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  1. Kelce and Kittle are more well rounded and they score more TDs. Hopefully we are able to get Waller in the endzone more this year. Last night was a start. Crazy how the AFC West has 3 of the top 5 TEs in the league with Hunter Henry. Fant in Denver is looking pretty good, too.
  2. Basically, get ready to finish 2nd place in the division this year. 😉
  3. Good Gruden - Best game I've seen him call as coach. Very happy he had this team ready to play and liked that we showed fight after getting punched in the mouth early. DC - From the 2nd Q on, he was very good. Spread the ball around alot but also kept exploiting the mismatch that is Darren Waller. He has started this season looking as crisp and comfortable as he has in years. Let's keep it up. Waller - What is there to say. The guy is a superstar and I was happy to see we finally got him the ball in the redzone. Jacobs - The grit and heart this kid plays with is infectious. Not a great day statistically but Jacobs is always as entertaining to watch to play. Special. Tom Cable - Had the rookie Simpson ready to play and Denzel Good ready to go as well. Oline gave up 3 sacks but I would blame Carr for at least two. The Stadium - I'm a northern cali guy so I was initially salty with the move, but man seeing that beautiful building warmed my heart. State of the art. Carlson - Nice start to his season after a shaky year last year. Bad Carr's deep throws to Ruggs, missing him on the play action. Dline. Clelin Ferrell is a bust. Nassib looks like a bad investment. Crosby is a complimentary rusher, which is fine, but he doesn't look as twitchy this year. Maybe got too big. We are the worst Dline in the league once again. Morrow. Besides that gift from Brees man is he bad. Tackling was piss poor Richard fumble Ref's missing the elbow to Carr's head
  4. Carr elevated his game against a good team. Im impressed. Im a happy fan tonight. Gruden with his best game as coach
  5. Crazy to think Bal at one point had Mark Andrews, Hayden Hurst, Nick Boyle and Waller on their team.
  6. Im loving this. Knew itd be a shootout. Looks like Carr is up to the task tonight
  7. Big time 2nd quarter from Carr. Let's see if we can keep it up second half
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