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  1. Just bring the video game back.
  2. Jim Harbaugh’s College Football Proposal

    Literally all of the names you mentioned in your other post (sorry this quoted the wrong post). You’re exposing your extremely elementary understanding of NFL demands on the body. Being physically NFL ready is so much more than than height/weight on paper, and heavy lifting numbers with low body fat that you can’t even begin to dive into it on a forum like this. Theres a reason college strength coaches have been paid so much more as sports science has evolved. There’s a reason that from 1999-2017 (latest data I could find), only 67 rookies made a pro bowl (out of ~1,600 total participants over that time). The majority of which are return specialists, K/Ps, RBs, and QBs. So after weeding out the college football population to gather the very top 1% of all players, AFTER receiving 3-5 years of structured training and nutrition... less than 5% of the best NFL players are made up of rookies. Despite the average career lasting 3 years. Furthermore, those same numbers show that less than 2% of each entire draft class will make the pro bowl in their first season. Meaning, even after 3-5 years of intense development in college, there’s a clear and substantial physical adjustment for 21-23 year olds entering the NFL. (This is why it is especially rare for a rookie lineman to standout among his peers in the NFL). Sure, the barometer for “NFL-ready” isn’t “make the pro bowl.” This data just shows that the very best 21-23 year olds aren’t ready to stand out in the NFL and face steep adjustments. And yet some want to take 18 year olds, without those formative years of development and top-notch training, and throw them on a field with grown *** men who will strike them with exponentially more force than anything they’ve ever felt from a 17 year old high school football player. Every few years there’s a stud/freak RB type who is “ready for the NFL” as a sophomore (Barkley, Taylor, Fournette). But even that is more so because all NFL RBs get their brains beaten in (so you can argue that they’re never able to fully prepare for the physical toll), that the argument is, “get their NFL clock started early because by the time they’re 26, they’ll be broken down and over the hill from the beating they take.” It’s a massive safety issue. You can’t throw a teenager on a field with grown professionals just because they’re “6’2, 240, squat 500 lbs, and are featured in offseason training hype videos on twitter.
  3. Jim Harbaugh’s College Football Proposal

    Delete double post
  4. Jim Harbaugh’s College Football Proposal

    No you can’t. You can name names, sure, but you’d be wrong.
  5. Jim Harbaugh’s College Football Proposal

    Yup. Besides, isn’t the 3 year rule an NFL thing?
  6. Chiefs Sign Taco Charlton To One Year Contract

    He is physically and emotionally soft. He has a loser’s mentality. One of those guys where it was always everyone else’s fault he couldn’t crack the depth chart and live up to his draft status. A stiff player with no pass rush repertoire and a bad attitude.
  7. Bengals cutting Andy Dalton

    Carson Palmer >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Andy Dalton
  8. This doesn’t even bring back the video game?
  9. Bradlee Anae - breaking the draft.

    His 10 yard split is not that bad though.
  10. Draft watch 2020

    Baun has a concerning history of left foot issues causing him to miss two seasons in college, is an older prospect, doesn’t have a true elite trait, and doesn’t play a premium position. And playing chess with a jack-of-all trades/ master-of-none is fine and dandy until the secondary can’t cover a soul in a passing league. This is not how we make up for the befuddling mistake of passing on TJ Watt a few years ago.
  11. Draft watch 2020

    Baun would be very underwhelming.
  12. CBA Approved

    The NFLPA is so weak.
  13. This is 100 level thinking and why they’ve been bent over in the past.
  14. Not their health. NFL wants labor peace in order to make billions in the next round of TV deals? Don’t want to risk waiting a year to sit at the table with networks after decreased 2020 ratings due to an election year (just like 2016) or deal with the inevitable slowing of the end of a bull market cycle during negotiations? Increase the rev share by a percent, or simply implement two bye weeks so the new TV deal structure still has 18 weeks of NFL regular season content, and then each side benefits from the increased revenue from the new deal and schedule moving forward, while something is actually done to benefit player health. 17 games has not been needed in any deal to this point. There’s zero reason to act as if it’s now a necessity in order for league operations to move forward in the future. But good on the NFL for using their media arm to frame things as such. They’re really good at what they do.
  15. I understand exactly how this works. Still should be a non-starter. Period.