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  1. Why I'd just take a tackle in the 1st or second. D'nate Smith from East Carolina is my 3rd round guy
  2. Could say the same to many DEs, you can project a player but you want to see them so something in college too. If you came out and said Paye basically ends up a stud run defender and 6-8 a year sack guy you'd probably be happy with what. But is that worth the pick when we already have 3 starers? Browns technique is horrible and doesn't play close to NFL standard. He's coming in with a high ceiling but the floor is lower then Parker.
  3. I'm okay with that but we still need a RT for this season, why I wouldn't be mad for going for a RT that also projects as a probowl gaurd. Can give him a couple of years to make it at Rt. If he fails move him inside then play Brown at RT
  4. He was, he sucked and so did the whole defense
  5. First 4 picks would get me feeling depressed. Clearly don't see the hype or point of Parsons. Don't particularly like Holland see him as a big nickle or strong safety. Brown is super raw and won't be ready to see the field for a couple of years. Cisco can't tackle and doesn't like contact. I like rest of the picks.
  6. Only if they're worth it. Can't think of anybody in the 1st worth trading up for unless the is a run of tackles and you want to get your guy. It's a deep class in most of our positions but we don't tend to use late day 3 picks. So I'm not against using them to get our guys.
  7. If anybody wants to listen to what Brett Kollmann said about Parsons and actually mentions Raiders. It's this video and it stars around 42:25, when they make the pick for him to go to Washington
  8. Actually like the move, probably not good enough to start but knows the scheme and fits the role. If Johnson still doesn't develop he can atleast cover Arnette if he gets hurt or if he moves inside to nickle. Guessing will be cheap too. Low risk decent upside. He gets hands on the ball often but can be a bit boom or bust with coverage. Reminds me of a better Worley
  9. I like Paye but whats the idea with him? Because, he's all run stuffer with projection so unless you're going to give up on Ferrell already then for me its a bit of a waste, as I currently have Crosby the guy waiting for snaps when the game starts, let alone adding another 1st round pick. Would take an edge but maybe a little later in the draft where you can have less pressure to play them straight away and you can develop them while giving Ferrell the chance to perform under a real DC. Would Love Grant but, could see us needing to trade up for him. Dallas would love him to
  10. In terms of coverage JOK is better then top 10 pick Simmons from last year and more proven at LB, while also projecting better at a natural position, nickle but isn't as long or big. Littleton did also come from a team where most players look amazing playing behind the best defensive player of this generation. I like Littleton and think he improves but don't expect the Rams production. Imagine having two top level coverage LBs on 3rd and long. No more getting ripped about over the middle when we need to get a stop.
  11. Thats the thing, I don't even see Parsons as top 15 talent. He's probably in the mid 20s for me. You can't draft for scheme but you have to draft players that can be successful and reach the potential in your scheme. Problem with edge when do they get the snaps? Or do you give up on Ferrell or/and Crosby? I want JOK or a top tackle. Would take Barmore or Moehrig but would be rather meh. Parsons I'm looking at it like Arnette pick and hoping I'm wrong more then anything.
  12. Yep and we can have a 3rd for rotation. Let's not fool ourselves. JOK coverage ability is ahead of both of those, not only in man but also Zone. We can definitely argue why we'd need another LB when we already have so many. But JOK ability to play Nickle is what makes him special. We do lack a SAM for short yardage but is that worth anything more then a day 3 pick?
  13. Maybe they can, but your taking a massive risk a guy to completely change how he reads and sees the game. Surely if you wanted an athlete to learn the game too thats more of a round two prospect or late 1st. Where I have Parsons. Main reason I'm so against him is because people seem to think he's a top 10 player and can't miss. When he's probably one of the more risky players in the 1st round conversation, who once against doesn't fit the scheme that well.
  14. Play him at nickle as we'll mainly be in nickle most snaps anyway. But unlike most of the NFL, having Abram and JOK near the LOS for run games means we won't be as bad against it as the rest. Then on 3rd and long, put him back to LB with Littleton or Morrow and get another DB on the field. Talk about Nascar package on the D-line but I want it on the coverage too
  15. What the tape, he is atleast willing to and plays with a lot more aggression in the run game. Isn't not a direct comparison because your comparing a SAM linebackers ability to take on gaurds to a nickle/will on passing downs. While the SAM who in this case Parsons you expect him to be great at this as it's going to be one of his main jobs he actually struggles. While JOK playing Nickle on running downs Isn't great at it but will try to engage, keep eyes on the ball and get off to make the play a lot more then you would expect him too. So Parsons struggles at taking on gaurds when you expect
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