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  1. That kind of stuff is overrated. Minschew has been described as having a huge chip on his shoulder and that equated to 7 wins in 2 seasons. Think I'd rather go with the laid back prodigy. -charles
  2. Colin Johnson would probably be a better choice...isn't he like 6'5 or something? -charlez
  3. I think I would break my tv if we took a rb that high. -charles
  4. Not opposed. I might would counter for a slightly better 2022 pick. Would rather have future capital at this point, but if 21 6th is the best we can do...sure why not.
  5. Solid no thanks from me. We've already got a veteran rb with too much mileage. Rather get a Michael Carter in the draft and try to improve his pass protection skills than pay this dude. -charles
  6. This experience has me really leaning towards dealing with this position at 25 or 33 or even trading up.
  7. I got my codename mixed up. O still don't like smeenge but Brackens is the guy I like. Nvrmnd...brackens not available
  8. Leroy for me....way more athletic upside that would at least have some special teams upside.. Not sure what you guys like about smeenge...couple red flags that really turn me off on him. To be fair, I've only read a couple scouting reports on each guy, otherwise, I'm not familiar with any of them except boselli who I don't like. - charles
  9. I struggled with that codename toggling back and forth on my phone
  10. I'm leaning towards Gutenkest (really jiffy jag, did u run out of code names?)or I'm still on the Sorenson bandwagon. - charles
  11. Yeah...feels like one of those luxury signings good teams make. Now if we can just do that with another vet safety.... -charles
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