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  1. I would take that.. take what we can get. He wants traded or released. So getting draft picks is a bonus
  2. Ya IF it was somthing the liked he would have had to have a deal in place before the trade. Thanks for all the response
  3. If it wasn't a draft pick it would be a young wide out maybe james Washington. But not sure on his contract. But with all the responses I have got we would have to give up more then I'm willing to for dillion.
  4. I under stand that but it's harder to find a starting CB then a RB. I realize trading Dillon isn't anything they are trying to do. Was just gauging interest. He is a good RB and was hoping the steelers drafted him last year.. The packers always build there team through the draft like the steelers, so trades are not common on either team unless it someone they covent. Signing jones was a smart move. You have to have 2 or 3 backs if you want to contend.
  5. If that's the best offer take it. It's better then cutting him and getting nothing.
  6. The first offer was more of a testing the waters, to gage interest.
  7. I do under stand it wouldn't have been straight up with Nelson being 28 and at the end of his contract. But you never lead with your best offer. If it took Nelson and a 2nd I wouldn't make that trade. The best I would offer is Nelson and a 4th. Would also have Nelson have a contract worked out before hand with the packers.
  8. I understand stand that I was just testing the waters. If there was any interest. They just signed jones and I have seen a couple mock drafts that have them drafting cb's. I wanted us to draft dillion last year. Wishful thinking*
  9. I was think the same thing about bailey, Portis trade.
  10. Ok, Just curious with you having signed jones and have seen a few mocks with the packers looking for cbs.
  11. Would you trade rb Dillon for cb Steve Nelson? Not sure what happened but Nelson wants out. Nelson is a proven start in the league.
  12. I don't know if the packers would do this trade but if they did it could help us. Nelson for Dillon. He is a big physical, fast running back out of Boston College.
  13. Would you trade a 2nd and 4th for Sam Darnold? I would only think about making this trade if Ben is gone. Then I would have Darnold, Mason and Haskins battle it out. But I'm still on the fence if I would make this trade.
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