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  1. We should have known we were in real trouble when we saw how they addressed the TE position in the off-season. This front office really feels like they are just throwing darts at a board blindfolded
  2. Only thing is, we blitz a lot. I'd be curious to see how successful our defense is when we blitz
  3. Lot of day 2, day 3 guys in the game, especially on the defensive side. Elam is probably the only 1st rd talent
  4. Good writeup on the offensive side of the game...https://www.si.com/nfl/jaguars/news/lawrences-performance-vs-49ers-provides-microcosm-of-jaguars-offensive-issues
  5. Nm....guess it's only wrs. Numbers are still laughable.
  6. That's funny. What about Arnold. His drop against Miami was about as obvious a drop as you'll see. If they have him at zero then it is a worthless resource.
  7. It such a subjective statistic. Problem is that when you are already a marginal offense, any drop is going to be critical. Lack of separation has looked like a bigger issue than drops to me tbh. I think the o-line has been giving up more pressures in recent weeks also.
  8. Good pass rush cures a lot of things
  9. Trevor could use a good performance. Offense has been awful since the bye.
  10. Talk about not taking advantage of an opportunity. Wonder what held him back.
  11. As long as they don't hand it to Taylor we're fine
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