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  1. I think the staff is finally thinking big picture. We should start doing so, as well. Clear trend on all these picks - size, "hybrid" versatility, aggressiveness. We are building an identity on D. No, the players, outside of Parsons, are not the sparkly star selections we want. But collectively, they are an ensemble of size, multi faceted, power, aggressive attitude players who create a trend and defensive identity. Im not a fan of some of these picks, but I love they are sticking to a type and identity
  2. How did they blow it? He was selected by another team. Could they have traded up? Sure. But they could have also traded up for Pitts, or Sewell, or any elite prospect of choice. This argument can literally be made about any player in the draft you liked. Which maakes this silly to say they blew it.
  3. I believe strongly that Newman will be a selection with one of our comps. There is too much similarity between he and Prescott in the draft. Seems to be a skill set they like.
  4. Id agree. But I get the direction.
  5. I love Washington. He plays with great recognition and communication, which you often have to teach when a DB enters the nfl.
  6. Being from NYC and having spent too much time upstate near The 'Cuse for my health issues, i have seen a ton of cisco. He is a gambler. If he misses he is toast. But you can coach that into something special. He is a very high ceiling prospect,woth high bust potential too.
  7. I think I get it. Parsons is an edgey, attitudey, physical player Joseph is an edgey, attitudey, physical player Maybe we are trying to build a defensive identity. By adding firey guys, rule breakers and loop hole abusers, physical/violent playmaker types, we are trying to infuse some actual passion and grit into the unit. I.said it years ago, i think this unit needs the kind of guy who sees a hand sticking out of a pile and decides hmm... STOMP oh sorry i tripped. Some old school bust your *** type defenders. We now added two.
  8. Jok just compared to Dexter Coakley You know, its not a bad comparison...
  9. Not sure how true it is but local radio here says Dallas has been making lots of calls and seems pissed off no one is.biting.
  10. Have you watched him play? He is the most fiesty, fighting, moxie filled DB in this draft class. He wil do anything you ask and do it with swagger. He is not the biggest, most physical, or best at coverage, but he will give 100% every down and has the on field attitude that will never stop studying and trying to learn or get better. As a former coach, those are the kind of players I used to dream of having. You just cant distract them from their goal, and they will succeed even if it takes them 1000 times to learn how.
  11. The not standing out any where but doing well everywhere hurts him.
  12. I kind of predicted a slide for him. He is a pocket knife, that is not quite on the level of ball skills as the other hybrid guys, nor the hitter of the other hybrid guys. He has value and potential, but will require a very unique coordinator who can use him.
  13. Well, on the bright side, Donovan Wilson, to me, is this teams up and coming superstar. And Neal was a top safety prospect, while Kazee was a very good spot duty player. Maybe the team feels confident with their group of safeties. Personally, id have moved up at the start of round 2 or end of round 1 for Moehrig, and locked in my key secondary man for the next 5 years. But thats just me. I love both TCU safeties because of how they played AS A UNIT, not as a star and another star but as a true safety UNIT. You never see that anymore in college. Maybe Washington or Cisco in round 3? Washin
  14. Oh man, coming back in for Samuel would be awesome. He is a fiesty player, very fond of his tape. Maybe not the pure cover guy, or the most physical, but there is nothing you cant ask of him that he wont give you his all for. Thats second round material.
  15. He is a physical DB, cant argue the fit for a zone heavy coverage. But this pick feels forced to me, like they just had to take one of the next tier of corners so they did. That never goes well.
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