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  1. You do realize that all pro players players like Nelson are extremely rare and are exceptions to the rule. An OG is of higher positional value than a NT and impacts every offensive snap. Are you assuming that Davis is a three down NFL player and won't be taken off the field in passing situations? If the answer is no then you must question the value of two down run stuffing NT?
  2. It's rare that true NT's go early because they are of low positional value.
  3. Because we have missed on CB in years past means we shouldn't draft one now? That makes no sense. Last years draft has three very promising CB's drafted early. Horn, Surtain and Diggs. Some of the best in football were early 1st round picks. Ramsey, Humphrey, Lattimore, Ward to name a few. LB's who were drafted early over the last few years that appear to be very good are White, Smith Parsons, Leonard and Watt. How many true NT's have been taken early that would pose good value in the middle of the 1st round? I agree with you that Davis appears to be a very good t
  4. I'm assuming Stingly is gone by the time we pick but if Ahmad Gardner is on the board he should be in strong consideration. He's a bit raw but he has the physical tools to be a shutdown CB.
  5. Impactful is subjective. NT is one of the least impactful/ valuable positions in the NFL. How many NT's in the NFL pose mid round 1 draft value? Maybe two, Via and Clark and Clark is more of a NT/3T hybrid as he weighs 315. If you put a true NT like Via on a terrible D like the Lions his impact is minimal as he can't finish and bring the QB down from up the middle That reinforces my point that NT is one of the least impactful positions in the NFL. \ Give me a stud CB, 3T, MLB, DE, OLB any day of the week over a NT.
  6. Post all of the highlight videos you want but that doesn't answer my question. He appears to be a very good player but is their value in drafting a run stuffer, who commands a double team but has averaged 1.5 sacks over his 4 seasons in Georgia in the middle of round 1?
  7. I agree that he should be very good but is the value there to take a 1T in the mid teens/ early 20's of the 1st round? He will be a space eater, who commands a double team, which has value but will he be able to rush the passer? That is what separates good from elite. My point is can similar value be obtained later in the draft? While Davis may be a superior talent he has to be more than a space eater who excels in stuffing the run if you're going to spend a 1st on him.
  8. Davis appears to be a stud but doesn't he project more as a 1T and not a 3T? No doubt that beast will help us in the run game but we need an interior disruptor that can consistently rush the passer and be stout in the run game, especially in the 1st round.
  9. I wonder if Gruden was making our picks or Mayock? I assume we'll never find out but I would love to know. If it was Mayock making the picks he needs to be fired. If it was Gruden who ultimately made the call then I would give Mayock this next offseason to see what he can do not being hamstrung by Gruden. Only a few people are privy to that information and hopefully Mark Davis is one of them!
  10. I think he was. Another great pick by RM... LOL
  11. He could dunk a basketball too. All great reasons to draft a football player.... SMH
  12. I really liked Brown coming out and I agree he has all the tools to become a superstar. That would have been a killer draft. One can dream right LOL
  13. Where are all the Carr haters at today? The dude is dropping dimes, looks fantastic and is playing inspired football. Gruden who?
  14. I'm watching the Jags and Phins game. Tua is such a bum it's not funny. I have zero clue as to why there were so many on this forum calling him and "elite, can't miss prospect". I wish some of you and the TV talking head stooges would admit you were ignoring the glaring deficiencies Tua possesses that were so obvious to me. I cringe watching him play as he does nothing well and makes horrific decisions. Where are the Tank for Tua homers now? LOL Can any of you imagine how disastrous it would have been to move on from Carr and mortgage the future to move up for tha
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