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  1. Raiders Pick at 11

    Ceedee is the pick if he's there
  2. Raiders sign QB Marcus Mariota (2 years, $17.6 M)

    I can already hear the "Well his WR core was super young and inexperienced. Give DC and his young WRs 1-2 more years to grow together!" excuses.
  3. Raiders sign QB Marcus Mariota (2 years, $17.6 M)

    Same. Wont be sold on whoever wins this supposed "QB battle". Ive seen enough of both QBs to confidently say neither one is the long term answer. Meh
  4. Panthers releasing QB Cam Newton

    And its funny how people just assume Cam's mobility is all of a sudden going to be Tom Brady-esque. If hes smart, he will no longer be running people over or be used as the teams Goaline back. 😒But the guy will always be able to move. He has the gift of improvisation that you can't teach. He will always be able to make plays with his legs. Maybe he won't rush for 500-700 like he used to but he will always be able to make plays with his feet inside and outside the pocket.
  5. Panthers releasing QB Cam Newton

    Last time he was healthy, i remember him leading the Panthers to a comeback win in Philly against the defending super bowl champs at the time. Had that team at 6-3 before TJ Watt wrecked his shoulder. Before that hit he was on pace to have by far his best passing statistical year. The year before that, he led the Panthers to 11-5 and had Drew Brees and the Saints on the ropes in the playoffs. The demise of Cam Newton has been greatly exaggerated. He's been one of the most hated players since his college days and im sure there are alot of folks who enjoying in this rough patch in his career.
  6. Rams new logo unveiled

    So thats three LA franchises who use the "LAC"
  7. Rams new logo unveiled

    The Lambs ...yikes
  8. Raiders sign WR Nelson Agholor

    Wouldnt be shocked if he's this years Ryan Grant/JJ Nelson. Guys who have had some success in the league but ultimately dont last here. Meh signing...we'll see
  9. Jake Locker kinda sucked in college but his physical skills pushed him up. Never had high hopes for him. His accuracy was terrible. Mariota was a god in college. His pedigree was as good as it gets. Personally i never really foresaw a franchise QB in him. The guy i really always compared him to was Alex Smith. Maybe he can still turn into a poor mans version of that we'll see
  10. Karl Joseph signs 1-year deal with Browns

    Gruden wanted to get rid of everybody Reggie McKenzie picked.
  11. Seahawks sign DE Bruce Irvin

    That's who he is. A guy who quietly puts up his numbers and then you look back after the year like "wow he had 7 plus sacks!?" . He's not a great pass rusher at all but he makes his splash plays. Ideally he is your 3rd or maybe 4th guy rushing the passer but he is still a solid all around, master of none type player with plus leadership skills.
  12. Karl Joseph signs 1-year deal with Browns

    To me he's better at FS. Looked decent last year before getting hurt. Big hitter. Not a playmaker. Not good in coverage especially when matched up against TEs. His small frame just doesn't allow him to match up with them. Can play special teams. He was a bust but a really good guy and hopefully he can last in this league.
  13. New Derek Carr thread

    I know who mike gundy is. Ima still call you a kid with the numerous outlandish stuff u post. Kyler Murray will be out of the league too right Now you on here talking about politics
  14. FA 2020

    This is my hopeful last big move we make. Slay been that dude.
  15. New Derek Carr thread

    😂 Yeah whatever you say kid.