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  1. Actually, when he went for it on 4th and 2 or 3 from the red zone against the Jets, it was early in the game and before the Jets led at all. After Dallas failed to convert, Darnold threw that 90 something yarder and took the lead which the Jets never lost
  2. Jets game last year, did he not go for it and fail in the red zone? Bills game too if im not mistaken.
  3. Lol. As I said, if Garrett made the call, there would.be calls for his head. But since it was the shiney new coach doing it, folks will defend it to the grave. Face palm.
  4. I didnt like the Mike hire neither. I wasnt back up to full health until after the hire or Id have been here telling everyone how terrible of a fit it is. Now I didnt say you specifically were defending the call to go for it, so i dunno why you took it so angrily. But the point still remains, a lot of defending the call it seems. But had it been Garrett, there would be an uproar. Dont know why its overlooked, the importance of that call and how terrible of a call it was. Down by 4, id say it was worth a shot I guess. But with a tie looming, just a damn flat out stupid decision.
  5. theres a football team in first place would have been funnier 😛
  6. You win the forum. We can.shut down here now LOL No,.serioisly, this has been my.point all along. People put too much on the QB over every little thing. Too much credit and too much blame. But when cooper isnt getting open all night, wheres his blame? When lawrence goes 3 weeks without even a tackle for loss let alone a sack, wheres his scrutiny? But to majority of fans, none of that matters because the only reason the team lost is because Dak overthrew one or two passes out of 35 attempts.
  7. You know what gets me too? Consistent guys like Anthony Hitchens, we let them walk. But guys like Lawrence and Smith who were inconsistent or.have question marks, get paid on one good year. Now.do i think Hitch is better than Jaylon? Jaylon is more talented. But even in his best season he was inconsistent. Hitch, he was consistent every play, every year, always knew what to expect snd what you would get. If you are going to pay average-y players, at least pay the consistent ones without ??? Attached to.them!
  8. Could be right. Preseason allows.the rust to come off, and for guys to really get into football shape both in body and mind. But Jaylon has not looked good since his one fairly good season. Idk foot or not, this team needs to stop paying out big bucks for one good season. Trade em or let em walk. Let em hold out even. But dont handicap yourself in the future by paying out contracts over one good year. One good year proves nothing about a career.
  9. @buddy_z34 No they didnt scheme for lawrence and smith, the rams schemed to cover Goffs shortcomings in a new way..previously, they.covered them by rushing to the line and letting McVay make all the calls in Goffs headset before it cut off. But last year, Defenses caught on and wouldnt align their DBs properly until 15 seconds, to confuse Goff snd force him to read a D faster and make progression throws. What they began doing late last season, and now vs dallas yesterday, was limit his need to read a D or make progression based reads by making the decision for.him with fast pre-designated throws. I remember Collinsworth saying Kupp was wide open on one play for a sprint to.the end zone but Goff didnt even look at him. Know why? Play designs were to keep goff throwing to his designated target, letting his fast throwing motion and good arm shine. And mask his poor decision making and roller coaster accuracy. Yes, a side.effect is limiting effect of a pass rush, and this is how offenses with bad OLs have attacked defenses with great DLs for decades. But they started this last year. Its a gimmick by McVay to spotlight Goffs pros and hide his cons.
  10. Lee was far more talented in his prime. Lee could hunt down a ball carrier like Mike Singletary, cover like Thomas Davis, and read an offense like Urlacher. LVE is a solid tackler where its the hardest - not the open field (he can do that too), but in the crowded gaps. But his coverage is so-so, he bites on isolation too often, is fairly decent at disengaging from a blocker, and all in all a good player, somewhere middle or slightly.above middle of the pack in every category. But not the super star Lee would have been if not hurt so often.
  11. Interested to see these outside receivers step up. Atlanta plays the slot well, and the middle of the field is tough to throw in with their linebackers and cover style. Mid range to the outside is key vs them. Can coop and gallup separate enough and be physical enough to do so?
  12. Same place he has been for 5 of the 6 seasons (or is it 6 of 7?) He has been here. Getting push but not finishing, chasing the play but rarely getting home, doing enough to give hope but not enough to make a play. One great year does not make someone a great player. As i said way back when he was signed, this was a huge mistake.
  13. I said it before ill say it again. We paid for mediocrity in Jaylon and expected too much of LVE. Like I said when we drafted him, he is a great fit, but i dont see anything special. Many here called me.blind, but when LVE has been healthy, his best trait is his tackling in the gaps. Thats not first round pick material. And Jaylon? We paid him as a star. Whrn he is really middle of the pack. It all comes fullcircle and yet again im left pointing out that i said it all along 😛 Know the other time the team.doled out lots of big contracts to average players who had a good.season or two? When the team went 8-8, 8-8, 8-8. You get what you pay for. We paid middle of the pack players, and wd had a middle of the pack record. Miles Austin, Leonard Davis, marion barber, jay ratliff, bradie james, gerald sensabaugh. Kyle kosier, some kicker i forget. Anthony spencer, andre gurode. Blahblahblah. Average players who had a good year, who were mostly carried by Romo and a few other actual good players, and set our cap back and the team.back for years. this is a repeat of that error. Collins as a RT? More average than good. Jaylon? Average. Cooper? Star who disappears too often, making him more average than star. Crawford? Average player paid out of desperation at the position. LVE? Spent a quality pick on an average player with inflated production due to how often teams ran at him, and he will probably get paid like a star. LAWRENCE, yes LAWRENCE, above average rusher who got paid like he was DeMarcus Ware after a very good season and a pretty good season, and it now kills us. Bailey? Good kicker, was paid like an alltime great. On and on and on. its a repeat of that same error bro. And it breaks my heart.
  14. The read led Dak to Lamb. It was a basic hi lo combination. The defense dictated where the ball went. And it went to the open player. The defender just made a hell of a play tracking it through traffic and making an open field hit. But why go for it there to begin with? Lets be real here. The two veteran stars Dak and Zeke got you to a position to tie the game, and from there its anyones ball game. Why are you giving it up to gamble for a 4th and medium? You take the 3 and its a whole new game, zero zero and a 1 quarter game. I dont care what metrics and analytics say. Analytics arent there to coach. Its to aid the coach. But you still have to coach. My neice is 5. And even she asked Uncle John arent they supposed to kick the ball? Shes 5 dude. Lol. My response btw? "They are just pretending to go for it so they can make the other team get a penalty" If this was garrett who made this call, this forum would be on fire with a rally assembling to burn down The Star. But since it was Mike McCarthy, ya'll defending the call. Kinda nuts
  15. How did he play it safe? He rallied the team.to tie it not once but TWICE. Staff blew it once, and the refs the other. The playcalling and play designs kept the ball between the LBs and the Safeties. They played a ton of two high, the playcalls offensively reflected that. As it should. Dak doesnt call plays. And to call any plays that would attack two deep safeties would risk a pick in a close game. Not smart. Whats this poor kid have to do, seriously? If he won a superbowl with a 30 second drive to win it at the end, some of you would still say "yeah but it was really cooper catching it, dak just kinda played it safe throwing to the open man"
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