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  1. What is your REALISTIC expectation for this year?

    My expectation for this year is 10 wins and us being in the hunt for a division title and worst case a wild card slot. I will explain on the field positions below but the play calling of Gruden on O and and Gunther on D will be massive improvements over what we have seen for the last few years. QB: Our QB situation has not changed in terms of personnel but the addition of Gruden and his play calling along with our much improved WR core and D should allow Carr to have his best statical season to date. I feel like Carr will make an MVP push and legitimizes himself as a top 7 QB in the league. RB: Once again a stronger unit than last year with the additions of Martin and Smith. I am not sure what to expect from Martin but if he still has something left in the tank he will form a nice 1/2 punch with Lynch. If he still can preform he will be an asset in the passing game out of the backfield. WR: Everyone knows how much I love the addition of Bryant. He is a prototypical "split end" or "X WR" that will take our opponents top CB with him. His addition is huge and will make all of the players around him better because of the attention he will command being 6'4, having 4.4 speed, good hands and a massive catch radius. I was first opposed to the addition of Nelson based on his age but after the addition of Bryant this move makes perfect sense. He can teach both MB and AC how to take their games to the next level and even if he has lost a step his hands are fantastic and will be a threat in the red zone. Cooper will have his best statical year to date as he will see most of his snaps from the slot. He can thank MB and JN for that for his statistical improvement because he will finally be lining up in the slot which is ideal for his skillset . He clearly cant cut it as a number 1 but will flourish against nickel backs. I am not sure how Switzer will be utilized but he will be useful on ST and I feel when he is on the field he will make an impact. WR upgrade over Patterson for sure. I'm not a fan of Roberts and could care less if he is traded. TE: Hasn't changed much. I'm not a huge Cook fan but he is very athletic and gets the job done. OL: Same unit as last year except RT. I believe that Miller starts at RT day one and is an improvement over Newhouse. I find it hard to believe he could be any worse. The unit is as solid as their is in the NFL. DL: Mack is a beast, nothing more needs to be said than that. I feel like he has the most sacks of his career this season and that is because of the addition of Gunther and the improved talent around him. I'm interested to see how Irvin transitions to DE. If the rest of the players play like I think they will he should do just fine. NT is pretty much unchanged with Jelly and EVD when he returns. They can eat space and are good against the run. I'm fascinated to see how Hurst and PJ pan out as our 3T as both have tremendous potential. I see Hurst starting day 1 and the combo of those two adding a pass rush up the middle which this team has lacked for as long as I can remember. If either of these 2 become beasts as generating pressure up the middle this D takes a leap into the top 15 this year. I like the Key pick as he is boom or bust player but if he can remain focused and strives to take his game to the next level he will be a steal in the 3rd. LB: Our weakest unit for sure. I like the addition of Whitehead, he is a solid player who will strengthen the unit because of his addition. I like the DJ signing but realistically he is 36 years old and has major injury concerns. When he is on the field he is an upgrade over Bowman in pass coverage and is as crafty as they come. Solid player and smart pick up but I don't expect him to last the season and if we lose him that puts a glaring hole right in the middle of our D. I'm not sure who starts at WLB nor how they will preform. DB: Another vastly improved unit. Conley has the makings of being a lock down number 1 CB. He flashed it last year in his limited time on the field and this year I see him playing very well. Melvin is also a very nice addition. He was the best CB on a terrible Indy D that was on the field a ton last year and keep in mind he shut down some of the best WR's in the game. He is a late bloomer at 28, which is a cause for concern but I think he is a legit NFL starter and shows it again this season. I also like the signing of Worley, who has had some off the field issues but has preformed well when on the field. I expect him to see the most snaps as a nickel back and will spell GC and RM when needed. I liked the signing of Gilcrest as he is versatile, can play all over the secondary and should see some time at nickel as well. Nick Nelson was a draft pick who slipped due to injury. If he is healthy and as good as advertised he could have a role in this secondary as a rookie. I think KJ has his best year to date. I really hope Obi is more than just an athlete and becomes a solid starter because I am sick of seeing RN get torched. I am not sure what to make of Obi as I will need to see more of him to give a proper evaluation. ST: Pinero should be an improvement over GT and although King was a good punter he commanded too much money and was a headache. I like the move to a rookie and Townsand comes highly regarded. Overall this is the most optimistic I have been in years and I think our improvements this offseason will translate into wins during the year. Anything less than 10 wins this season is a disappointment as far as I am concerned.
  2. Random Raider Stuff

    Patterson was a good ST player but it didn't translate into much production for us. He was a below average WR and I think Switzer, if used properly can be more productive for us on O. While I see Cooper being our slot WR this year, I think Switzer will spell him nicely as he has good hands and is shifty. I like the signing and think he will fit in well here. Another benefit is that he is younger and much cheaper than CP too.
  3. Random Raider Stuff

    How do you see Switzer being utilized in the offense? He is an intriguing player and if used right and be a very effective part of this O. I just wonder how many snaps he'll see as I project him as our number 4 WR on the depth chart.
  4. Raiders trade for Martavius Bryant

    https://raiderramble.com/2018/06/17/making-sense-martavis-bryant-news/ This is encouraging and sounds like there was a screw up because of the trade and move from Pittsburg. I hope it gets resolved without a suspension but it appears that ultimately the responsibility is on MB.
  5. Random Raider Stuff

    Not sure if it's been made official yet or if anyone on here is aware but Hackenberg has been cut.
  6. Raiders trade for Martavius Bryant

    I'm not jumping the gun on these rumors. I refuse to pass judgment until I get and compile all of the information. I will say if he is suspended for the season that would be a terrible blow dealt to this team, absolutely horrible.
  7. Jordy Nelson signed. Crabtree cut.

