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  1. I wouldn't be against a CB because you don't know how long Hayward has left. Don't like Arnette at all. But main thing we need us some stud DT or Oline
  2. In the worse division in the sport and both trenches that was stacked with talent. He's a solid coach that should get another job. But when you have Cheifs and Chargers in your division playing it safe won't cut it unless you want to finish between 7 and 9 wins every year till we flame out.
  3. 1.A Kellan Moore 1.B Matt Campbell 2. Brian Daboll 3. Joe Brady Moore and Campbell are my two top choices without a doubt. Over the moon with both. I would hate the Doug Pederson hire, I think offensively it was down to Frank Reich. Dont want another coach overrated because he has a ring.
  4. Depends on the new HC and if we can trade Carr for multiple first round picks. If not you carry on and try and fix what we have got.
  5. Humphrey looked like a 1st round centre until the last year so not surprised he's looked good. Trey Smith was a steal potentially the best gaurd in the class but injuries lead him to slip. Brown and Thuney are big investments. We looked to reduce the investment to move money to defense. With the cap going up we have got to move some money back to o-line but not overspend like we did before. Why I'd be happy with Linderbaum, he's our center for the next decade plus. Scheme fit and knows how to snap and read blitz.
  6. Before reading the thread, are we all on Tyler Limderbaum? I think he could be a blue chip centre.
  7. Best way to catch the game after it's over? As im from the UK and work Tuesdays I'm not going to be able to start up till silly o'clock to watch it unfortunately. I'm hoping I can watch it not knowing the score when I get back
  8. Well, unless you're going to take him out on Cover 1 or only ever play one kind of Cover 1 he's going to have to play Man v man and he's terrible at that. But he's shown he can play deep at times. Made a great couple of plays playing deep safety against the chiefs.
  9. I think Abram can play FS in a cover 1. Rather have sombody else playing man then Abram.
  10. Could be a tackle again with Leatherwood to Gaurd if he doesn't impress enough. 3tec unless sombody really shows up. Corner back if Arnette and others don't step up. Wouldn't purposely go Gaurd until end of day 2 myself.
  11. I'd rather have Ingram over him and we need the spot on the 53 roster. Should've never signed him to that contract to begin with.
  12. Cut Nassib and Richard, sign Marvin Ingram
  13. He played deep but his skill set translates to a box safety in the NFL.
  14. Out of 10 Alex Leatherwood - 6 Trevon Moehrig - 8 Malcolm Koonce - 6 Divine Deablo - 7 Tyree Gillespie - 9 Nate Hobbs - 6 Jimmy Morrissey - 6 6.8/10
  15. Because Darrisaw has attitude concerns meanwhile Leatherwood is a Bama captain and 3 year starter. Leatherwood has also played RG so so he's played on the right side before.
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