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  1. TACT XVIII: Zeke's Whacky Weekend Adventures

    Hi gang. You may, or may not have, noticed my abscence. It was not for a disinterest in football but because of a personal catastrophe that has befallen me. I have a fight ahead of me, for my life. This fight im told will take about 20 months, and if I fight hard enough and come home victorious..you guys will hear from my thinks-he-know-it-all mouth again. However, if my battle goes the other way. I need to tell you all how much Ive fully enjoyed my time posting here these last .. idk, 8, 10? years now. I only found this place when I was removed as admin from the official dc.com forums for promoting a well spoken eagles fan as a moderator, but through it all, I had more fun posting here with you guys than there by a very wide margin. Guys i frequently disgaree with, or guys who appreciated and took home my every well educated football thoughts...ive enjoyed debating with you and I really hope to do so again someday. If I cannot, thank you all for all the fun. Go Cowboys!
  2. Witten to retire after 15 seasons

    Gates is debatable. Gates was a vertical route monster (post, corner, seam, flex post, flex corner) whos size, speed, rebound ability and reach made him hard to defend. Put a corner on him and he gets out musled. A safety? Way too slow. A linebacker? Beaten so quickly like hes one of Adrian Petersons kids. BUT - could he block? Hardly. Could he work the middle field against tough, physical zones taking a punishment for the catch? Not consistently. Could he make yards after catch that wasnt caused by outrunning the coverage and getting a great rainbow delivered to him(aka, fight foe the extra stuff?) Again, not consistently. Witten did it all. Gates did not. Its like Randy Moss vs TO. Owens did it all consistently. Moss was top tier at what he did best. The debate could rage on forever, depending on if you like the flash and big splash, or the consistent do it all at top level for a long arse time. Gonzalez? Yeah, possibly one ahead of Witten. While he didnt block as well, he did everything you could ask very well for a very long time. Winslow... tough guy to defend in his era, but not even close to the complete route tree guy and certainly one ofnthe all time best, but id take Witten 100/100 times. Casper? Not nearly consistent enough. Shannon Sharpe? Excellent receiver. Better TE than Witten? Meh, debatable again, but not nearly as debatable as Gonzalez, and maybe not even as much as Gates, whod id still take Witten over. So no probably not Sharpe either IMO. Ditka? More of an old school player than what Witten was, who blended the old school with the new school. Honestly, Id say Witten is #2 behind Gonzalez, maybe #3 depending on where youd put Gates, and at worst #4 if you just happen to really have a thing for Sharpe. But even if you just love Dave Casper or Winslow thatttttt much, and had to put one ahead of Witten, hes still top 5.
  3. Gregory to file for reinstatement May 1st

    Ware was also being asked to do much more. Parcells didnt just have Ware run after the QB. He was asked to cover, play the flat, play the run and drop back into zone. It wasnt until Wade that we saw Ware be relegated to just rushing.
  4. Cowboys off season - training camp is almost here!!!

    Dak doesnt need 300 yarders and Dez doesnt need 100 yarders. The offense was built to run. All star cast eh? Last year when the line.play was average at its best? Martin, Fredrick, worst years of their career. Collins? Atrocious for 8 or 9 weeks, bad for 2-3 more, then acceptably better the last few. Dez? Didnt look all pro to me, nor his stat line, nor to thenstaff who cut him. That D? Better than in 2016, but not an all star cast. Unless you mean 2016. Which, lets see... The D was hit and miss. Barely a help. Dez? Missed a a few games and wasnt great productively. Beasley was his best option and id hardly call him elite. Zeke and the OL? Sure. All stars, because the team was built that way. That doesnt diminish what Dak did. Does Brady get diminished for being benched in the conference game for Bledsoe and playing like trash vs St Louis, letting his D stacked with hall of fame caliber defenders hold the greatest show on turf to a measley 300ish yards? Or how about how his star receivers, one of which was traded for a first and second round selection, bailed him out of a TERRIBLE game against Jake Delhommes Panthers, again letting his D abuse Delhomme for the win? Or do we credit him with the SB victories he was part of, whether or not his team relied on him to carry the burden or was built in another way for those wins?
  5. Cowboys off season - training camp is almost here!!!

    That was ONE drive. There were several in the final few minutes man.
  6. Cowboys off season - training camp is almost here!!!

    Those final few throws were perfectly placed. In those last few minutes Dak had to throw it, often, and it had to be perfect.
  7. Witten to retire after 15 seasons

    Name me 9 better.
  8. That was my idea all along. Get the most fearsome front 7 I can and pair them with a secondary known for being tough and gritty and hard to throw against. And on offense, a top passer with targets, both at RB and WR, known for hitting homeruns and making big plays - speed, making people miss on the shortn routes, ability to run vertical routes...all about big plays on offense and a tough pass rush and aggressive defenders on defense.
  9. Cowboys off season - training camp is almost here!!!

