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  1. HYPOTHETICALLY IF... cowboys Rescinded Franchise Tag

    Paying Dak does not handcuff this team. This teams core has already been paid. If you believe Jaylon, Lawrence, Collins, Martin, Tyron, Zeke and Cooper are your core stars and worth their money, and guys like LVE, Gallup, Jarwin, Lewis, Woods, William's and the other young picks are set to take the next step and/or be paid in the future as other older vets come off the cap, than Dak does not handcuff you Daks contract hinders you only if all those guys you paid are more like the guys from 2019 and not 2018, and you need to replace them. In.which case you handcuffed yourself by paying those guys who were not worth the money. Your QB is always worth it. It is harder to find a good QB than anything in sports. All sports. Not just the NFL. You find a good one you lock him in. Or you doom yourself to Quincy Carter, Clint Stoerner, Chad Hutchinson, Drew Henson, and Vinny Testaverde. This team got lucky finding Romo half a decade after Aikman, and Dak at the end of Romos career. More often than not you miss a few big ones in the draft, overpay some crappy vets, and.spend a decade or longer in the basement while looking for your QB. Maybe some people out in the world are too young to remember what it was like pre Aikman, and pre Romo, but I am not. But Cleveland, Arizona, Oakland, NYJ, Detroit, Buffalo, Tennessee, Houston and others spent long times looking for their guy. Some will keep looking. And continue to whiff on picks and payouts in that search, while dooming their fans to heartache and 5-11.
  2. Dak doesnt play defense. He was not the problem last year. Dak allowed how many points to the Josh Allen led Buffall Bills? Dak allowed a 90 yard pass against the lowly Jets? Dak blew how many coverages against the Eagles? Sorry, but Dak performed extremely well. He is in no way mediocre. He is damn good. This teams defense, and its overpaid LB, DT, DE, and overrated corners, were the huge issue. A disappearing Zeke, a disappearing Cooper, and 40+ dropped glasses and 11 missed FGs, those were your problems. Dak put up those eye opening stats while dealing with a lot of crappy play from the guys who were expected to help him. They only hurt him. The fact you could call a guy mediocre who has never had a losing season, won a playoff game on a rookie contract, put up increasing numbers each year, and is the only reason this team floated at .500 proves to me you are, sorry to say this, just being a nonsensical Dak troll.
  3. Rumor: Cowboys Locked In on Adams

    The jets do want to give him a contract. But they hold the leverage. He still has a 5th year option and is on a rookie deal. He is trying to force the issue and is malcontent withnthat team for exploring trade options during the season, mainly with this team. Much like with Zeke last offseason, the team has the leverage because if the player sits out on an rookie deal, the year does not come off of his contract. Dallas paid Zeke anyway because he figured to be the engine of the offense, as the team was built around the ground game and not having him over a contract dispute didnt seem like a good idea. With Adams, let's face it, you arent designing your team around a safety no matter how gamebreaking he may be. But the Jets have never said they dont want to pay him. They simply dont feel they should have to, as he is still under contract.
  4. It was never Romo's contract that hurt us it was all the overpaid mediocrity at lesser valued positions. Bradie james Miles Austin Jay Ratliff Kyle kosier Anthony spencer(tag) Brandin carr That safety Hamlin Some kicker I forget Marion Barber Marc Colombo We basically paid to be mediocre. Guys had a good year as a late round pick or udfa and we paid em big bucks, big fat contracts that killed us. Instead of churning the roster. We wanted to keep the group together but overpaid to do so, overpaid for players who were really only made better by the few stars the team had, such as Romo. Those are the contracts that killed us. It locked in mediocrity all across the depth chart at a price we couldn't afford to cut too soon and replace. If it wasnt for Romo we would have been 6-10 or 5-11 three years straight not 8-8
  5. News and Notes: Offseason Edition

    Big difference between college route running and nfl route running, just as between HS and college. The game gets faster and faster, and any extra motion is wasted time. Any extra movement of the hips, foot, head, only slow your game down. If you watch Coop, he runs great routes, uses great head and hip and eye and even foot fakes, but he keeps his momentum forward the entire time. He only plants and cuts off the plant when the route calls for it. He pivots only to finish the separation, or to beat the press before it begins, but keeps driving forward the whole time. Any delay, any unneeded pivot, break, or miss use of the feet, or any turn of the hips that break your stride, throw off the very precise timing on a very fast field. He will learn though. They all have to at some point!
  6. News and Notes: Offseason Edition

