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  1. lol and you're perhaps the biggest joke poster on this website nobody takes you seriously, not even the biggest Carr supporters. I don't even think Frankie would say Carr is better then Mahomes, and Frankie is pregnant with Carr's baby. I have praised Carr all year and acknowledged the improvements he's made in his game. I have been critical of Carr in the past but I don't have an agenda to push like you, so I can praise him when he's elevating and evolving his game.
  2. Yup. Hard to criticize the offense tonight but when playing Mahomes, you have to literally be almost perfect. The most important thing when playing Mahomes is time and possession of the football. He's going to score, but you have to limit the time he has. Even though we ended up scoring on that last drive, the Ingold drops were huge because we allowed them to preserve their timeouts. The Algholar drop was even bigger as we were coming off a rare stop of their O. Carr was game tonight. He showed he can go toe toe with the best. I can't believe how much he's improved.
  3. Didn't expect much from the defense but my God they showed no resistance at all. Fire PG on his birthday. Carr was literally perfect. The drops killed us.
  4. Good game. I know it's Mahomes but Our defense is straight trash. Absolutely no resistance. Offense was great but we made our fair share of mistakes to cost us that game.
  5. Crosby can't contain an edge at all. I like him but he's definitely overrated
  6. Can't overstate how big that INT was for the Raiders chances
  7. I know we like giving Jacobs a breather here and there but dude is almost automatic in the redzone. Get him in there and give him the ball.
  8. Damn. Joyner gets alot of flack and alot if it's deserved, but this isn't the game I would've picked for him to miss..going up against the leagues best QB.
  9. True. You think Shroeder and Trez both still come off the bench?
  10. Out of nowhere signing. Lakers have obviously chosen to sacrifice defense for a better offense.
  11. Doubt if we win it'll be the same way with Carr bombing them. I think this is a Josh Jacobs game. Dude has been rolling the last 3 weeks, I would love to see that continue. 25+ carries for him and 10 for Booker would be ideal. Can't settle for FGs against them. Gruden can't coach conservative. Gotta be way better in the RZ. Waller needs to break out of his slump and match what Kelce is going to do to our defense. Ruggs had a huge impact on the 1st game by just his presence alone. Would love to see more designed plays and fakes for him. Their defense last time was terrified of him getting the ball and rightfully so.
  12. Kings are a joke. And I say that as a Sacramento native. What a steal for Milwaukee. I'm pissed.
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