Littleton but Gruden kind of forced it. I need doesn't do well it's one of those things where of course because there was no rhyme or reason to it. It's basically just trying to make a splash By contrast Kwiat was a good signing in theory because he was basically the prototypical PG style linebacker y
  8. Sure that's true but he had an easier job than most lol. Now that's said, I thought he did a really good job with Mac Jones this year(as good of a job you could do with a quarterback like that).
  9. again the theory was good. For me I'm more concerned about what a GM was thinking when they decide to sign or draft someone rather than how it pans out. Because how it pans out is also circumstantial. For example Nelly Jonnu had upside in the type of offense of the patriots run. No to the kind of guys that you would need to bring in an order to make a young rookie quarterback like Mac Jones work.
  10. I like the move for them to sign both of the tight ends, signing Nelly was a good move in theory, and obviously I like the matt Judon signing. I also like that they saw Christian Barmore as a steal in the second round(which was how I saw it at the time)
  11. Williams Dotson Elam Gardener Davis London Booth Cook Bryant Walker As of now
  12. Particular I liked what the Patriots did in this off-season as a whole
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