    Wasted motion. A lot of it. Great show of change of direction, great show of using his head to fake the DB, but any position coach is going to have a headache trying to smooth out all that wasted motion at the hips. Slows a routes timing down, and keeps the receivers eyes out of the play for too long. Have to be smoother, have to be cleaner.
  7. Aldon Smith reinstated

    Smith took the league by storm, lest we forget? He was unstoppable, Bruce Smith reincarnated. Maybe he takes half a year to get back in shape, and to find his groove again. But the funny thing about talent? You never lose talent. It can get rusty, it can get hidden by a failing body, but talent doesnt go away. This guy showed the talent of an all time great. He just screwed up away from the game. By week 9 or 10, if he isnt starting and beginning to come back to what we saw of him some years back, then maybe he was just a product of a fantastic situation in SF. But I dont believe that was the case.
  8. Read about this on The nfl app. Their metrics are pretty intriguing, and makes a good case for Dak "the bus driver" as far more than a bus driver. However it doesnt take into account the receiver the throw is going to. Someone like Amari is going to inflate those numbers more than a QB who's throwing to someone not as adept at those deeper routes. That's just playing devil's advocate though. Honestly, Dak has been damn good all around. Is he Mahomes? No. But let's be realistic here. Guys like that are so far and few between, to expect Dak to be that is silly. He has everything you need and more, he makes all the throws you could need, he rallies his team from behind and he has the tools to work every situation and area of the field.
  9. Rumor: Cowboys Locked In on Adams

    My issue with giving up a first is that this team has drafted pretty well in the first round over the last decade, and only so-so in the rounds beyond. We would be giving up our only usual hit in the draft. For a guy who is elite, a surefire hit for that pick, and a guy who rounds out a positional unit that this team has saught a star at since 2004 when Woodys back ended his reign and Roy William's was exposed as an undersized linebacker playing safety. Yeah, a first rounder for Adam's is fine by me. Hell, I'd try to negotiate out of that 3rd more than the first cause that first is not budging from the table on NYs end and I accept that for an elite young star. I'd offer the first with a smile and try to give a 5th instead of that 3rd, even two 5ths with one from the following draft. BUT ya know what, if they said first rounder and a SECOND and those two fifths?I would do that too. Adam's is that good, the position is that weak for this team, and the value of that position is increasing more and more every year in today's NFL. I could see why in 2005 to 2017 even 2018 we didnt shoot for the stars to fill the spot with a stud. But the nfl has changed so much on defense because of the way offenses are run, because of the emphasis on letting receivers try to make a play or be flagged, that I would value safety much higher now than ever before. Note the changes to the Mike backer lately. It's become all about a safety style of cover guy who can chase down the run instead of a hard hitting run stuffer who can drop back sometimes. Why? Safeties have become interchangeable, no longer a strong and a free, but both playing the same role on either side of the field. Why? Gotta change with the times. Safety is more valuable now. First and a third? No problem. To do it today I'll even do a first and a second and throw in a fifth. Let's just get it done. Guys elite, the position is increasingly important, and this team has not had a damn good player back there since 2003. It's just time.
  10. Rumor: Cowboys Locked In on Adams

    Adams is a multi dimensional tool on defense. And now that this defense will no longer be a stagnant object but a moving, disguising, tiered unit with the old regime gone, it makes sense to bring in a safety that can line up in several places and do many different things for you. The way Adams plays is a lot like Polamalu in those early 2000s. He can bring the heat, lay the wood, make the pick, or man up on a tight end. He can roll over to linebacker on a nickel unit, or press the slot receiver off his route. He can free up other DBs to play their coverages more freely. That said, a first and a third is steep. However, if you expect this team to go deep into January or even February, then you find a way to get it done and restructure, extend, and massage some contracts to make it work now and into the future. And those late 1 and 3 picks will mean much less when traded for a guy who figures to be a defensive cornerstone, not a cog in a wheel, but a real cornerstone of the unit for the next half decade and longer even.
  11. HYPOTHETICALLY IF... cowboys Rescinded Franchise Tag

