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  1. I think you're right that Cooper is in that Watkins/Cooks tier. Crazy thing is that I believe that none of those guys are worth 16 million per year. I have a hard time wrapping my head around paying WR's of that caliber that type of cash. The other crazy part is if Cooper draws a line in the sand at 20 and refuses to budge I think some desperate GM will pay him. You have have a top 3 RB in the NFL in Zeke (I love the way he runs and how versatile he is catching the ball) the best Oline when healthy and a stud LB in LVE. I hope LVE can stay healthy bc he is a beast when he is out there, flying around at 100 percent. DLaw is a very good DE too. You guys have some nice pieces in place to build around there is no doubting that. The 2 biggest questions you have are Dak and Cooepr's contracts. I have a feeling that you'll have no choice but to pay Dak around 40 million, I don't like the move but I don't see any possibility you let him walk either. The NFL is a business first and foremost and I am fascinated to see how this plays out.
  2. I appreciate that you don't have blinders on and see that Cooper is as you say, "softer than Charmin". You're right, he is soft. I am not saying that Cooper is a terrible WR, he clearly is not but what I have said all along is that he is not an elite #1 which no one should question unless one believes the talking head shills in the media. The Raiders did not part with Cooper for any other reason than his upcoming contract and the terrible value it poses. That is the big issue with Cooper that the media fails to talk about. Paying 20 million for a WR with Coopers skillset is downright foolish as it will hurt the long term success of your team as he will never live up to that price tag. That being said what would you do and what do you see Jerry and Co. doing with him? Is there a chance he does the right thing and let some other team overpay for him?
  3. I am not disagreeing that Gruden is overpaid as Mark Davis was clearly desperate as no respectable coach would touch the dumpster fire the Raiders have been for many years. Unlike Cooper Grudens contract has no barring on the salary cap. Keep in mind Gruden inherited a dumpster fire of a roster that needed a complete overhaul and that takes years which is why he hired Mayock to deal with the cap, handle FA signings and drafting. Most of the draft picks made by the former GM have been cut or let go in some capacity, all of which were good long term moves. From day 1 I have been advocated for trading both Mack and Cooper and the only negative for the Mack trade is that I feel we should have received more in compensation. This team was no where close to competing for a SB with Mack on the roster and playing a 30 year old DE 25 million a year is a terrible move with a team that is rebuilding from the ground up. Cooper is clearly not what you guys were hoping you were getting when you traded for him. I blame a lot of that on the media talking head stooges that label Cooper as some great elite#1 WR which he clearly is not. I have been a huge critic of Cooper from the day he was over drafted as the number 4 pick. I watched him very closely in Oakland as I never was able to see why the media pumped him up with players such as Michael Thomas, Nuk and Julio. I couldn't have been more pleased when we received a 1st round pick for a WR I feel is not elite and about to get paid a ton of money. The media made it appear that Jerry Jones fleeced us for this Super Star stud and I was sitting there laughing at the narrative the media was portraying. You guys are in a terrible predicament with Cooper. You paid Zeke which was a very smart move, paid DL, Dak will want somewhere in the 40 range which I feel is downright laughable but I don't want to rile you guys up too much here. Then you have Cooper who is demanding 20 per season which is terrible value for the player Cooper is. Jones traded a 1st for Cooper so I have a hard time believing that he will let him walk. Letting him walk is clearly the correct move but will Jones ego get in the way of his better judgement?
  4. I like Gallup and you're right much cheaper with similar production when targeted the same amount. It's a shame that WR's like Cooper demand 20 million a season. It really puts you guys in a bind. Personally the smart move is to cut bait and let him walk but I doubt Jones allows that to happen.
  5. I agree 100 percent. Gruden certainly hasn't lived up to his hefty contract, but that's on Mark Davis going for the sexy name who hadn't coached in years. Luckily Gruden's bloated contract doesn't impact our salary cap.
  6. Who's trolling? I want your guys opinion and enlightenment as to what I am missing. Is what I'm saying incorrect or a fact? Are you guys happy with the trade? There are many fans on the Raider forum who still wish we had Cooper as they think my evaluation of Cooper is incorrect as they feel he is one of the best WR's in the NFL along with Julio, Nuk and Michael Thomas.... I just don't see it.
  7. How are you guys liking giving up a 1st rounder for a number 2 WR you'll have to pay 20 a year or allow him to walk. My Raiders fleeced you guys on that one. Straight highway robbery!!!! Hahaha Take away Coopers 4 100 yard games in 2019 and he averaged under 50 per game in the remaining 12. I would hardly call Hoodini, who plays soft and disappears for games on end a number 1 unless you're a clueless fan who drinks the media Kool Aid. I forgot to mention all of those drops LOL. "NFL Network says Cooper is a great Wr, therefore he must be". SMH If Dallas management was smart, which they clearly are not, they would have never traded for Houdini. They did and now they have a dilemma on their hands. The smart play is to let him walk if he demands around 20 per, which I assume he will but I doubt Mr. plastic surgery (Jerry Jones) will allow that to happen. If he does sign Cooper to 20ish be prepared to be stuck in mediocrity as long as that contract is hamstringing your roster.
  8. Around The League V.2

