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  1. Top 10 Linebackers

    I think I'd drop Kendricks for Greenway, and I'm iffy on Barr being on this list at all, but as you stated there isn't a great history of talent here...so maybe by default he sneaks in
  2. 2018 Draft Picks, and where they stand today

    So what. C is average, so that the standard of expectation. B is good margin above expectation And A far exceed them. Think of the Vikings 2015 class, although even that might not be quite an A level draft. This is just how I view it tho, how you grade is your own prerogative.
  3. 2018 Draft Picks, and where they stand today

    Tyler Conklin's mom?
  4. 2018 Draft Picks, and where they stand today

    I'm not worried about anything, just curious how you came to your conclusion.
  5. 2018 Draft Picks, and where they stand today

    You can still evaluate their process and strategy for the draft and have a year's worth of data to contrast that too. Sure we don't have a definitive verdict, as that takes years to come to, but we can still look back one year wiser.
  6. 2018 Draft Picks, and where they stand today

    I'm not sure I understand why UDFAs should be included in the overall grade, but even if they are; how would this class be considered that far above average (C is average imo) in terms of use of resources?
  7. 2018 Draft Picks, and where they stand today

    A top heavy class that has a chance to boast two future team cornerstones in Huges and O'niel, but outside of that things are pretty rough. Two players are already off the roster; Aruna and Downs will fighting some tough competition for their spots this off-season and the Irv Smith selection is sizable indictment on Conklins future. If Downs is a reliable backup and valuable special teamer the team gains a greater return on their investment. Aruna is the dark horse to make this class shine, which isn't to say I think this will or will not happen, but if he pulls a Steven Weatherly (or better) that will provide a notable improvement to the hindsight view of this class. The only remaining player is Holmes, who I have some hope for, but its pretty hard to say at this point what he'll be. The team not seeming to prioritize DT in this years draft is potentially a positive sign toward his outlook, but that can also be said of a few other players in the position group (or just simply isn't the case) If he is a notable contributor in a rotation at 3T that's a nice boost for the overall look at the class and if he is to somehow win the inevitable competition for the starting spot (in more than just a nominal sense too) then that would push this class to an overly solid level if not bordering on great. Lots of "if" there but given the weight of impact that two, maybe three, of those players could have it has a chance to be a well regarded class even if the later rounds didn't pan out so well.
  8. How well did the NFC North draft?

    that makes him a reach, him being a safety makes it a poor value Personal opinion on him, but I don't think he's good. Simple as that, so poor selection based on my own evaluation, but even by consensus rankings it was a reach. I said they were solid selections, but the impact of your draft is still going to be felt in the early rounds and imo the Packers didnt do well.
  9. The 2019 Minnesota Vikings Draft Class

    @Ozzy hey no apologies needed for your hobby! I didnt mean to implicate that you're too obsessed or something. I just wonder if you're splitting hairs between similarly graded prospects, maybe because you're only ranking players vertically or something along those lines. But by all means keep pursuing the hobby man, keep refining your process and getting better. Especially in todays day and age when you can actually make money from home with this stuff.
  10. How well did the NFC North draft?

    The Packers draft is laughable imo. Gary is far more bust then boom and the safety was both poor value and a reach. The guard and TE were solid picks.
  11. The 2019 Minnesota Vikings Draft Class

    Do you think it's possible you're getting a little too wrapped up in your personal evaluations and loosing the forest for the trees? What does your process look like? Do you assign grades to each player or are things a little more open ended? I'm curious because you consistently bring up the idea of having taken X player over Y Vikings selection, but are you missing the idea that X and Y had the same value for the Vikings but Y helped their spelling a little more?
  12. The 2019 Minnesota Vikings Draft Class

    Becoming a father really moved the line on what's important in life, and I began looking at football and sports in general from the vantage point you're taking about. Which really changed things and made being a fan infinitely more enjoyable.
  13. The 2019 Minnesota Vikings Draft Class

    No has said the cap situation is a non issue, just that it can be mitigated.... easily (to a degree). Your opinion that Joseph is overpaid is a laughable one and using the pro bowl as a measuring stike is questionable but on its own is a fair point. The teams last few drafts are an odd evaluation. They have struggled to find high impact, immediate contributors (pro bowlers), especially in the early rounds, but have done a commendable job of finding role players later on. The early pics have either been more slow burn players who have taken time to develop (Waynes, Mack, possibly Johnson), have dealt with injuries (cook and Huges), or just weren't good (Treadwell). Huges and O'niel are incompletes atm, but early looks are promising. So while it's frustrating that the team hasn't produces immediate impact players with those high end assets and that has certainly contributed to the team underachieving the last few years, when looking at the roster in 2019 and beyond the development or potential development of these players leaves the team with a lot of young players who could have a lot to say about the team's Superbowl prospects for 2019 and 2020.
  14. The 2019 Minnesota Vikings Draft Class

    You're fabricating problems here. Yeah sure Hunter could ask for money, but...he hasn't and it doesn't seem like a reasonable thing to project happening. And yeah sure they could cut Joseph, but why? Again you're creating a problem that doesn't actually exist. They are facing the same problem a lot of good teams face when they're in the middle of a championship window, which is paying young players. The reason this problem exist? They're already paying good players they've developed. See the theme here? The team has a strong track record of devolving talent, so at a certain point you have to lean on that because not everyone can be paid, nor should that be the goal. The team is at a point where reloading and continued development needs to be their focus (as does finding a QB replacement after cousin but that a separate issue somewhat). Players emerge, players develop, answers that you weren't expecting can appear. The team has already set themselves up with several potential answers to future problems. I.e. Holton Hill and Mike Huges to replace Waynes and Mack; a host of young players on the DL who will have a chance to prove themselves; and so on. If these players dont answer the bell that's ok, because these are 2020 and beyond problems, at lot can change by then, but giving players a chance to prove themselves is good idea because resources are finite. Key players are the ones that you extent and keep on the team and they have already done a lot of that. If there are more players who fit that designation (Alexander), the money can be created and moved around as other posters have already demonstrated, you just dont want to accept the answer.
  15. 2019 NFL Draft: Day 3 - Rounds 4, 5, 6, & 7

    Went for the value play with the long snapper