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  1. 2019 Free Agency - Potential Targets

    Amos would undoubtedly be a massive upgrade for us at safety. IF we spend on a safety, is much rather it be Amos - with full knowledge that he’s more expensive - than someone like Thomas. The prudent move might be to simply not open up the wallet for one in the first place. But I’d certainly prefer to open up the checkbook for someone like Amos than Earl Thomas.
  2. USC releases Bru McCoy from NLI, signs with Texas

    I’m all for players having more freedom and stuff. But the NCAA granting a hardship waiver because of an offensive coordinator who was on staff for 4 weeks and never coached a single snap or practice would be a complete joke. I don’t think he’ll get it either. And he really shouldn’t.
  3. Dak, the QB of the future or not.

    I legitimately can't wait to watch Dak without a 5th grade level offensive coordinator hampering the passing attack.
  4. I'm willing to legitimately give Moore a chance if he's the OC. Most young QBs have gone through the ringer of different modern philosophies and are more open to innovation and forward-thinking. Not only that, but he's also come from a Boise State program that's absolutely had to throw the kitchen sink and pull out all the stops to gain CFB relevance (much like an undersized lefty with a poor arm making it to the NFL). So I think that lends to some positive traits for an OC. One thing I will comment on, someone mentioned Linehan was an 'outside the box' hire because he was outside the organization. I'd argue that's absolutely NOT an outside the box hire. He was always an "old school" style coach on the offensive side of the ball, and had crossed paths with Garrett previously in Miami.
  5. I recall UF being flat out awful while Nuss was there. How much of that was on McElwain vs Nuss, I don’t know. But they were putrid.
  6. Dak - Grown Man

    It's a lot easier to "scan the field" when the route concepts are actually competent and stress the defense. When the defense knows exactly what's coming because the most creative way the playcaller stresses the defense is by having the TE run a seam while the outside WR runs a dig; or a PA bootleg with levels behind it, it's really hard for the quarterback to get a leg up. There's a reason that Dak is "great in the 4th quarter" in close games and has the most game-winning drives out of any QB in the league since he became the starter in 2016. Because in those situations, the offense has no choice but to move away from the 1980s garbage script that we have in the weekly gameplan and open up the passing game, with the QB having more on his shoulders to set up the plays in hurry-up situations. You don't need to be an elite precision passer with perfect "ball placement" to be really good in the NFL. Dak isn't those things, yet his numbers skyrocket when the offense had to move away from Linehan's script and put more on his shoulders.
  7. Dak - Grown Man

    Dak is going to be so much better with an actual 21st century playcaller.
  8. Gearing up for next season

    Age. Cost. The same reason his current team isn’t paying up for him.
  9. Gearing up for next season

    Still really don't want Earl Thomas
  10. Who had a better season, Barkley or Elliott

    This is accurate. I’ll take it one step further as a Cowboys fan living in NY, who is also a Penn State fan who has seen just about every snap of each player since they each entered college. Barkley is better. But Zeke is freaking awesome and is underrated by non-Cowboys fans who brush off his success due to volume and a great OL over his career.
  11. 2019 Transfer Thread

    Looks like Tarzan, plays like Jane. Kept waiting for him to ever breakout after some occasional flashes as a sophomore but he just couldn’t ever separate consistently and he couldn’t catch the ball if you dunked it in gorilla glue before gently placing it in his palms. That may be a little harsh. He’s a really hard worker, good leader, and great kid who gets the respect of all of his teammates. But he’s just not a natural receiver despite looking like a prototype in uniform. It’s possible that a new scene and fresh start does him some good. But by the end of the year for Penn State, he had slid to about the 4th or 5th target in the passing game behind KJ Hamler, Jahan Dotson, TE Pat Freiermuth (two of which were freshman AAs) and possibly Justin Shorter (top ranked WR in 2018 class that missed fall camp with a nagging injury, but started coming on at the end of the year).
  12. There should be only one debate!!!

    I totally understand all that, but Zeke won’t be 23 forever.
  13. There should be only one debate!!!

    I wouldn’t either. A competent OC (should happen after we can SL), and good OL (check, especially once Frederick returns) is way more important to the success of a running game than an RB. Hence why a fat slob like CJ Anderson could gash us tonight. The money is much better spent elsewhere. I love Zeke, but let someone else pay him big money while he exits his prime years, and we can enjoy the 3rd round compensatory pick.
  14. There should be only one debate!!!

    Garrett is fine. Linehan and Moore need to go. I also don’t think a TE is needed at all. Jarwin has upside, has really come on lately, and if we had an offensive coordinator that wasn’t living in the Stone Age, he would really produce.
  15. Linehan is the worst thing to happen to this organization in years. Hiring a teenager named Kellen Moore to coach the most important position on the field is also bafflingly stupid.