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  1. Zimmer is something like 18-2 in preseason games, so I think the Vikings continue their domination of preseason teams not named the Titans.
  2. Does McKenzie Milton play again?

    The goal is for him to play next year and he has every motivation to make it happen. It just comes down to whether he can make a recovery.
  3. Bold prediction: Chargers AFC Super Bowl LIV representative

    Username checks out.
  4. So, the 2019 Chiefs...

    Honestly with how much talent they've infused into that defense during the offseason, even without Hunt and Hill, they still probably win 11/12 games. It's a QB league and even if he only goes for 35+ TDs with ~12 INTs, they're going to be just as good, if not better.
  5. Rosen vs Murray

    These are two completely different players. They both are good at identifying coverages and finding the favorable matchups, but Murray is the far better athlete. If both stay healthy, I think both will end up being top 12 QBs for the better part of a decade.
  6. I mean I don't think I could sit on a QB with two years of a sub 1.0 TD/INT ratio. But I highly doubt won't develop a lot this year. Even if the Dolphins still force him to lose games.
  7. Chiefs Trade for LB Darron Lee

    Uh oh. KC about to really do it to us.
  8. Jamie Collins Returns to Patriots

    I know you're supposed to get bread while you can, but I have never understood why FA want to leave NE. They have some of the best coaches in the league and always get the most out of their players. You'll have your best years there.
  9. How well did the NFC North draft?

    Honestly a big fan of both the Vikings draft and Green Bay's (unfortunately). Detroit's was very Detroit, but it wasn't by any means bad. If Hockenson ends up being the next Gronk (100 yd receiver and dominant blocker), we won't question them. Chicago's was very small. I feel like they didn't get the depth they needed, but they're more than talented with their starters.
  10. Redskins just because I really want to see that quarterback battle. I'm not sure Keenum can hold off Haskins long.
  11. Keep One/Delete One

    Can I delete the Packers and keep the Lions?
  12. 2019 NFL season predictions

    Here's my completely wrong predictions. The W/L aren't an exact science. The tie was simply for seeding purposes.
  13. There are times where putting the ball in the correct arm can also cause you to be more likely to fumble, albeit they are rare. Football is a game of skill, where the better team always wins.
  14. And less than 20 total turnovers.
  15. Supreme doubt. If Jameis doesn't have a strong season, his time in TB is over and he's likely a back-up from here out.