    Look at his wonderlic score... Jackson received a 13 and the average for a QB is 24. He is clearly below average intelligence. At least he not Vince Young bad (6) but a 13 is a terrible score.
  9. Around The League V.2

    I just think he's a terrible Qb who is a fantastic athlete. The media pumps him up and foolish fans drink the Kool Aid, it drives me crazy that the media pumps him up as some great long term QB. The guy is clearly low IQ, listen to him speak. It's quite obvious that his lack of intelligence will cause his demise.
  10. Around The League V.2

    I'm sure he had written all of his papers and was brilliant in mathematics hahaha Give me a break.... I would be fascinated to see what he received on the SAT's. Peyton Manning has more intelligence in his pinkie finger nail LOL
  11. Around The League V.2

    Similar to how the media jocks Lamar Jackson. I seriously wonder if the guy could get through High School. He seems about as dull as the come. Very low IQ player who gets by on athletic ability. he's Kap with a worse arm and a spin move LOL. I can't wait for him to crash and burn and I guarantee it will happen. Absolutely overrated hype train that the media has been pumping up all season long.
  12. Around The League V.2

    Haha 100 percent. Dude was trash with us and the media pumps him up like he is still in his prime. It's pretty ridiculous.
  13. Around The League V.2

    Lynch is such a one dimensional fat, old, washed up bum. No body fears him or his worthless 3 YPC and trash hands. The loss of Carson has put tremendous pressure on WIlson. His margin for error may be as narrow as it has ever been.
  14. You decide: Do we move on from Carr this offseason?

    He's been playing conservative football bc that is what the game plan and roster dictates. He doesn't trust his WR's and I don't blame him, they are garbage. The D can't stop anyone and Carr is always playing from behind. Look what happened to "yellow jacket" Jackson last night when he got down, he looked like exactly who I know he will become, a below average pocket passer who lacks intelligence. Homers falls for his shtick bc they watch highlights of his spin move LOL Carr clearly learned form his brothers mistakes in Houston and he is living to play another day knowing he could potentially play football until he is 40. Carr, just like 95% of all other QB's needs to be surrounded with talent to have success. Carr is not Russell Wilson, Carr lacks the same escapability of Wilson which masks the deficiencies he has at the WR position. If we surround him with more talent and most importantly improve our D, I would love to see both 1st round picks on the D side of the ball. I would love to part ways with Williams and his bloated contract, sign AJ Green to a 2 year 24 million contract and go after a WR later in the draft or look for value in the FA market. I would not be angry spending a 1st on a Wr but if we do he better be a stud!
  15. You decide: Do we move on from Carr this offseason?

    Similar to the Miami fans, none of which wanted to keep "that bum Tannehill". Go on their forum now and look at all those same hypocrites begging for Tannehill back and calling the GM that got rid of him every dirty word you can imagine. Why, because they're clueless similar to the same stooges we have on here....