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  1. What % do you think Carr would shoot?
  2. Lot of Tony Ferguson influence in his style, too. Reyes was game af, but Jiri is insane. Holy smokes
  3. Dont know much about him, but the he does resemble Chancellor very much. Safety play has been put on notice by Bradley.
  4. Who wouldn't love to have Rodgers. However, personality wise, he's the Kyrie Irving of the NFL. Talented but super weird guy.
  5. The Giants got the bears 1st and 4th next year for the Bears to move to #11 to get Fields. We got the Cardinals 3rd and 5th, iirc, for them to come up to #10 and get Rosen. 🤣 The draft has been a freaking **** show since Gruden has got here. With Reggie, it was awful, too. We literally have the most out of the loop, illogical FO there is when it comes to draft logic and value.
  6. 6 first round picks in 3 years and no franchise cornerstones to show for it. Absolutely pathetic.
  7. My interest in this team is dwindling ever year. I barely even care just laugh
  8. I'm taking Farley and crossing my fingers he stays healthy
  9. Wouldn't be surprised if they took Darishaw. Bookend with Becton to protect their new QB
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