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  1. What is your REALISTIC expectation for this year?

    I think we're a 7 to 9 win ballclub, same as we truly were in 2016 when the ball just bounced our way in close games that year. The defense should be slightly improved thanks to Gunther, but still bad. Not enough talent on that side of the ball. Offense should be better, but we have a lot of question marks. The biggest one being is who is the real DC. Is he the MVP candidate of 2016 or is he the timid, scary QB we saw last year that is on par with the Andy Dalton's and Ryan Tannehills of the world.
  2. Random Raider Stuff

    I see him as a minimal talent as a WR but a good special teams player/gadget guy. Funny how we had the best special team/gadget type guy in the league and traded him to the pats
  3. Random Raider Stuff

    Marquette a fool for that lol
  4. Raiders Fear Suspension for WR Martavis Bryant

    as everyone should be. to trade a third rounder for a guy with bryants off field history, his diva like antics, inconsistencies on the field and only one year remaining on his deal was absolutely moronic and many of us said it at the time of the trade. and now it blows up in their face not even two months later..can't do nothing but laugh.
  5. Raiders trade for Martavius Bryant

    Dez Bryant? Lol...
  6. Raiders trade for Martavius Bryant

    I didn't think the Arizona-Josh Rosen trade could look any worse for us...but boy was I wrong At least Aldon Smith didn't cost us anything...
  7. Raiders Fear Suspension for WR Martavis Bryant

    Hi Dez
  8. Raiders trade for Martavius Bryant

    We rightfully deserved to be ridiculed if dude does end up suspended. A third rounder was absolutely ridiculous for a guy with Bryant's history.
  9. Jordy Nelson signed. Crabtree cut.

    I agree with you. I just had a problem with the poster saying Nelson is our "unquestioned #1" . I do think, however, Nelson should be the go to guy in the redzone. He has feasted his entire career there, and we need someone to be Carrs go to guy to replace Crabs. Bryant and Cooper, to this point, havent been big redzone guys.
  10. Jordy Nelson signed. Crabtree cut.

    No way is Jordy our #1 over Cooper. Another thing, I'm getting sick of all the cliches with Jordy Nelson. "A true professional", "A hard worker", "A coach on the field" "Great Locker room guy"......bottom line is can he still produce. I saw a guy who looked near done last year. His greatest remaining asset was his chemistry with Rodgers and that's over with now. I dont think he will match Crabtrees production
  11. Jordy Nelson signed. Crabtree cut.

    Coop was a ghost last year and definitely disappointed, but when virtually every one of our offensive players regressed under Downing - it's hard to single him out. Carr was downright bad alot of weeks, Crabtree had one of his worst years, the offensive line play took several steps back etc. We had one of the most simplistic, uncreative offenses in the league that failed to put any of our players in positions to succeed. Louis Reddick, Kurt Warner was on record saying he'd never seen anything like it. We barely ran playaction for Christs sakes. Im not using last year as a referendum on any of our players who have produced for us in the past. There is a reason why our current coaches essentially came in an threw the tape out from last year on both sides of the ball. Coaching matters alot in this league whether you want to admit it or not. You say Coop has had a "underwhelming career" but before last years trainwreck of a season, his numbers were generally on par with alot of the top tier WRs entering their third year. Deandre Hopkins first two years - 128 Rec, 2012 Yards, 8 TDs. Julio Jones - 133 Rec, 2157 Yards, 18 TDs Dez Bryant - 108 Rec, 1489 Yards, 15 TDs Mike Evans - 142 Rec, 2257 Yards, 15 TDs Antonio Brown first 3 years - 151 Rec, 2062 Yards, 7 TDs Amari Cooper - 155 Rec, 2223 Yards, 11 TDs That's really not "underwhelming" at all. Coop posted those type of numbers while being the #2 option on the team. He wasn't out of this world amazing but he was defintely trending upward. Im not saying it's unfair to question if Cooper will ever become a bonafide #1 but the kid is still 23 years old. 23! He has all the time in the world to grow and get better and build his body up so that he can avoid the late season injuries that cause him to fade off. I am very excited to see him in a different offense. Even when he was producing under Musgrave, I still thought he was being under utilized. He has the type of skillset that needs to be used all around the formations. He's not just a slot "randall cobb type" player that you keep trying to pigeon hole him into beause he's under 6'3
  12. Dream Team 2.0 in the LA Rams. Talib/Peters, Suh/Donald, Brandin Cooks addition - it will all be interesting to see how it plays out. I think it will either go really well or really catastrophically bad, no in-between. Kirk Cousins in Minny - How will he handle the pressures of QBing for a team that if you don't make it to the superbowl - it will be viewed as a disappointment. He got paid, he has legit weapons everywhere, his defense is great - There is no excuse for him not to elevate the team the next level barring injury. Mahomes and Sammy Watkins - Technically, Mahomes isn't a new addition but he redshirted last year so Ill throw him in there. I hate the Chiefs with a passion but I am really anxious to see Mahomes play, a guy I loved as a prospect. His unorthodox style, gunslinging mentality, howitzer of an arm, ability to create something out of nothing when a play goes to hell will be fun to watch. Watkins and Tyreek Hill will probably be the fastest starting duo of WRs in the league. Andy Reid is going to have a ball. This offense is going to be a terror on defenses
  13. Jordy Nelson signed. Crabtree cut.

    Not sexy at all...I've never seen a raider uni look bad on someone before but 😏
  14. Jordy Nelson signed. Crabtree cut.

    Jordy looks hella weird in a Raider uni
  15. Breakout Players 2018

    Exactly. Amari is not the type of talent where he barely cracks 1000 yards and you're satisfied with it. Because if you watch him, you know he's capable of so much more. He has the upside to be a top 10 guy in the league easily. He leaves alot of plays on the field, his body hasn't been able to hold up in the second halves of seasons, and the offenses he has played in have failed to fully utilize his abilities. Carr also favored Crabtree over Cooper, so Amari will be the undisputed #1 guy this year and Gruden has already stated he'll be one of the main centerpieces of the offense.