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  1. The doctors can clear the player if the team truly wants them to, that is no real secret Payton has been very verbal about Bill's influence on picking up Brees, that is no real secret either. When Payton first went to New Orleans, he reached out to Bill about several things, this being one of them. And yes, he did ask for Romo, that is true as well. @plan9misfit and slam, I get it, you obviously dislike Zimmer. And for all the hate you once gave Romo you now think the world of him after the fact. Im very confused here as to what your points now are, lol. I happen to like Zimmer and think he is continually screwed by Spielman shoving players at him that have no business fitting into their puzzle, and Zimmer somehow still keeps them co.petitive. You can dislike him though. Thats how this works you know.
  2. Payton and Zimmer are both widely considered Parcells disciples. In fact, the main reason Brees is in New Orleans is because Payton asked Bill who the better option was - Culpepper after his knee, or Brees after his shoulder. Payton himself has said this. Zimmer credits his time in Dallas with getting him up to speed on active gameday playcalling. He himself has also said this. As for Sparano and Bowles, no one is sure what would have been. But they were well respected, well liked, and well thought of assistants. Had they not rushed off to bad teams, there indeed is no telling where they could have gone. And the fact is, Eberflus has gone on to become a great candidate for bigger and better things when this team easily could have made an attempt to keep him. Maybe they didnt believe in his future, but clearly looks bright, as does his present. i do agree it made no sense to move on from Bill so quickly. And hindsight is aways 20/20. However, the point remains: some good coaches have come from our staffs, which sucks because coaching has been a major flaw for this team. Imagine the longterm stability and success Payton could have enjoyed with his own gem find in Romo? Imagine all the defensive woes we may have avoided if eyeing Zimmer long ago? You are entitled to your thoughts and I to mine, and we are both free to post them. But that does not mean any thoughts are incorrect. This is not a debate of facts (a crossing pattern vs a post, for example, or a.debate of Xs and Os) but a discussion of what could have been. Also, my theory on draft selections 3 and 4 years prior to the current year as a telltale sign of the season to come has a long track record of success. How well you drafted 3 and 4 years prior has a direct correlation to your success in todays NFL. Look at our drafts 3 and 4 years ago and the play of the guys we paid, and look at that of Kansas city last year. You can go all the way down the line. New england may be the only team to draft subpar and still win, however, Belichick and Brady as a pair have corrected a lot of personnel mistakes.
  3. Its crazy how many outstanding coaches this team let get away. Sean Payton was a big reason Parcells had some level of success in Dallas. Had Jerry had the ... gonads ... to fire Bill and beg Payton not to leave, wonder where this team would have been in the late 2000s and eaely 2010s? Zimmer, Parcells let him walk install a proper 34 front. Fine. But when Bill was gone and Zimmer in Cincinatti, Zimmer was still a top candidate. And Jerry went with a 34 specialist to keep Bill's handpicked talents in the front they were drafted to play. But Ware could have played right end, spears/canty at DT, James at Mike, etc. Two long tenured Parcells disciples who could have been something for us, are now beloved elsewhere. Eberflus, when it was time for him to move on up, instead of ousting Marinelli and promoting Eberflus a year earlier than we probably wanted, we let him walk and now he is likely a top HC candidate after this season. Tony Sparano was a great assistant with the world ahead of him. He did himself a career disservice by going to.the dysfunctional Dolphins franchise. He had amazing potential. Todd Bowles, same could be said. Very good assistant with the world ahead of him, and he ruined his career by picking a dysfunctional franchise. But either could have grown here and been oitstanding coordinators at the least. And potential HC replacements after Wade.
  4. Yeah, his defense is very disciplined! It takes a lot of discipline to play that scheme well. It has taken a few years, but they remained patient - and patience is not something much of this fan base seems to have. This fan base would have run him out of town before his scheme had time to pay off. He is a great coach though. And his scheme is simple. Vanilla, even. Which works well when you are disciplined and masterful at its simple concepts. You dont have to be crafty, or design something complex. Run a 3 or 4 concepts, be perfect at them, and you can defend almost anything.
  5. Dan Campbell is interesting because he is the type who would likely hire good coordinators and let them run their side of the ball while he runs the team. When he was an interim HC his team played hard and he let his assistants do their jobs. He didnt try to micromanage or dictate or take over playcalling. He did his job and he let them do theirs. If he hired a good staff that could be perfect for Dallas. Eberflus would likely want to bring over the same defensive concepts we just ran out of town, with bland zones, bend dont break, let your 4 lineman get after the QB, stunts twists no disguising etc. Thats what he runs now, bringing that style with him when he left Dallas. Not quite sure I want that again, even if its been effective for him.
  6. If I were them, I wouldnt either. But no one thought Oakland would trade Gruden. So maybe. But likely not. A dude can wish though. Forget who it was, it was before i left for my health hiatus and before Vrabel was in Tennessee. Maybe Desperado? But he and I had a back and forth about how cool Vrabel would be as our new HC. Sure enough, he has done a great job in Nashville.
  7. Oh for sure. I still say there were 3 times this team should have won a SB or at least gone to one. Parcells last year, this was a damn good team. A bobbled hold, one hell of a way to lose a game. 2007 vs the Giants in divisional round, a 13-3 year you mentioned. That Giants D Line simply beat up Romo and the offense. It beat up Brady too. Dez Bryant catch-no catch game was horrendous and this team would have clearly gone far. Neither of those instances would I say coaching cost us the game. Freak plays, miracle runs (that Giants DL probably one of the best units ever assembled), and bad calls cost the team. You could count even the Aaron Rodgers 40 second rally to win, too. That team should have gone far. But Aaron Rodgers miracle at the end. Again, cant really blame a coaching malfunction there.
