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  1. Why am I not shocked? Another take by you that completely lacks logic and makes zero sense. So what you are taking from that message is that Rogers is not playing for GB this season?
  2. What am I missing here? How is this contrary to the reports that have him coming back to GB for this season? I see nothing contradictory being said here. Did Rogers not tell Bakhetari that he is coming back? Who cares.
  3. What's LT and are you implying the rumors are false and Rogers is not coming back to GB?
  4. Now that Rogers appears to be coming back to GB for this year we can scratch trading for Adams. They will give it one more SB run, then Adams will most likely be franchised after this year as ARod is gone. It was fun to think about adding Adams for this season though
  5. In terms of being a legit playoff team I completely agree. Can we squeak into the playoffs with the addition of Adams, yes and having an explosive O will be fun to watch during the regular season but come playoff time our D is still so terrible we will never survive a deep run. Our secondary is overall garbage and our interior Dline is patchwork trash. Our LB corp is average at best and our D overall is severely lacking depth across the board. Any type of injury to a starter and the drop-off is significant which is sad considering we have below average starters. Considering we've ha
  6. Spot on and I agree that if Adams becomes available we need to make a hard push to obtain him. We are indeed years off from having a bully D, if that is even possible considering our terrible drafting history and ability to evaluate players. If we have a chance to land a proven stud we have to do it considering how little proven talent we have on the roster. Adding Adams to our O would give us a legit, proven stud WR and would do wonders for everyone else on O. Adams would help our run game, take pressure off of Waller and would allow Ruggs to stretch the field while he is honing in
  7. Any combo of Terrell, Chinn, Chasson, Jefferson would have been better than what we drafted. What is your take on D. Adams if he becomes available? We would have to give up at least a 1st and pay him 20 per year. He would be the #1 we have been lacking and would do wonders for Carr and his supporting cast but the money allocated to him could be detrimental if we are trying to build a solid D. 20M allocated to a Wr put way more pressure on us nailing our draft picks which Mayock and Gruden have failed miserably at so far.
  8. I didn't want a WR, I wanted to double dip on D (3T/CB) but I knew we were going WR therefor of the three that were "in play" at 12 I wanted Lamb. I do like Ruggs but his trajectory to become a legit number 1 will be much more difficult that a WR in the mold of Julio or Tron. I have always viewed Ruggs as a very good number 2 who can take the top off of a D but to become a #1 he will have to master the art of route running and become a technician, similar to AB. Let's just say that is not an easy task....
  9. That 55 receptions and 800 yards is certainly doable but for the 12th overall pick in the draft? If that is what we are anticipating for a player that was drafted in a position to be our #1 WR that would be embarrassing. If he finishes the year with 800 yards it will further reenforce that our front office is completely inept. We are lacking a true #1 WR and that is quite clear. Having a legit #1 will put our WR's in the position they need to be. #1 Adams, #2 Ruggs, slot Brown/ Renfrow, #4 Edwards. That would be a formidable WR corp but our current squad is unproven at best with a
  10. Hopefully he's spent this offseason learning how to run routes and not hit home runs.
  11. The cost would be at least a 1st. Then the question then becomes would you want to allocate at least 20 million per year for a 29 YO WR. Adams is a stud, no doubt about it and I believe he would massively upgrade this O. At least a 1st and paying him a minimum of 20 per year. On a D that is devoid of talent and a team devoid of elite studs, it's a hard call.... I assure our O would finally be fun to watch.
  12. Absolutely as our CB and DT position are currently trash. Either I would be fine with. FS can be an impactful position but that is dependent on pass rush. If we dont have a pass rush (similar to the last decade plus) and expect a FS to have an impact in regards to turn overs, it's not going to happen. We are also in desperate need of an elite number 1 WR. I have made my opinion quite clear on here and that is we should not a take WR in the 1st unless that player is a Megatron, Julio type of elite WR. Hopefully we can go after a young up and coming big/physical Wr next FA peri
  13. It's all good We can speculate all day long about as to why he left and most likely we'll never find out the truth. If it was a Gruden issue he would never come out and say it, he would have some canned answer...
  14. First off it was a joke but based on the last 50 threads I beat NYRaider to the punch. You very well know it was headed down that patch as soon as he somehow links Badien's departure to Carr LOL
  15. Let's not jump to any conclusions but I am sure it's somehow Carr's fault. All we now need is @NYRaider to find some obscure quote, somehow intertwine it into this discussion and completely hijack this thread LOL I'm not how to read into this but once again it does not look good. If it is Gruden and him were butting heads which led him to quit this furthers my stance that we are one of the biggest dumpster fire organizations in all of pro sports. We soon may be in need of a logo change.....
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