    It's all in good fun and I love to debate, as you can tell
  8. Jordy Nelson signed. Crabtree cut.

    I see... Tons of logic used in your rebuttal. Facts, we don't need no stinking facts, we use emoting and irrational thinking to prove points around here. Thanks for enlightening me with more lame excuses as to why Cooper has underwhelmed. It's also good to know that Cooper "blows MB out of the water". Why you say that I have no clue but regardless you're starting to sway me, keep it coming.
  9. Jordy Nelson signed. Crabtree cut.

    You've already compared Cooper to HOFer Tim Brown now your comparing Cooper to one of the most dominant WR's in the game... Nothing more needs to be said other than, come on man! You feel good about Cooper season last year? A season where outside of 2 games averaged 25 yards a game. That to you is encouraging and in the likeness of HOFer Tim Brown lol What top 3 would I rather have? That question is ridiculous and trust me picking this trio has little to do with Cooper.
  10. Jordy Nelson signed. Crabtree cut.

    LOL Please explain it. I am fascinated to see what you come up, piled on top of all of the excuses you've made for Cooper's underwhelming career so far after being the number 4th overall pick in the first round.
  11. Jordy Nelson signed. Crabtree cut.

    Explain to me what Cooper does better than Bryant on a football field other than "being a crisp route runner", which really hasn't done much for his numbers or what physical skills he has that are superior to MB?
  12. Jordy Nelson signed. Crabtree cut.

    This is exactly the homerism I'm talking about. "Cooper is a stud", then some excuses, then a comparison to HOF WR Tim Brown. Right after that I tried to stop reading but it's like looking at a train wreck, you have to take a peek. If Cooper can get consistent it will be in the slot and not as our number 1 or X WR. His numbers should vastly improve this year because of MB facing the teams number one CB and will most likely be double teamed out of any of our WR's. Cooper will face nickel backs who he should be able to own. Like I said he should have his best year on paper but just like Cobb in GB he cant shoulder the load as a number 1 like Julio Jones can in ATL. What does lumping Cooper in with one of the top young QB's in the game and one of the best DE/LB have to do with anything?
  13. Jordy Nelson signed. Crabtree cut.

    Is that John Travolta in a Raider uni with a shaved head lol
  14. Jordy Nelson signed. Crabtree cut.

    More excuses for Coop and I love it. Now it was because he "received bracket coverage" that he has underwhelmed. I need a good laugh so keep the excuses coming as to why Cooper hasn't lived up to the HOF homer hype he receives on this forum. If he was good as all of you claim he would find ways to get open, win and get the ball. Numbers don't lie and he disappeared in more games than not. He had 2 games over 100 yards in 2017 and in the rest he was practically invisible. You call that a great WR? Don't get me started on his drops that have plagued him throughout his career. Let me ask you why Cooper "hasn't been made a focal point" like other good WR's? Do you think there is a conspiracy to hold him back from being great? Do you think the coaching staff and Carr have not been able to realize how good you all claim he is or do you think they have something against Cooper and refuse to get an "elite and dominant" WR like Cooper the ball? These guys see Cooper every day on the practice field and in games but you're claiming that they're not seeing his greatness and purposely giving the ball to less skilled and less dominant players. Do you think your evaluation of Cooper which I am sure is based on highlight films, media articles and media hype may not be accurate and that the QB and coaching staff that see him every day have a better gauge on his true skillset and ability? I'm just trying to wrap my head around your theory that Carr and the coaches have refused to get "their most feared weapon" the ball. To say that no one in the NFL thinks Byrant is a better WR than Cooper is laughable. How do you know what people in the NFL think? If the Raiders line up Cooper in the slot with Bryant and Nelson as the 1 and 2 is that an indication that Gruden thinks his skillset is the 3rd best on this team? MB is 26 has an elite, game changing skillset and has shown he can do it all on the field. Sure, he has been a head case which has limited his time on the field but now will be his time to shine. Barring injury or suspension MB will have his best season to date.
  15. Jordy Nelson signed. Crabtree cut.

    Haha and the excuses continue... It was the coaching, no wait it was Crabs fault, hold on it was Carr's fault for not trusting him or getting him the ball, one more... it was the OC's fault because we all know Cooper is a HOF type WR who has been ignored because everyone has a vendetta against him being a great elite WR. Total homer talk and I love it. Gruden knows exactly who Cooper is which is exactly my description of him day 1 and the reason he went out and got MB. MB will be seeing the other teams number 1 corners, will see the double teams and has true elite number 1 skills. Cooper will certainly benefit from MB being here and his numbers will show it, it's the trickle down effect. Cooper should have his best statical year to date but that will be attributed to how he is being used and not having to face the number 1 CB's who have shut him down more than not over the last 2 years. Does Cooper have some good games, sure but he also disappears for games on end. If he was as dominant as you claim they would find ways of getting him the ball and you would not have to come up with lame excuses as to why he has underwhelmed so far in his career. Randall Cobb has had some statically dominant seasons but we all know he is not a true number one who can beat double teams consistently. Cooper is a slightly bigger version of Cobb and that is exactly how Gruden will use him. My guess is 90ish catches and around 1100 yards.