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  1. 2020 Prospects and beyond

    I mean, Saquon ran a 4.63 at The Opening at ~190 lbs and two years later was clocked in the 4.3s at 225+, before running a 4.40 flat while stumbling at the combine at 233 lbs. The 4.33 number is most likely a bit inflated (probably was the quickest hand time when he tested), but the dude’s a blazer. And we’ve seen PSU times be pretty close to dead on at the combine. Heck, guys like Chris Godwin ran even faster than originally thought by a good bit. Oh and that Troy Apke guy that made Deion Sanders almost faint. As for the class as a whole, I absolutely love the WRs. I feel like the last few classes have really lacked that premier talent and now we’ve got 4-5 top 12 type WR prospects in 2020.
  2. NFL Expected to not suspend Reuben Foster LB Redskins

    Zeke out here scratching his head.
  3. I still think Jaquan Brisker, the JUCO signee, will be the starter at safety by October. He’s really, really good.
  4. Bears trade Jordan Howard to Eagles

    Jupiter, FL you say?
  5. Tyreek Hill under investigation for battery

    Well I have Sammy Watkins in both my dynasty leagues. Now would be a good time for him to stop the whole “get annoying nagging foot injury” thing every year.
  6. How would YOU address the safety position?

    With Adrian Amos.
  7. Nobody looks pretty with a blonde-dyed mustache.
  8. The Florida Gators thread

    PSU got a commitment from Bishop Gorman QB Micah Bowens a couple weeks ago, and took two 4* QBs in the 2019 class. So I’m not sure they’ll even be able to take Richardson at this point (though I like him better than Bowens). Not sure if that means Richardson goes to UF or if that bridge is totally burned. But I don’t think it’s likely anymore that PSU is the choice if not UF.
  9. 2019 Transfer Thread

    Former FSU WR George Campbell to Penn State. I hear he’s big, fast, dealt with some injuries, and can’t catch.
  10. 2019 Free Agency - Potential Targets

    Amos would undoubtedly be a massive upgrade for us at safety. IF we spend on a safety, is much rather it be Amos - with full knowledge that he’s more expensive - than someone like Thomas. The prudent move might be to simply not open up the wallet for one in the first place. But I’d certainly prefer to open up the checkbook for someone like Amos than Earl Thomas.
  11. USC releases Bru McCoy from NLI, signs with Texas

    I’m all for players having more freedom and stuff. But the NCAA granting a hardship waiver because of an offensive coordinator who was on staff for 4 weeks and never coached a single snap or practice would be a complete joke. I don’t think he’ll get it either. And he really shouldn’t.
  12. Dak, the QB of the future or not.

    I legitimately can't wait to watch Dak without a 5th grade level offensive coordinator hampering the passing attack.
  13. I'm willing to legitimately give Moore a chance if he's the OC. Most young QBs have gone through the ringer of different modern philosophies and are more open to innovation and forward-thinking. Not only that, but he's also come from a Boise State program that's absolutely had to throw the kitchen sink and pull out all the stops to gain CFB relevance (much like an undersized lefty with a poor arm making it to the NFL). So I think that lends to some positive traits for an OC. One thing I will comment on, someone mentioned Linehan was an 'outside the box' hire because he was outside the organization. I'd argue that's absolutely NOT an outside the box hire. He was always an "old school" style coach on the offensive side of the ball, and had crossed paths with Garrett previously in Miami.
  14. I recall UF being flat out awful while Nuss was there. How much of that was on McElwain vs Nuss, I don’t know. But they were putrid.