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  1. Seems like Klint will end up the Vikings OC when all is said and done.
  2. Oh, I understand that. Taking on Goff's contract was worth at least the Rams' 2022 1st Rounder (basically a 2nd.) That's the same precedent set by the Osweiler trade from the Texans to the Browns.
  3. This whole conversation about Stafford, Cousins and Garoppolo has really shed some light on how underrated Kirk really is by casual fans. While I consider him and Stafford Equals, Kirk is very clearly an upgrade over Garoppolo. Glossing over the fact he's only ever started one full NFL season, Garoppolo's best season (2019) he completed 69.1% of his throws for 3978 yards, 27 TDs and 13 INTs. Cousins has had equivalent, or better seasons each of the past 4 years. And that includes a year in Washington.
  4. I think it's probably the Packers. This is likely their SB window before Rodgers retires, and considering this was his best season as pro, I don't think you can count on him replicating the success in 2021.
  5. Can I use an image? I ultimately think Brees rides off into the sunset. Otherwise the winner of AFCCG is the best team in the NFL.
  6. I don't think you should be upset at the Gladney pick, he's a Zimmer corner through and through. He is a fighter, he plays scrappy and he never gives up on a play. He will get beat and he will get flagged, but he will also make plays on the ball which will cause QBs to think twice about throwing to him. I think he's comparable to corners like Marcus Peters or Jalen Ramsey in that regard, although I'm not sure he will be as good as either, yet.
  7. I mean, we already saw this matchup just over a month ago on what is essentially a neutral field, I'm not sure much has changed.
  8. I personally think it's mostly Nagy/Lazor admitting defeat and running simple rollout/PAs that only have half field reads and allow Trubisky to run if need be. But yes, this isn't a consistent gameplan that will win you a playoff game. Eventually the bears will fall behind and won't be able to alternate runs with play action passes.
  9. He really struggles to read the field. He has plenty of athleticism, but locks onto his first read way too hard. Add in injury issues and he's a guy you'd be better moving off than trying to win with.
  10. What's the cap casualty on Anthony Barr if cut before the 3rd day of the 2021 league year? Over The Cap seems to suggest it is zero, in which case I can't make a good case for bringing Barr back. The move would be to extend Wilson for less.
  11. Any chance the Vikings start to rest starters? Only a 4% chance of making the playoffs. More of a chance that Kirk or Cook end up getting seriously hurt.
  12. Offenses are just better. Hard to hold down offenses with NFL caliber players all over the field. Also the RPO has shifted advantages towards the offense now. But still, just like in the NFL, a perfect pass will always beat perfect coverage.
  13. This is an obvious trap game. Bills just had their biggest win in years last week on SNF and have a divisional matchup at the Patriots next week that will. Bills may win, but should be tighter than a TD. Vikings play MUCH worse at home than on the road. Especially this year the game @ Chicago was easier for the Vikings than at home. They are coming off a loss though, so I do expect them to win but it should be pretty close and the Bear tend to make bad Kirk show up.
  14. Oh, I understand the X's and O's of the situation. I'm explaining the rationale behind this poor call. There are tons of times bad coaches don't do the little things like making sure you don't leave a corner 1 on 1 with Ruggs or a TE blocking Khalil Mack 1 on 1. But you forget the Jets are 0-12 for a reason. They are not actively trying to tank, the coaches are just that bad. It makes it look like they're trying to lose, but trust me Williams called that in the hopes it would preserve the win.
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