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  1. same, but he has to put it together this year, otherwise you have to start looking for his replacement in round2/3 of 2022 draft
  2. Colts are definitely going to need 2017 Wentz to show up
  3. I think ehlinger is the ideal 3rd qb. 46 starts in college. likely to never get meaningful snaps in a game
  4. from the first draft, you could see Ballard and his staff put a lot of emphasis in benchmark measurable.
  5. I'm less than pleased, but being a buckeye doesn't factor in! Paye has a long way to go before being an effective pass rusher, and lack of production in that area. Obviously eye-popping physical numbers. Additionally I felt offensive tackle was the bigger spot on the team to address, especially with Darrisaw still on the board.
  6. That's too bad. I and 2 Browns fans friends are going to Cleveland but not staying for fruday night. Damn
  7. that's exactly why I don't see an end being selected in the 1st. three 2nd round picks on the roster at that position. it's sink or swim for those guys
  8. Outside of left tackle and defensive end, what's the thoughts on next priority? receiver tight end, corner?
  9. The more I run through the scenarios in my head...the more I wonder if Teven Jenkins is the pick and he is moved to left tackle
  10. I like Cosmi quite a bit, but the need to replenish picks is paramount. Not just the adding of ta l ent, but talent with the lower cap hit, is really necessary as the Colts get into big contracts for Nelson, Leonard, etc
  11. I think there's an opportunity for a further trade down. Assuming that Penei, Slater, and Darrisaw are all taken, the next tackles are into a lower tier. And despite what mocks say, I don't see the Colts taking a defensive end based on the quality of players in that group. So that all means that a drop down to the late 20s-30s, as far as the Colts are concerned, means you can still get a player of equitable value(Rudunz, Cosmi, maybe Jenkins if it's a shorter drop). But the other half of the equation is that someone has to drop at 21 that the Colts may not need or grade highly but s
  12. 2017 is so frustrating, not because of the draft misses, but because of the decision to only fire Grigson and not Pagano. Even if you thought Pagano had been left with roster holes, by any objective measure he was just a bad head coach with GameDay calls that made no sense. That had to be a clean sweep, but Jim Irsay didn't pull the trigger
  13. Getting Hilton back was a really big deal. If the hadn't then receiver became, imo, third priority after offensive tackle and defensive end. This moves the priority down a peg or two(would still like one in the 5th). Thats just from a personnel perspective. From the standpoint of a new qb coming in, it was important to have a receiver group intimately aware of the offense.
  14. I'm not surprised.They have 2-3 big contracts to extend(Nelson and Leonard certainly, Smith probably). Also, I think they know that after the initial rush, you're going to have a lot of free agents and not many teams with available money. Better to wait to the Monday after the draft, pick up some players on deal contracts, and on the plus side none of those signings impact the compensatory pick formula
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