    The percentages arent the issue so much as all the young guys that have been paid. Last time this team overpaid for a team of players that underachieved over and over again, they followed up with three 8-8s and a salary cap predicament. And no the problem was not Romo and his cap hit but rather the others. Bradie James, Ratliff, Marion Barber, that safety whatever his name was, Miles Austin, Kyle Kosier, Brandon Carr, and others. Mediocre to somewhat good players we paid out heavy duty money too, essentially locking up mediocrity. I fear we did that again here, paying guys huge contracts after a good year or so as if they were all timers out there. Jaylon, Collins, to a point Zeke, to a point Cooper, Crawford, it's like repeating our past by paying guys huge paydays after a good year as if they are top 5 talents of their position. That is more detrimental to the team than paying 35m to the QB. Cause now that QB is stuck with these guys who may not be as good as their contracts suggest. Ask Romo how that worked out during his career.
  12. News and Notes: Offseason Edition

    As usual you are intentionally missing and avoiding the point. Firstly Eli making 11% was still something new to the league of at the time. And his mid tier roster made plays to win the game (Steve Smith, David Tyree, the ILB I forget his name, that corner too). It does not matter they went 9-7. They won when it mattered. And they did it with a market setting contract at QB, and a HOME BUILT squad built from The draft and low end FA pickups. If you review the last 4 draft classes of every SB winning team, well aside from the Pats cause they draft terribly, you will see why each team was able to win. Even those late picks contributed when it mattered. You pay the top hard to replace studs, you pay your QB, and you turn over the bulk of your roster regularly. You may not win a SB every year, but you ALWAYS have a chance to do so because you retained the key ingredients to the winning recipe. You are going to sit here and tell me Carolina with Newton, GB with Rodgers, NO with Brees, those Eli led Giants, Rivers led Chargers, Big Ben led Steelers, Wilson and the Seahawks, even Minny with Cousins, all these teams who paid a market setting contract to their passers REGRET it? That they dont feel they have a chance to win it all every single year BECAUSE they paid their passer? You are being ridiculous.
  13. News and Notes: Offseason Edition

    Eli played lights out in those games, in fact his playoff run that first time was one of the all time great playoff performances to a SB ring. The 2000 Ravens with that D and Trent Dilfer was it? That was 20 years ago, and not exactly a common way of.winning anymore in today's NFL. Flacco played well that year. And Eli for his second win was one well paid man. And none of those teams spent on a slew of high price vets. They built in the draft, paid their guys, and middle roster low pay guys pitched in tremendously. Today's NFL is about those mid tier guys finding a valuable role and making a play when its crunch time. If your middle tier, those guys not making minimum but not making star money either, isn't making plays for you, you wont win. Tour top players get you there. Your nobodies win it.
  14. Andy Dalton now a Cowboy

    Anyway, where has this notion come from that it hasn't worked out for teams after paying their QB? Are you forgetting about Pats/Brady? Their several SB appearances are a big reason why many teams didnt get to the big game. They have been a roadblock to all the AFC teams who paid their guy and got stopped short in the playoffs. Should be less of a problem now lol But reality is, all those young guys who made.it there on a rookie deal didnt win. You can say Wentz, but that is a technicality. Mahomes is an exception, a once in a generation player. Brees, even Cousins to a point, Luck before his injury and retirement, Wilson, Eli, Alex Smith before Mahomes, Cam Newton, our own Romo, and all the other guys who got paid big bucks in recent years/decade, have only elevated their team and have kept their teams competitive, in the pursuit of a ring, and simply got beaten by other good QBed teams or had dumb luck (the Minnesota miracle for example, or Dez's no catch-catch). You can not tell me any of those teams feel handicapped by paying their QB but rather feel they have a chance every year because of they paid that QB
  15. Andy Dalton now a Cowboy

    Dak wants shorter years, so he gets more per year, and is up for a new payout earlier. The team wants.more years to lessen the cap hit and not have to go through negotiations again so soon. It is not a matter of wanting to or not wanting to, but rather both sides only wanting to do what is better for their side.