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  1. 2018 Vikings Prospects - An Early Look

    How realistic is 1st- Wynn (OG) 2nd- Justin Reid (S) 3rd- Mo Hurst (3T) Cause that'd be a dream
  2. BAZINGA! Sheldon is ours! (1 yr, $11 mil, p. 11)

    Right. I don't think it's entirely unlikely. It really depends on the structure of the contracts. I do hope the Vikings can extend at least one of them this off-season but we'll see
  3. BAZINGA! Sheldon is ours! (1 yr, $11 mil, p. 11)

    If there agents are worth a damn tho they tell Hunter and Diggs to keep the pen off the offer sheet. It would be fairly transparent to anyone that the Vikings are just trying to retain them for cheap. Of course, they should still pursue this option, i just find it unlikely that either ones agent would advise them to sign.
  4. Free agency reset — Wave 2

    Wouldn't be surprised if Hurst has a pretty decent fall and is available day 2, would make a lot of sense at that point
  5. BAZINGA! Sheldon is ours! (1 yr, $11 mil, p. 11)

    A boy can dream right? I mean between trading or releasing players like Murray, Wright, and Robison they should be able to find some room. And Dejo becomes a major trade asset in the event that the honey badger is a Viking. I wonder if there are any vets who would be willing to restructure to free up some cap room? Rudy, Harry?
  6. 2018 Vikings Draft Prospects - Offensive Line

    Same. There simply isn't a precedant for an O linemen succeeding in the NFL with that poor of a combine. Make excuses or scream about tape is all that matters, and keep your outliers.
  7. 2018 Free Agents

    This would make me unbelievably happy
  8. 2018 Free Agents

    Hi Straw Man....nice to see you
  9. 2018 Free Agents

    Nice... "my salt" is an entirely justifiable position that Cousins is more or less a lateral move from CK, SB and TB. Its a position that is shared by many others as well. Be careful of putting words in my mouth. I said in the Cousins thread that while I'm skeptical, I'll remain optimistic. This is because I can see a way that the teams current plan turns positive. In fact I don't think it's even that unrealistic. However my big concern with over paying Cousins is the team's current lack of flexibility to add veteran talent through FA. Something their competition is hard at work doing. This could leave the Vikings in the dust, it's something I'm worried about and its just my personal opinion that the team being so gung ho about signing Cousins is a move that reeks of desperation and cowardness. They are so sick of worrying about QBs that they over focused on signing A Guy instead on The Guy. In the current iteration of the NFL your QB either needs to be great or cheap. Cousins is neither. ....I'm open to being wrong
  10. 2018 Free Agents

    Everyone else is getting better while we overpaid for a lateral move at QB
  11. The 2018 Kirk Cousins Megathread

    Brady, Brees, Rodgers, Wilson, Big Ben, Stafford, Rivers, Newton and Ryan are all easily ahead. Not even that debatable Guys like Prescott, Watson, Wentz, Mahomes and Goff dont have enough of a resume to be sure, but I personally would take at least three of these guys over Cousins. Cousins is debatably the best of the mediocre, replaceable QBs (Dalton, Bradford, Tyrod, Flacco, Foles, Smith, Keenum blah blah...blah)
  12. The 2018 Kirk Cousins Megathread

    Lets face it, Teddy blowing up his knee was seismic and really sucked for this organization (and obviously Teddy most of all) Here's to hoping Kirk can right that ship, I'm skeptical, but....hopeful I guess
  13. What QB Do We Want Going Into 2018?

    Not saying it's untrue, but Andy is a fantasy analyst. As in a Joe Schmoe who started a podcast with 2 buddies, fantasy analyst...not exactly an NFL insider. Ps- it's a very good and entertaining podcastv called the Fantasy Footballers Podcast
  14. 2018 Vikings Draft Prospects - Quarterback

    I'm gonna hit yall with something wild, that no one will agree with....I'd take Rudolph over Mayfield ....yep don't worry I wont show my face in here any more