    Dalton is a complete manager of an offense. Smart, good delivery, but he lacks any ofnthose traits that elevate a team or player. Dalton cannot do what Dak did several times his rookie year. Dalton cannot do what Dak did even in the games he got beaten up abd threw multiple picks. Dalton doesnt out gun Big Ben in that back and forth 4th qtr. Dalton doesnt out run 3 defenders to the end zone for the game winner. Dalton doesnt escape two sacks to find Dez in the corner for another game winner. To call Dak a Dalton is insulting. @DaBoys im shocked at you. A wag of the finger my friend, a wag of the finger. Daks got his issues, but has more winning ability in his feet than Dalton has in his whole body. Also, let it be known, I LIKE ANDY DALTON. He is a throwback to the days when being smart and delivering on time mattered more than a huge cannon arm or an ability to scramble. He is accurate to boot. But hes not that guy you want trying to rally you with a minute to go. You may say Dak isnt either, but I can name 4 or 5 games in just a single season in which Dak did just that. Andnwith a minute or three to go, thats not Zeke throwing the ball 7 times on the drive.
  10. Witten to retire after 15 seasons

    He pretty much was Dak's coach. Romo is a sincere good guy (Ever read the story of him helping an old couple while he was driving back from a game, only for them to tell him, after he thought they didnt know him, that that theyre glad he didnt spoil the results for them because they were to watch the Tivo later) He took the loss of his job hard, but you never saw him stop helping on the sideline. He was side by side with Dak, going over photos on the tablet, calls, talking and explaining. Im sure that extended into the locker room, the weight room, meeting room, etc. Also, even though we as fans think Romo was 'done dirty', be honest here - he was aging, very hefty priced, two major injuries, and he wasnt getting any more vigorous. He, and we, knew the writing was on the wall sooner than later and to be even more honest, he had to have known business would catch up to football soon also. Im sure itnhurt but it couldnt have been unexpected, and Im certain he still loves the team. I think his decision not to coach is more a testament to the high pay of a broadcaster vs the lower pay and humongous grind that is coaching at any level of the tree.
  11. Witten to retire after 15 seasons

    The year Romo was hurt at rhe end of season and McGee finished out the final few games, Romo wore a headset and carried a playchat and clipboard. He said several times during that period that "it actually felt natural" to be in on the playcalling and that he could see himself running an offense in the future, even going so far as to say he "would talk to Jerry about it" when the time comes. I guess the broadcast booth paid more?
  12. Cowboys off season - training camp is almost here!!!

    He also hesitated on his release on even the shortest and fastest of routes and openings. The film, after the fourth game, starts to get really poor for Dak. Not that he was completely at fault, and certainly not that he was entirely usless, but the gun shy timidness started to show often after week 4. He kept holding the ball, seemingly afraid to fire. This led to a lot of late throws and misfires. I hope he has not been lost to us because of it. The fragility of a young passer is that apparent throughout the league history. More talented players than Dak have flamed out quickly after being abused back there and having receivers drop balls or be in the wrong place. A pro QB cant be wasting time thinking and second guessing. The ball has to come out and the QB has to just know hes making the right throw on time. The moment they get gunshy and skittish, and the poor plays stack up, their career trajectory has changed forever. I do think because of Daks rookie year, he will bounce back. He has the confidence and know how. I dont think youwill see any lasting effects. But it isnt improbable either. Once you get beaten up and start to mistrust both receiver and yourself, it can be really hard to break the habits that form from that.
  13. Cowboys off season - training camp is almost here!!!

    Majority of the games we allowed decent run totals was when we had fallen behind so far teams opted to grind the clock. And this was often also when Lee was out that we werent so good vs the run. If you go back the kast 3 years, this team has been pretyy good vs the run.
  14. Cowboys off season - training camp is almost here!!!

    We were not victimized against the run though the last several years. We were actually pretty good vs the run the last few seasons as long as Lee was out there to chase the ball. With Jaylon healthier and LVE on board, that should really only improve - regardless of the interior DL, whos job is.NOT to keep the Mike clean but to attack the gaps and get into the backfield. In this scheme, your Mike falls off the line to cover or attack the interior run, and your OLBs chase the ball. Theres very little reliance on the DL to stop the run in RM's defense.
  15. Cowboys off season - training camp is almost here!!!

    The way his "nose" is utilized he does not really make use of a classic nose tackle/1 technique player. Both Tackles inside lineup where they have a good alignment to attack and penetrate. While the DT who plays closest to the nose spot does often see the double team and has to play in a single technique on earlier, high-run percentage downs, this system wants both tackles to be able to go and get downfield and be penetrating players. That is why Collins and Irving made a good rotation. If you want a classic oversized load that cant be moved, you have Ash and Price for that on the early downs to play over the nose. While this isnt some "wide 9" concept, the way they lineup here doesnt specifically require some 340 pound behemoth. The linebackers and robber safety chase the runner. The DL penetrates. Thats been Marinelli's calling card for as long as I can remember. It was Monte Kiffin who had the line play tighter and utilized a nose guard, not Rod. If this defense were being obliterated by the run year after year, or was showing no improvement in the pass rush..id see your complaint and raise it by 3. But this D, when Lee was healthy, did fine against the run for 2 to 3 years now. And the oass rush has steadily improved. So what are you seeing, or not seeing, that you feel so strongly the team needs a behemoth nose guard?