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  1. Rookies of the year

    This is a real post?
  2. State of our team

    I know we suck and have committed fully to the tank, but what franchise QB do you know of who's offense consistently puts up terrible numbers like that? This is rookie type futility, like how are we that bad. Again , I'm not blaming solely Carr. Just saying at a certain point, no matter how bad the team is around you, a franchise QB will rise up and produce more than that. Becoming clear that Carr is a limited QB who doesn't elevate players.
  3. GDT: Chargers @ Raiders

    So Carr needs an elite oline and now elite playmakers to produce.
  4. Amari Cooper has fixed Dak!

    And he's only 24 and already elite at creating separation. Dude is going to be great for a long time.
  5. State of our team

    Every time Mark Davis opens his mouth It is cringeworthy. Just embarrassing
  6. GDT: Chargers @ Raiders

    Might have another retirement on our hands haha this is just hilarious now.
  7. GDT: Chargers @ Raiders

    And then show the receiver up like he always does.
  8. GDT: Chargers @ Raiders

    Carr is a turnover machine now
  9. GDT: Chargers @ Raiders

    That's on Carr. Gotta protect the ball
  10. Around the league v.1.0

    They have had one of the weakest schedules so far I can ever remember. And they still have the lions twice, 49ers and Giants
  11. Around the league v.1.0

    Let's go
  12. Around the league v.1.0

    Dak is really the epitome of average
  13. MNF GDT: Titans vs. Cowboys

    How did Dak only throw 4 ints his rookie year with awful decision making like that
  14. Around the league v.1.0

    #2 wr
  15. MNF GDT: Titans vs. Cowboys

    Watch Amari have a Khalil Mack vs packers type game lol