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  1. Still dont really know how good we are, but the past two weeks we've looked how a good team is supposed to look against two bad teams.
  2. Titans have always given KC hell it seems. They are putting it on them.
  3. Happy with the win. My biggest takeaway from this game, however, is the Broncos suck.
  4. Waller has had a meh season so far. Would love to see him go off. Always seems to have a big game at Denver.
  5. Mark Davis would be the biggest fool in the league if keeping Carr will be a stipulation for the new coach lol.
  6. We we're headed towards another mediocre season any way. Oh well. At least the collapse can begin earlier this year. The man ruined any chance to ever be associated with the NFL again. I know that will pain him to his core.
  7. and I dont ever want to see those stats people pull up comparing Crosby to Mack again
  8. This is an 7-8 win team at best. Could easily finish last in the AFC west.
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