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  1. Evaluating & Projecting The Roster

    I agree with your roster predictions almost entirely. I would add that I think Mata'afa will find his way onto the 53 man roster. The battle between Whetherly, Bower, Odenigbo, Aruna and Mata'afa will be an interesting one. I really believe both Hughes and O'Neill will be starters this year. Hughes will likely push out Alexander as the NCB. And O'Neill's game film has really impressed me and I believe he has a good chance to push out Hill as the starting RT (or LT and Rieff moves to RT).
  2. Vikings select...Tyler Conklin, TE, Central Michigan

    Really don't understand what happened with him, was pumped when we got him. Like Conklin a lot tho, good pick.
  3. 2018 NFL Draft Thread - Day 3

    Who are some RB and TE names to look out for? Still am interested in the team taking a chance on Hurst, but it's quite clear at this point there some serious medical concerns.
  4. 2018 NFL Draft Thread - Day 3

    I'm really starting to hate the Eagles
  5. 2018 NFL Draft Thread - Day 3

    I mean they upgraded their cornerback room and got OT who could start right away. Not much to say about Holmes personally but it was the right position
  6. Vikings select...Brian O’Neill, OT, Pittsburgh

    Excellent post Sem I was blown away watching O'Neill and how technically sound he is. Does not look like a guy who has only played the position a few years (like say....Clemmings did). He looks like an OT when he's playing, which is an important degree of separation, imo, between inexperienced and raw. I find it very encouraging that he has picked up technical concepts quick enough that he has been able to play both tackle positions and never looked lost.
  7. 2018 NFL Draft Thread - Day 3

    Some combination of: Crosby/Jones/Teller And Sweat/Hercules Would be ideal imo
  8. 2018 NFL Draft Thread - Day 2

    Hmmmm? Size/weight seems to more relevant than his actual functional strength. only just started watching some cut ups this morning, but from a strength perspective he seems legit to me. At least relative to his size (still a little light for an OT)
  9. 2018 NFL Draft Thread - Day 2

    Looking at who's still available (lots of talented players imo) Josh Sweat needs to be the pick if available. He fits a need and similarly to Hunter when he was drafted he projects as a player who will have a better nfl career than CFB. Don't know much about Crosby, but plenty here seem to like him and double dipping on OTs ain't a bad idea. Does he have some medical concerns? Edit: seems rp's post answered the question regarding Crosby
  10. 2018 NFL Draft Thread - Day 2

    PJ Hall? Man I didn't see a lazy player at all
  11. 2018 NFL Draft Thread - Day 2

    Not gonna lie, I'll be pretty happy if they draft Hurst, even if they do need a OT/OG
  12. 2018 NFL Draft Thread - Day 2

    You're really playing with some long odds if you're the Vikings and you take Brown on the premise of his poor combine being a blessing in disguise. It was historically bad and the data points for linemen having successful careers with similar combine performances (albeit technically better)....well there aren't many
  13. 2018 NFL Draft Thread - Day 2

    Totally ignorant of the remaining OLmen left but preference is obviously good value there, if not available: Hurst or Sweat please
  14. 2018 NFL Draft Thread - Day 2

    Man this forum is going to implode of Mo Hurst is the pick this round
  15. 2018 Vikings Draft Prospects - Defensive Line

    I watched him a little and I'll say this for sure, the athleticism is apparent. He is very explosive off the line, he moves well and is very strong. However from what I saw, he needs to be better with his hands, lots of work to be done there. He was a tough study tho because in the games I watched (only two) he was asked to play out of position. In 2016 he played exclusively as an edge player, which is just absurd, and I the 2017 game he played mostly as a 1 tech. Long story short, there is definitely something there, but he needs some coaching and personally i think he should probably play around more of a 285-290 weight given his height