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  1. Yikes. Never got into Magic myself so I wouldn't know the struggle, but with MW you would be spending ~300 max and that's only if you want to get multiples all of the sets, which you don't need to. Edit: ok so i did the rough math and it's ~300 to get one of all the sets, which isn't really necessary. But it would probably be about the same to get the two of the base set as well as the expansions you want in order to get you and your game group set up to play. It's a really fun game, but it has more of a niche appeal than broad appeal. Also they're working on a gen 2 so maybe wait t
  2. If you're into Magic, look into Mage Wars. It's quite a bit different tbh but it scratches a similar itch and is incredibly fun, although a significant time investment. Lighter on the wallet too
  3. I think this is a very fair assessment, and one I appreciate, by the way. I didn't do much (read, none) before the draft so I was pretty much clueless on who these prospect were in terms of talent. I've crash coursed since, but my take aways aren't exactly un-biased. As for upside. As you say, it's a matter of preference. The more I watch of Jefferson, the more I don't see any reason he can't become the best receiver out of this class (not a prediction by the way), which would likely put him in the top tier in the NFL. This obviously is on his extreme high end range of outcomes, but
  4. The Vikings draft is an interesting one tbh. For my part they earn high praise simply for their plan and how they executed it. I wanted them to prioritize WR, CB, OT early and in that order. Obviously large talent difference between certain prospect would have warranted taking an OT over a WR, for example, but this was my priority list and it seems to have been for the Vikings as well. More importantly Rick played the board like an absolute poker player. From taking Jefferson at 22 to trading out of 25 and then staying put at 58 they seemed to have gotten the players they truly wante
  5. If they want to keep cook around and have the cap space next year to make it work, then Tag him. The biggest problem with longer term investments in running backs is the position's longevity and the fact that when RBs fall off, they dive off cliffs. It's not unreasonable to extend a 25 year old running back to a "reasonable" three year deal and by year two hes completely diminished. @Krauser mentioned earlier in this thread the contrast between giving a guard a big deal and drafting a RB in the 2nd vs the inverse basically being a wash. This very well may be true, but again, my conce
  6. Ok...ok, but I feel like my comment is still true if we ignore facts.
  7. Both Wake and Bennett were all pro caliber players in their prime and were still productive role players last year.
  8. I guess that's my point, when the last time he's been healthy and productive? 2014?
  9. Isn't he kind of past that at this point? Seems like he's had like 3 years to prove it and hasn't
  10. It's counter initiative, but I actually think being more multiple and only asking young players (who are more limited in their scope) to perform the task they are already good at will do more to maximize the defense than asking everyone to be as fundamentally sound as possible.
  11. Yeah the names on the list were shocking. Makes you wonder if it's more of a name value thing and some of them are over the hill.
  12. This is pretty cool. Any chance you could elaborate of the position/role differences?
  13. Well they did sign Zettel... Dont know if that's meaningful tbh, but tis something Wake and Michel Bennett stand out as intriguing options to me. Marcus Golden maybe as well, but isn't he more of stand up rusher? Names from this list, so a fairly crude search. https://nfltraderumors.co/top-25-2020-nfl-free-agents-list/
  14. @Krauser clowney would certainly be an exciting addition, but I'm not sure he'd be able to live up to the hype. He's a really interesting case at this point in his career, as he never really developed into the pass rusher he was projected to be (injuries slowed him down quite a bit). He's become a dominant run defender however and still seems to have games where he can completely take over as a rusher. I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't still have a peak year in him, but with long term investment in him I think you're paying for his ceiling, which feels like a mistake. More to th
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