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  1. I'm not quite sure what you are saying. I just clearly stated that I think Miller should be the starter at RT this year. Miller will slide over to LT when Penn's contract is up and he turns 36 next season. Miler has played both Tackle positions at UCLA and starting him at RT and getting him NFL game experience will be critical for his development. I will preface this statement with my hope that he wins the RT position because he is the best player at the position and not because he was a 1st round pick. I find it hard to believe that he wont be the best option at RT knowing how terrible our RT has been over the last number of years.
  2. Exactly. Miller is most likely our RT this year and slides over when Penn turns 36 and is released before next season. Sure releasing Penn would save us 8 million this year but FA is over, where could we better spend that money than keeping Penn and protecting our franchise QB?
  3. Mark Davis not happy with Reggie(R1trade down)

    I'm not sure how you feel there was better value on the table by staying at 10 as opposed to trading down. What players would you say were better value than netting Miller, Bryant and having the ability to trade up for Hurst? Let's take Hurst out of the equation bc we had no idea that he would be there in the 5th. To me that is still great value for moving back 5 spots, landing the player they allegedly coveted at 10 and trading for Bryant. I've said it before if Bryant was coming out in this draft knowing what he could do on the pro level he would have been a top 10 pick. They knew exactly what they were going to do when flipping the 3rd for Bryant. RM said that deal had been in the works for months, Pit. was holding out for a 3rd and come draft day the Raiders knew they needed to trade back to acquire that pick to flip. That is why I feel that they were the ones searching to trade back and not asking for a kings ransom. They wanted the potential LT of the future along with the 26 year old stud WR that potentially could make this offense elite. Not a bad haul for trading back 5 spots.
  4. Mark Davis not happy with Reggie(R1trade down)

    Ready to make a move on a QB with character concerns and a bunch or red flags. Once again teams were not beating down the door to draft Rosen which is pretty evident. We wanted to trade back and land Miller which is obvious and for all we know we could have called Zona seeing if they were willing to trade up for a 3rd and 5th knowing Bradfords injury history. With all of the red flags Rosen has it is quite possible that they were only willing to move up if they didn't have to give up firsts or seconds and since we had no one else interested we took the deal for equal value and flipped the pick for Bryant. Both sides got what they wanted in the deal now it is the media with stupid headlines that make fans with limited football knowledge go into a frenzy about how we were ripped off. It's actually quite comical. I still have no idea as to why you can't grasp the concept that we received adequate value for moving back to 15. I clearly laid it out in the trade value chart a few posts up, that is unless you think the 25 point differential was a difference between a good and bad trade lol. Some homers obviously just read media nonsense and refuse to look up facts such as trade chart values. The bottom line is we wanted Miller and we got him by moving back to 15, picking up a 3rd that we flipped for one of the most physically talented Wr's in the game and the extra 5th allowed us to move up for Hurst.
  5. Mark Davis not happy with Reggie(R1trade down)

    This whole conversation is based on if and buts. We all know nothing but I will say my hypothesis is just as good as anything the media vomits on us. How do we know if the Phins coveted a QB? They had multiple opportunities to trade up for one and didn't, so once again we are relying on what the media spews at us. Knowing that we were going to flip our pick for Bryant, trading back and landing one of the top LT's in this draft was a much smarter move than staying at 10 and taking a safety which is not a premium position.
  6. Mark Davis not happy with Reggie(R1trade down)

    I agree but clearly drafting QB's is a crap shoot and the Cards were not beating down the door to draft Rosen. For all we know they were the only team looking to trade up and draft him or for that matter we could have called the Cards looking to trade down. It is pretty obvious we wanted to move back in the draft. The Cards saw a deal to move up and draft a QB while not overpaying and they took it. The Cards did not need to draft a QB, they have Bradford who if he can stay healthy is a serviceable starter in the mold of Palmer.
  7. Mark Davis not happy with Reggie(R1trade down)

    What are you missing here? Here is the value based on a trade chart: pick 10=1300 pick 15=1050, 79=195 and 152=30 We got underpaid by 25 points which is hardly anything to get in an uproar about. Would a 6th rounder, equaling 1300 have made such a major impact that is would have stopped homers from questioning the deal? I highly doubt it.
  8. Mark Davis not happy with Reggie(R1trade down)

    My narrative being built 100 percent around us landing Bryant for a 3rd is ludicrous. My narrative is about the value of the LT position over for example a safety. I am not debating who will be the better pro but what I am telling you is the draft is a crap shoot and if you have 2 equally ranked players with 1 being safety and the other being a LT any GM in their right mind would take the LT. We have a huge void a RT and have for years and have an average, 35yo LT coming a major injury. To think that LT wasn't a major need is beyond naive. While there are no highlight videos of Miller laying the wood on some helpless WR so all the homers can watch it on a loop and praying for the day it happens in the NFL so they can post the video on FootballsFuture reality is the smart move is to take the not so sexy LT and protect our franchise QB for the next decade.
  9. Mark Davis not happy with Reggie(R1trade down)