  8. Sewell would be amazing. Would save Tyron's last few years to move him inside. His feet are nowhere near as fast as they once were. Surtain is a tremendous blend of man cover ability and zone cover skills, would not be against that pick but prefer a different position. Parsons could literally play any where he wants on this defense and probably be an upgrade. Lots of options will be available when this picks. And its best option will be to trade that pick. For Mike Vrabel.
  9. Nah. He had a decent year with a ton of tackles because no one else on the team was as fast to the ball as he was. A lot of.tackles after decent gains. A lot of whiffed tackles too. Too many blown coverages. His best year was still just a decent year overall. Dont let tackle counts mislead you.
  10. Or any year, really. He has been average overall. He has had some very good games, but overall he has never been great. He didnt deserve that contract. We paid for mediocrity, and we got mediocrity. Same with Lael Collins at RT. Same with Lawrence (one good year with amazing stat line padded in a few games with multiple sacks, but a poor career track record prior). Same with Crawford. Same with Cooper (great player but a long record of inconsistency in Oakland and Dallas) You pay for mediocrity, you get mediocrity. We saw this same thing with those 8-8x3 teams a decade ago. Austin, Barber, Ratliff, James, Kozier, Spencer, Spears, some kicker. We paid mediocrity. And we got mediocrity. One year does not make a career. A few good games in a contract year does not mean you are worth a second deal. Sometimes moving on is better, no matter how hard you think it will be to replace that player. You cant pay decent players like great players.
  11. Ill also add Brian Daboll to my list. Besides a resume including stints under both the best in the pros (Belichick) and the best in college (Saban), Daboll has helped mold an innaccurate, big armed slinger of the ball (Josh Allen) into a formidable NFL passer, designed an offense that masks its shortcomings with a variety of concepts that are new age and tough to defend, had 5 different OC stints allowing plenty of time to learn from mistakes and grow as a coach, and learn from some of the best how to properly manage a team, manage a game, and work with different types of players. Definitely a good option to consider IMO.
  12. What was the surrounding talent like on the other teams? Carr for example, left here and did well, but what kind of team was he on? Hitchens as well, what did he have surrounding him? Better than we had here, a lot better. Yes, coaching plays a part. For example, Carr was brought in, Claiborne too, to play man coverage in a blitz heavy rob ryan defense. Then were forced into a zone oriented scheme only a season later, where neither was very suited. So yes, coaching plays a part. Theres a lot of factors. But the surrounding cast also plays a tremendous part overall. Hitchens last year, as an example, had an outstanding offense with one of the best QBs to every play in the history of football. Flozell had one of the best defensive units in football history. This little formula i broke down above, does not just apply here. Look at every SB winners drafts 3 and 4 years before their win, and factor in who they paid/the players they kept. Look at every low win team and do the same. Just as a quick reference to save me time, the Giants before their big win. 3 and 4 years prior. Selected Eli Manning, Brandon Jacobs, Steve Smith, Jeremy Shockey, Tuck, Umenyiora, Kiwanuka, Snee, David Diehl, Gibril Wilson, William Joseph, James Butler, Blackburn, and hero David Tyree. Long list of big hits, good hits, and guys who played key roles in their wins. The players they paid to keep? Strahan, Diehl, Eli, Tynes, Pierce, Toomer. No wasted money on one year wonders. High hit rate and several big hits in their drafts 3 and 4 years prior. And the result, a SB win. You can do this with just about any SB win in the last 20 years. Or any 0 to 5 win team as well.
  13. He establishes the run and builds towards play action. And the ball has been in Wilsons hands more in the last 2 seasons under Schottenheimer than it ever was under Bevel, their previous OC. Some fanbases just look for any scapegoat they can find. Schottenheimer has found or created offensive success every place hes been. And his willingness to run the ball and use misdirection playaction is something that would fit well here with this offense, and something i expected more of for this team already.
  14. Historically, you can tell or predict a teams current success or lack of success by looking at their draft classes from 3 and 4 seasons ago, and track the success of their resigned FAs. 2016 draft: Taco Charlton - gone Awuzie - Hot and cold player, injured Lewis - Another hot and cold player Switzer - gone Woods - Relied on too much as a mid-late selectio White - gone Ivie - gone Brown - buried on depth chart Carell - gone 2018 draft: LVE - Some love him, but inconsistent + health problems Connor Williams - Hasnt played too well Gallup - The one bright spot of thrse 2 drafts, but struggling this year to create separation Armstrong - backup at best Schultz - decent player benefitting from all the attention outside Mike White - gone Covington - gone Wilson - decent 4th option Scarbrough - gone Re-signs: Lawrence - not living up to contract Collins - not living up to contract Jaylon Smith - not living up to contract, did play well last week Cooper - explosive but inconsistent Elliott - not living up to contract So to refresh my point: One true hit + 3 semi hits, in two drafts in the years these players should be starting to truly shine or breakout, = poor play on the field. For how well the team has done in some drafts, such as 2016s Zeke, Dak, Brown big 3, and the smart choices in Martin, Frederick, Lamb, when other positions of need couls have been filled, this team overall has not drafted very well overall. And while an average of hitting around .250 is still pretty good in the draft, in the crucial 3 and 4 years prior to this season, this team was well below that mark. Yes there are other factors - injury to Dak, poor coaching, etc, but almost every teams success or lack of can often be directly correlated to how big their hits are and how high their hit rate was in the draft 3 and 4 years prior, and the success of the players they chose to keep in the same time frame. This teams lack of success, following this little predicting formula if you want to call it that, was to be expected.
  15. i have no idea. I am not in Seattle. Schottenheimer, like his father, took a TON of flak because they make unpopular decisions. But the track record of success, play design, play calling, and getting the best out of a QB is undeniable.
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