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  1. It’s literally impossible for this to have crossed the goalline prior to touching the pylon.
  2. He has missed several throws that were there and just didn’t pull the trigger on tonight. He is completely gun-shy. Way more than he should be after a couple series behind a suspect O-Line.
  3. This is not on Dalton not knowing a system. This is just Dalton being bad. He is playing really, really bad.
  4. Dalton is making one read and then checking down. That’s it. He is not scanning the field at all.
  5. And I’m glad the refs decided to throw flags for the Cards mugging our receivers once the game was *completely* in hand. In part due to their own BS.
  6. Dalton is so bad. I literally hav eno idea what he could possibly be thinking with 1 on 1 on the outside against single-high coverage, and he’s throwing checkpoints to Zeke and this short middle stuff to the TE. WTF .
  7. Not sure how long he’ll be out, but yes. Could be a week, could be all year. Franklin will be asked about it at tomorrow’s press conference and probably side step it. But it’s been an issue. If you notice, in the recent twitter clip the Penn State football account released of Caziah Holmes hurdling dudes in practice, Journey was not in pads or a helmet.
  8. I don’t know who needs to hear this, but Andy Dalton sucks y’all.
  9. Well, like usual, they got all the breaks. All their players back, we lost Micah, the Whiteout crowd, and Journey Brown has myocarditis. Gonna need OSU to lose 3 fumbles like last year to have a shot.
  10. Pollard should’ve slid left, but Dalton absolutely needs to hit Cooper as he breaks there. There was no excuse for Dalton to not get a pass off on that Buddy Baker blitz. He is not playing well, and that was not on the line.
  11. Just when the Cowboys might have maybe some sliver of competence, sprinkle in some BS from the refs for good measure. It never, EVER fails.
  12. Dalton has to let that rip over Cooper’s outside shoulder. Likely incompletion, but the DB had his back to the QB and couldn’t see the ball. You can’t hold the ball that long so close to the goal line.
  13. And getting called out for it on the broadcast. He is playing as if he’s trying to preserve himself.
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