    First I try not to pay attention to what the media thinks or cares about. They have an agenda and they wan't to come off as "experts". The more incorrect their mocks are the more worthless they seem. I agree when I first heard the compensation for our trade back I was disappointed. Once everything played out I could see the big picture. People want to focus on players that we could have had but one must understand that LT is a premium position and really good, young LT rarely hit FA and if they do they get paid top dollar. That is why we doubled up on the position but the media can't grasp that concept. Protecting our franchise Qb has to be priority number 1 especially in the AFC West. We are not in any financial position to pay a FA quality LT with the contracts we have in place or are about to have added to our books. Football is a business with a salary cap which unfortunately makes it not just as simple as drafting someone. Lets say we stayed at 10 and took Fitz, I see someone brought him up in another post. Fitz doesn't have a defined position which is good and bad. Yes he's versatile and that has value but none of the positions he will play are a premium position such as LT. Lets use Mathieu in comparison to Fitz because he is versatile and plays multiple positions at a high level. He was cut from Zona, if he was a LT that would most certainly not happen because is 25, has been a very good/ pro bowl player since he came into the league. He hit the FA market and teams weren't beating down doors to sign him. He signed a 1 year, 7 million dollar contract with Houston. Let's say a 25yo former pro bowl LT with pedigree like Mathieu hit FA he would command a massive contract, certainly more than 1 year at 7mil. If Miller pans out and becomes a top 12 LT in 2019 we will have made an excellent move. We will have a very good LT under contract for 4 years at a very reasonable price. Same goes for Parker, if he can step in and become a very good starting RT our Oline will be set for the foreseeable future. I will say that both Miller and Parker are coming into very good situations and if they fail it will be on them. The core of our Oline is one of the best in the NFL so they both wont be playing next to scrubs. Having a QB like Carr and playing next KO Jackson has extended Penn's career. Let's be honest he is an average LT who has flourished playing next to some of the best guards in the game which makes his job a whole lot easier.
  10. Mark Davis not happy with Reggie(R1trade down)

    If RM would have traded back and drafted Hurst in the first most homers on here would be thrilled. It's actually comical reading some of the logic posted here.
  11. Mark Davis not happy with Reggie(R1trade down)

    Bottom line is they didn't. Like I said before this is all media nonsense. We have no idea if Miami coveted Rosen, we also have no clue if Rosen was "Arizonas guy'. For all we know maybe he was only worth the risk if they were giving up a 3rd rounder, they may have been willing to stay at 15 and see if Rosen would slip to them. We have no clue where they had him ranked or what their board looked like. I would hardly make the assumption that Rosen is a franchise QB and teams were beating down the doors to draft him. I am sure you have read up on all of his character concerns and red flags. It could be worse, we could have stayed at 10 and taken Miller or if SF passed on McGlinchy we would have stayed and taken him according to media garbage. I would be way more pissed if either of those scenarios occurred. Instead of focusing on "a hypothetical 2nd round pick" who has never taken an NFL snap think about what we did walk away with from the trade. This trade netted us Miller, (who knows what we got in him) Bryant, (a proven top shelf WR with some red flags and if he plays like I think he will you'll not even question this trade in 1 year) and the ability to trade up for Hurst. Don't buy the media nonsense and think for yourself. A ton of unknowns here and we walked away with some good talent because of this trade.
  12. Mark Davis not happy with Reggie(R1trade down)

    Hard to play hardball in 10min knowing you may lose out on Bryant if you can't land that 3rd also if no one else made us an offer you have to take that deal. A lot of unknowns here. I believe if we were forced to stay at 10 we would have drafted Miller so walking away with Miller, Bryant and the ability to allow us to trade up for Hurst is a major win.
  13. Mark Davis not happy with Reggie(R1trade down)

    Exactly. Would you rather have Miller at 10 who we most likely selected if we had stayed there or miller, the 3rd rounder we knew we were flipping for Bryant and a 5th which allowed is to trade up for Hurst? I think this is media nonsense. Let's see who won this deal in 3 years. I think we had a good draft but that is contingent on the tackles panning out. It could be worse we could be the 49ers, they stayed at 9 and landed McGlinchy who may or may not be better than the guy we took at 16. Oh yeah and we landed one of the 10 most physically skilled WR's in the NFL for a 3rd round pick.
  14. Raiders & Texans Turn Over Scouting/Personnel Department

    That 3rd round pick was flipped for Bryant. Based on talent alone, Bryant would have been a top 10 pick in this draft. I feel they would have picked Miller if they couldn't have traded back so the move was brilliant. Miller and Bryant to move 5 spots back, great move...
  15. 2018 Draft Recap Thread

    I agree with you, they need to let it go or try to understand the plan the Raiders had. All they got was a 3rd rounder, blah blah... Anyone who says that clearly doesn't understand or they have no clue the type of WR Bryant is. I am sure the Raiders have been trying to trade for Bryant for months, Pit was asking for a 3rd rounder and we didn't want to give ours up that's why the trade occurred on draft day. People want to complain about how we didn't get enough compensation but you clearly are missing the big picture here. The front office knew exactly what they were going to do when they landed the extra 3rd and that pick was going to be flipped for Bryant. I have a feeling that the Raiders plan all along was to trade back acquire a 3rd for Bryant and draft Miller. I am also not buying the media garbage about how we would have stayed at 10 if Mcglinchy was there. Our plan all along was to trade back to acquire a pick for Bryant and draft Miller. Basically our first rounder netted us Miller and Bryant. Not a bad haul considering the 49ers stayed at 9 and took a OT that most had rated very closely to Miller. There is no doubt I would rather walk away from the first round with Bryant and Miller over McGlinchy any day of the week.