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  1. Tannehill was terrible on Miami where had a similar set of skill players as DC has had with the Raiders. I would put DC ahead of him because of this. Allen has looked fantastic this year but this is his first year playing at high level. There have been many QB's who have shown flashes for one year and fizzled out so I am not ready to put him ahead of Carr quite yet. I need a larger sample size and to see how Allen plays when faced with adversity. Carr has played in the face of adversity his whole career with a D that cant stop a high school team and a laundry list of trash weapons on
  2. I've posted a list of QB's taken in the 1st over the last 10 years that I would take over Carr and there are 3. Mahomes, Watson and Luck. I would rather risk draft capital in the later rounds and develop a Qb rather than spend a 1st on a QB when the odds are clearly in the favor of that player not being an improvement over Carr. Not only are the odds in favor of that QB not being as good as Carr but risking a 1st on a QB on a team that has massive holes to fill, at multiple positions, is not smart football or business considering the bust rate for 1st round QB's.
  3. Ive been saying this for months. There is over a 95 percent chance that LW stays in NY, it's essentially not even worth talking about and a reason why I have looked into potential 3T in the upcoming draft. We need to come out of the 1st 3 rounds with a 3T and some of the players I have been looking into are Barmore, Nixon and Wilson. Hopefully if we land one of them they can be an impact interior disruptor.
  4. A few things. All of the QB's you mentioned are bums, Fitz is at best average and will be 39 next season. Drafting a QB in the top 5 is always a risky proposition just ask Miami who just drafted and elite, generational, can't miss talent according to all the talking head shills and 99.9 percent of you posters on this website. Now look what they're stuck with and more than likely the move to insert him as the starter cost them a playoff spot this year and every year they continue to stick with him will be a waste because he in not a good QB. I have said in numerous posts Carr has 5 or 6
  5. For every 1 Mahomes there are 50 Christian Ponders.... The fact that you're labeling Herbert a generational talent after 14 games is all I really need to know about your understanding about football. Let me guess was RG3 a generational talent after his rookie season too? SMH
  6. Every franchise wants the best QB in football to lead their squad. I think you have zero clue how difficult it is to land an improvement over Carr. You clearly think Pat Mahomes or Wilson's just grow on trees and are always available come draft day. That logic is so flawed it's not funny... Look at the history of 1st round disaster QB's since 2010 and tell he how easy it it. Jake Locker... Christian Ponder, EJ Manuel, Brandon Weedon.... Flat out trash and the list goes on and on...
  7. How many QB’s drafted 1 overall since the year 2000 have posed good value?
  8. Lol exactly... the point he is trying to make is a flat out joke. I find it amusing though
  9. It's quite simple. If one is going to make statements be able to articulate what the meaning of those statements is. Based on his logic he is saying that Falcco is a better QB than HOFer Warren Moon because he won a super bowl and has an above .500 career winning percentage. Flacco should be in the HOF and the voters got it wrong, that is exactly the point he is trying to make...
  10. SB winning QB Joe Flacco 108 and 82. HOFer Warren Moon 105 and 108. Are you saying that Flacco is a better QB than HOFer Warren Moon because he has a SB victory and an over .500 career winning percentage? Are you also saying that the people who voted Moon in are wrong and he should not be there because he lost more games than he won? I'm trying to follow your logic here.
  11. Football 101. Football is a team sport. You guys crack me up as to how you claim to understand the game but clearly lack the ability to comprehend what you are watching...
  12. Once again do wins and losses define how good a QB is? Clearly the answer is no or else Warren Moon would not be in the HOF with a sub .500 winning percentage. Do I want the Raiders to win more games, of course I do but talent wise we are a 4 win team and the fact we won 8 game is a testament as to how well Carr played. Football 101... Football is a team sport.
  13. I know exactly who Carr is and I understand football which is a team sport. Do I want him to be surrounded with better talent, and average D and win more games, of course but that is on the coach, GM and front office to do so. The front office has failed miserably in doing so throughout Carr's career and the 15 years before Carr was here. Pinning wins and losses directly to a QB is about as low brow an uneducated of an opinion as one can have. If your stance was the consensus how would it be possible to have a QB in the HOF with a sub .500 career winning percentage?
  14. Both are all time greats. I certainly wouldn't wouldn't put Brees over Marino based on his one SB win. That is like Saying that Trent Dilfer is a better QB than HOFer Warren Moon because Diler had an above .500 career winning percentage and a SB victory while Moon had a sub .500 career winning percentage and never won a SB. You do understand how insane your logic is correct? Attributing wins and losses solely on q QB is about as uneducated and low brow of an opinion as one can have and truly shows a lack of understanding about football.
  15. I see, Baker coming off of a 1 to 1 TD to int ratio season then has a statistically inferior season to Carr with more talent on both sides of the ball but has a good December... that makes him a better QB in your eyes... you can’t be serious? Trent Dilfer and Brad Johnson got it done when it counts by winning a SB. Are you saying they’re better QB’s than Dan Marino? I’m trying to follow your convoluted thought process but feel like I need to give up because your points lack logic.
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