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  1. Not sure what you mean. You won in a rout. We've moved on to next year at this point. This one's a wrap.
  2. Brutal. I don’t know what the **** we’re doing throwing there. Good game though.
  3. To fill out my PS: Malcolm Smith (CLE) ILB Nyheim Hines (IND) RB Donovan Smith (TB) OT Folorunso Fatukasi (NYJ) DT
  4. Tacoma takes Kenny Moore (IND) CB. @Tk3 is OTC.
  5. Tacoma selects Olivier Vernon OLB. @Tk3 is OTC.
  6. Tacoma selects Brandon Linder - C (JAX). @Tk3 is OTC.
  7. Tacoma takes Will Fuller, WR, Hou. @Tk3is OTC.
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