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  1. No it hasn't. Just because it hasn't been completely atrocious like we're used to, doesn't mean it's been good. Let alone great. It's been average. Which is 1000000x better than usual. But still just average.
  2. I love how Tyron Smith was apparently guilty of holding on a screen pass earlier, but whatever just happened to Tyrone Crawford is perfectly ok.
  3. They miss the blatant mugging of Randy Gregory but they're sure to call that on Brown. Ok.
  4. Randy Gregory freaking grabbed right in front of the ref and absolutely no call. That is ridiculous.
  5. GDT: Cowboys v Cowpatty eaters

    Well this turned out to actually be true.
  6. GDT: Cowboys v Cowpatty eaters

  7. GDT: Cowboys v Cowpatty eaters

    Zeke was being pushed down from the back. and that just may be the first time that penalty has been called ALL. YEAR.
  8. GDT: Cowboys v Cowpatty eaters

    They'd run their own offense.
  9. GDT: Cowboys v Cowpatty eaters

    There it is! The rabbit Linehan waited all day to pull out of his hat... A failed screen pass! I bet a run is next on 2nd and 10
  10. GDT: Cowboys v Cowpatty eaters

    And everyone wearing green now knows it's coming.
  11. GDT: Cowboys v Cowpatty eaters

    Damien Wilson has zero awareness. The block was horrible and he could've jumped that for a pick-six rather easily. And it has to be painfully obvious to everyone in the organization that the offense is crap. Quite frankly, keeping Linehan employed just because you won the previous week is taking the easy way out and being a coward.
  12. Coaches on the hot seat

    The problem is that the new coach recruiting bump would be gone after literally one cycle. Then year 2 onfield results will take precedence on the trail and they’re screwed. DMV recruits absolutely love Abdul-Azaar Rahim also. But no good ones have been committing to them for two cycles now because of on-field results and how far away they are from all of the other programs that come in and poach the DMV. They need a coach who can turn chicken salad into chicken(bleep) with lesser talent, knock off a big dog on occasion (like a Brohm) and build gradually from there. Not a guy who might put together one good class right away with some short-term buzz, but has proven to be a failure on the field, at all other aspects of being the head of a program, and at showing restraint when you feel like punching an assistant in the face.
  13. Coaches on the hot seat

    It’s funny though, literally no other school is pursuing Locksley for anything even after 3 years there. Even Sarkisian was pursued after a year there. But you do you, Maryland.