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  1. Not this year, but Dillon Gabriel may have an NFL future. In college McKenzie Milton is the better player, but Gabriel has a cannon for an arm and is more durable.
  2. I at the very least wouldn't have Miami above them. We don't know how good Louisville is yet.
  3. UCF blows out GT on the road and falls a spot in the coaches poll 😂😢
  4. Vegas opened with the Titans as slight favorites (-1.5). Good news is that the Vikings do have a distinct advantage at kicker, if it comes down to a close margin like that. But, to be honest, only a blowout win for the Vikings would give me confidence that this team is headed in the right direction.
  5. Only a handful of Vikings don't deserve to be on here.
  6. I'm down to Suck for Sewell or any other blue chip O-Line man to pair with O'Neill/Bradbury, but I don't think the Vikings would be able to do much worse than 6-10 unless they get ravaged by injuries or were intentionally throwing games.
  7. If they can't come back today, the Cowboys would also be in the running for biggest disappointment.
  8. Yet Rivers threw 2 interceptions, which is the point of creating pressure.
  9. Talent wise yes, but I would make a case that the Packers are one of the best coached units. Much like the Patriots, the Packers always punch above their weight class. While it will likely be a struggle to pressure Rivers, if Jacksonville managed to do it without Josh Allen, I have confidence Zimmer can scheme up some pressure.
  10. Secondary is young and wasn't aided by any pass rush, this was gonna be a tough out no matter what It's frustrating that the Vikings never seem to play complementary football; Cousin has a pretty solid game today (one mistake in the INT, but solid overall) and the defense can't muster more than a couple real stops. Last year the Vikings defense plays out of their mind against the Packers twice and Cousins has two of the worst games of his career. The O-Line couldn't block anyone besides Kenny Clark's backup in any of those games. I'm not giving up on a team that I always thought was a year away from contending, but the concerning thing is the defense played that poor without Danielle Hunter and we don't know when he'll be back.
  11. That's different than opting out, probably belongs in the COVID list thread.
  12. Now we get to hear more about Kirk's awful record in primetime games when the scheduling bias has what I would guess are two of the Vikings toughest matchups, considering the Vikings are 4-16 at Soldier Field in the past 20 seasons, for primetime games.
  13. Because Barr often fails to make impact plays, with only 1.5 sacks and 54 solo tackles in 2019, but gets paid top 10 LB money at $13.5M/year. Even a younger version of him that is getting paid less is better than he is, no?
  14. Did Moss just become the second LSU TE taken?
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