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  1. Around The League V.2

    The Super Bowl runs through NE until proven otherwise. Regardless a great game that was well coached on both sides. Reid is a heck of a HC. I hope he gets one someday but not in KC
  2. Around The League V.2

    He's made some nice throws. What a battle!
  3. Around The League V.2

    What a game. Brady is the ice man. Unbelievable.
  4. Around The League V.2

    It looks like he hasn't been playing well under pressure. That kind of pressure was Carr's life for 16 games. Not easy for "yellow jacket" Mahomes either when players are in his face.
  5. Around The League V.2

    I had to go into work and missed the 2nd half of the Rams game. I was listening to the radio feed of the NE game on the way home and it sounds like Mahomes has been under constant pressure and has been having to pass from the pocket in the first half. How has he looked under pressure?
  6. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v.2

    I had to go into work and missed the 2nd half of the Rams game. I was listening to the radio feed of the NE game on the way home and it sounds like Mahomes has been under constant pressure and has been having to pass from the pocket in the first half. How has he looked under pressure?
  7. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v.2

    With the way Mahomes plays can you see him playing until he's 40 unless he drastically changes his style of play? He's fun to watch when he's 21 but as we all know age is not kind especially with the beating NFL players take. He has an all world arm, there is no questioning that but take away his mobility, allusiveness and all world weapons and what kind of QB do you have? Is the kid as bright as Manning or Brees or someone who will be able to adjust after his physical skills break down?
  8. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v.2

    Let me ask you this question. If you were starting a franchise from scratch and had to compile a list of QB's to build your franchise around who would you put ahead of Carr? The fact that you want to trade him, sign Taylor LOL and waste the 4th overall pick on an unproven 5'9 QB clearly means that you would put Carr in the bottom 10 in terms of franchise building block QB's.
  9. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v.2

    You need to stop being logical to people who clearly are illogical. They just don't get it and never will. They want to potentially set this franchise back a decade for some unproven, 5'9 shiny new toy that may or may not be good. These clowns always want whatever player has a few good games in college, look at a few mock drafts and all of a sudden think they're talent evaluators. Their lack the ability to think about the ramifications the franchise will endure if their "pro scouting" abilities are wrong is an absolute joke. I'm sure most of these homers were arguing that Kap was a franchise QB after 2 good years with the 9ers. I actually bet someone who would have a better career, Kap or Luck. He was pulling out stats and showing me film about how Kap was clearly a better QB. Ummmmm Let's just say I won that bet. In the middle of the college season there was some homer on here clamoring about how we should trade Carr and draft Tua the QB from Bama. I just sat back and laughed but there were multiple people on here who agreed with him. I really wish I would pull up the thread and find out who was spewing that garbage. Your assessment on Mahomes is accurate. The issue with a player like Mahomes is that the minute his arm strength diminishes, he loses a step, loses his agility or loses all of the fantastic weapons he has we will see what kind of QB he really is. The window of being elite for a QB like Mahomes is far less than a true pocket passer. It's really sexy when he's 21, has never had a serious injury that affects his playing style but I will say that he better adapt and change the way he plays as he gets older or it won't be pretty.
  10. Around The League V.2

    Did I just hear Aikman say CJ Anderson is an outstanding RB. What a clueless, talking head, media shill. Complete clueless tool LOL
  11. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v.2

    1 QB in NFL history had more TD's passes in their first 2 season than Carr. His name is Dan Marino. His first 3 season are amongst the greatest in NFL history and you want to trade him, sign Taylor and draft a unproven 5'9 QB who is also going to play baseball LOL What more needs to be said than this and the lunacy that it speaks..... All of the QB's you have mentioned have never been in MVP consideration as Carr was before he broke his leg and that was with an average supporting cast. I would also say Carr elevated Crabs career. He averaged over 8 TD's per year with us and 4 with the 49ers. Cook had his best statical season to date with us last year. You do realize that Carr has played with a franchise that has been terrible since he has taken over as the starter. Bad draft picks, terrible FA signings, constant coaching and coordinator turnover and you want to point the finger at Carr and claim he needs to go. Very low brow mentality.
  12. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v.2

    I'm happy that your opinion is that Murray looks like a short Maholmes but if you were a GM would you hedge your career on trading Carr, who clearly played with one of the worst supporting casts in the NFL, signing a guy like Taylor and drafting Murray at 4? I wan't you to think of the ramifications if you're wrong on Murray who is 5'9 from the perspective of a rookie GM. You do realize that if Carr is traded and goes to a team with a solid supporting cast, plays well and Murray is a bust your career is over and you're never getting a job as a GM ever again. Most fans on here crack me up. I remember some homers at mid season how we should trade Carr and draft Tua or whatever the guys name is from Bama. Trade Carr for whoever the flavor of the month is in the media. Sounds like a well thought out plan to me lol
  13. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v.2

    First off the Giants had a better Oline than we had according to PFF. Second you give Carr Barkely, ODB and Engram and he has a massive statistical improvement over the garbage we have surrounded him with. You say Carr lacks poise in the pocket. You would be saying the same thing about Brady if he was on this team, how he is washed up and need to retire. You also say how Carr checks down too quickly, gets scared blah blah. Easy to say from your couch LOL You sit back there throwing to a slow, washed up Nelson, garbage Roberts and what ever trash they put out there on a weekly basis. Old man Lynch who commands zero fear, a bottom 3 Oline and a D that cant stop a high school team. It is so low brow and a complete lack of understanding on football to just say he checks down too much. You want Carr to sit back there and watch Nelson and Ateman strech the field. It may take those guys a whole quarter to run more than 30 yards. Those guys command zero fear lack speed and you want Carr to not check down with the trash I mentioned and playing behind our garbage Oline. You must hate Carr or want to see him killed.
  14. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v.2

    You say I make excuses and I say you lack vision, eat up what the media vomits all over you and want to get rid of a 27 year old Qb who has proven he can lead this team to the playoffs for Taylor and a 5'9 unproven rookie. Hahahaah
  15. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v.2

    Your opinion that he has "peaked with us" is based on him playing with the worst WR's in the NFL, the worst RB's in the NFL, an Oline that ranked in the bottom 5 according to PFF and one of the 2 worst D's in the NFL. I just want to make sure I am understanding your logic that a 27 year old QB has peaked with the supporting cast I just mentioned. How do you think Tom Brady would have looked playing with our squad this year? Super Bowl? Pro Bowl? All Pro SMH...... How about all average NFL fans who have zero clue the NFL really works saying he's old, washed up and needs to retire.