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  1. If we trade Njoku or are resigned to the fact that he’s gonna be gone after this coming season, I would love to get Tommy Tremble. That dude is a beast in the mold of a George Kittle.
  2. Yeah why not give him a shot? Absolute freak show.
  3. Just died. Thanks a lot dude. I’m gonna miss her. Glad u felt it necessary to desecrate her good name. Died doing what she loved. 9 strangers.
  4. Better than Kuechly? I feel like Parson’s best tape isn’t better than Kuechly’s worst. Also, they don’t play the same position. Parsons is a freak athlete that will play WILL, or better yet, SAM. He can’t play ILB. He’s god awful at reading and looks lost in coverage, even though he clearly had upside to be elite there. He’s more like a Jamie Collins kind of LBer. Maddening to watch at times, but makes wow plays based on his abilities. Kuechly was steady as can be, but also made impact plays. Kuechly wrecked everyone in college. Made fools look stupid. Parsons was not an impact player for PSU
  5. Ok but who do you think the Ravens will draft next year #3 overall? Gotta be a QB, right?
  6. Joseph Ossai is poop compared to Rousseau and Phillips. One of them to Cleveland...or Farley, if you ask me.
  7. I just feel like this year, nothing lines up to be surprising. Teams have very specific needs and the needs match the boards almost perfectly. The only team I could see being a wild card is the Broncos and Panthers. Carolina could go in a few directions and Denver, assuming they don’t trade back, could end up being a surprise. Maybe Barmore or a linebacker not named Parsons to those two squads? Darrisaw? Cosmi? Again, I think that’d be nuts, but everyone else seems to have a supremely obvious no-brainer pick.
  8. Justin Hall WR Ball State Paddy Fisher MLB Nothwestern Dillon Stoner WR Oklahoma State Isaiahh Loudermilk DT Wisconsin Lorenzo Neal DT Purdue off the top of my head.
  9. Oh I'd take Samuel over Melifonwu too, but he'll be long gone. Might not be there when we pick, even.
  10. 1st: Gregory Rousseau DE Miami Fl. 2nd: Ifeatu Melifonwu CB Syracuse 3rd: Chaz Surratt WLB North Carolina 3rd: Tommy Togiai DT Ohio State 4th: Tylan Wallace WR Oklahoma State 4th: Tamorrion Terry WR Florida State 5th: Garrett Wallow WLB TCU 6th: Paddy Fisher MLB Northwestern 7th: Lorenzo Neal DT Purdue UDFA: Justin Hall WR Ball State *2022 WR Depth Chart: #1: Tylan Wallace #2: Rashard Higgins #3: Tamorrion Terry #4: Donovan Peoples-Jones #5: Khadarel Hodge #6: Justin Hall ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Cheap. We wouldn't have a true #1 unless Terr
  11. Yeah this is the last year of both OBJ and Landry, methinks. Unless they take massive pay cuts, they won't be back. We don't need them, to be honest. We can replace them with relative ease for a fraction of the cost. In this offensive system, you need the OL in place and then the rest of the offensive roster can kind of be pieced together...especially if you have the QB in place. That's the beauty of this scheme. Any RB/WR/TE can have success, so long as they're disciplined and know how to play within the scheme.
  12. It is. Clowney is the rental for 1 year. Rousseau and Garrett are the future...in my wet dream.
  13. That’s a bad take. As the biggest Miami honk alive, I’ve watched them all extensively. Rousseau is best in class, followed by Phillips, followed by Roche. Rousseau is far and away the most versatile. He’s got great pass rush moves, as does Phillips. He doesn’t play as hard as Phillips does on a down-by-down basis, but he’s unblockable by pretty much any one guy in CFB. Rousseau’s length is a nightmare to deal with and it constantly shows up on tape. Phillips is the all-around stud that doesn’t take plays off. He plays hard and uses his hands better than any edge in this class, by far
  14. Lol he played fine in the Bama game. They rarely ever ran his way. He was great at squeezing down the back side gaps and setting a hard edge to prevent the RB from getting outside. I don’t even love Ojulari, but he’s not Barkevious Mingo levels of suck against the run.
  15. Wut? He’s 100% a great fit as a 3-4 OLB. Also, despite his size, he’s actually effective against the run when he’s not playing against a TE. I was ok with your picks, but this format hurt my brain.
  16. Baker was great last year. He deserves a big extension right now. He had 1 bad year with a complete fool for a HC. Baker is the guy.
  17. Not that this should make everyone feel warm and fuzzy about Phillips, but DE is one of the safer positions to play in terms of concussions. At least he’s not a skill player or a LB/DB. The hits in space are what causes the most brain-rattling hits. I know concussions can happen anywhere and they do occur more frequently after issues, but he could easily have a healthy 10-12 year career. With his talent, I gamble.
  18. The reason I like Rousseau is because we can play him inside with Clowney and Garrett on the edges. Yikes...
  19. JOK is better than Simmons IMO. Give me JOK because he’s got elite instincts. Simmons is much more physically impressive, but JOK is a superior player and prospect IMO. I was never a big Simmons fan. I think Parsons compares more to Simmons than JOK does.
  20. Devonta Smith has the same grade as Lawrence does from me, not factoring in positional importance. He’s an incredible prospect and yeah, if he inexplicably slides, go get him.
  21. Yeah. Pick 257 is useless. Jackson is great in zone.
  22. He has shown the ability to bend the edge a little bit. It’s not his go-to, but he’s beaten OT’s with speed in almost every game. He’s a finesse rusher with his rip/swims, but he doesn’t get low and bend around the corner like Garrett. That’s fine with me, as long as he can stack a TE in a base front and then abuse guards inside on passing downs.
  23. No, but he was unquestionably the best player on the best team. And was unquestionably the most dominant player on the field in big games. In every game, for that matter. He made good players look like absolute hot garbage. It’s not a guarantee that he’ll be a stud, but why would weight all of a sudden matter in the NFL, when dudes he played against were the same size as NFL players? It’s not like he was torching small DBs and couldn’t beat a physical press.
  24. Tavon Austin dominated great college teams en route to a National Championship? No offense, but it shouldn’t be hard to notice the difference between Smith and Austin. Smith uses quicks and unbelievable route running to get open. Austin was a gadget player.
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