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  1. #Tennessee’s Josh Palmer had 101 snaps vs. likely top-three round CBs: Surtain, Horn, Campbell, Stokes and Joseph. 14 of 14 in catching the “catchable balls” in those matchups (per PFF), 11 first downs, 4 TDs, and 16 YPR. Top-10 WR in the draft for me
  2. I ran a mock where he fell to us and ARI offered 1st 2022, 41, 160 for 31. Ended up with OT Radunz ND St Edge Payton Turner Hou G/C Kendrick Green Illi OT Christensen BYU LB Jamin Davis Kentucky S Jamien Sherwood Auburn HB Khalil Herbert VTech Edge Janarius Robinson FL St AND A 1st next year! lol Not realistic but I love Christensen as a starting LT.
  3. I'm big on Green. I'd be happy about that.
  4. I was just looking at PFF for that game. He got 2 sacks, 1 hit, 2 hurries. And he graded above avg vs the run at LE. (vs TEN) (next week, LE vs SD he didn't do well). The week before, he played RE and 1 sack, 1 hit, 5 hurries and graded 86.5 vs the run. And looking at Frank Clark, he's played 3 games in 2018, 2 in 2019 and 3 sacks in those 5 games (and like 10 hurries). (1 game in 2020, 3 hurries) Looking at Reed, he played 9 games at LE last year (6 of his 9 sacks, 8 hit, 13 hurries). It was rough for 2-3 games vs the run but he picked it up. I love PFF.
  5. Leatherwood had a really good Pro Day. His RAS is 11th best for OT in past 35 years.
  6. I've read a few articles saying he's been training for RT.
  7. DL Payton Turner Houston Height 6'6 Weight 270 Arms 35" Hands 10.25” At Senior Bowl, Turner's arms were longest recorded since 1999. https://www.profootballnetwork.com/payton-turner-nfl-draft-player-profile-houston-edge/ https://www.nfl.com/prospects/payton-turner/32005455-5264-6253-7d03-4daa88bd4dd4 He can bulk for for inside or work from the edge. Some project him in the 2nd (PFF, NFL) others grade him 3-5. I like the guy. Spags-type DE. Prob needs a year or two so he'd be a situational guy early but he has
  8. I was hoping for Gerald McCoy and Melvin Ingram. Get KC that 4 man rush everyone's been talking about.
  9. PFN Mock Sim KC Picks 31, 144 for Detroi Picks 41, 2022 2nd. KC Pick 63 for Minn Picks 78, 119 KC 181, 2022 6th for NYG 193, 195 41 LB Zaven Collins Tulsa I read he's an Urlacher-lite. I'm ok with that. Blitzer is a Spags +. Collins-Gay for years. 78 OT Walker Little Stanford Guys been hurt but showed improvement in pass pro. We can give him a year learning from pros. 94 Edge Payton Turner Houston Proto-spags that explodes off the edge. I don't know if he can do it for a whole year but that's why the team hires trainers. 119 CB Ambry Thomas Michigan 2 co
  10. https://www.si.com/nfl/chiefs/draft/kansas-city-chiefs-nfl-draft-scouting-report-florida-state-wide-receiver-tamorrion-terry
  11. That or they know they still need some work. We also played them out of position because everyone was hurt.
  12. Allegretti He stayed on offense the next season, starting once at center and the other 11 contests at guard. Allegretti was voted honorable mention All-Big Ten and was a team captain in 2017, starting all 12 games, again splitting time between center (four) and guard (eight). He was an honorable mention all-conference pick in 2018, as well, starting 12 games at guard. Thuney isn't a LG period. I'd wait and see. The Wylie resigning makes me think Thuney, Wylie, Allegretti, LDT, Niang. But the the Long signing has me thinking Niang, Thuney, Allegretti, LDT, Long (he played RT in 2
  13. R1 P31 LB Zaven Collins - Tulsa R2 P63 OT Liam Eichenberg - ND R3 P94 CB Shakur Brown - Michigan St R4 P136 RT Robert Hansey - ND R4 P144 WR Jonathan Adams - Ark R5 P176 S Talanoa Hofanga - USC R5 180 Edge Malik Herring - Georgia
  14. I mean, he played RT all of 2015. I'm confused. Wylie LG/RG Thuney LG (maybe LT) Tardiff RG Niang RT (maybe LT). I think I'd have preferred C Andrews than a guy busted for 6 years and taking a year off. And I think he'd be cheaper. I'd love if this was an f.u. to the Raiders after gutting their mostly good line. (the met with him the day before)
  15. I agree with this 100%. And I'd still pick up a tackle free agent, too. Radunz, Jenkins, Cosmi and Eichenberg/Mayfield... yes please.
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