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  1. Random Raider Stuff

    Pretty stats dont mean anything when you suck in the redzone, cant get the offense started in the 2nd half of games, cant beat a good team to save your life and when you year after year prove you cant function against the cream of the crop of our division in KC. They make him look pitiful every year. Especially in KC when its cold. Look up USC vs Fresno St 2014 and tell me thats not how Carr looks every year vs KC. Self destruction at it's finest.
  2. Patriots sign QB Cam Newton

    Yup. Cam never really relied on having a top tier receiver. They got rid of Steve Smith early on in Newtons career. Then after that his best WR was probably 250 pound Kelvin Benjamin? Despite that, he still was effective.
  3. Around The League V.2

    Cams best year came with Teddy Ginn and Jericho Cottrey as his two best receivers. Not saying that hes primed to do that again, but he's never been a QB who has relied on top tier weapons to be effective in the past. His presence alone will make their running game way more effective. Ball control offense, with that defense and coach - yea I could see them winning 10 games if he's healthy.
  4. Patriots sign QB Cam Newton

    Would he be the first African American QB to start in team history? Oh wait no forgot about Jacoby Brisett
  5. Patriots fined and docked draft pick for sideline filming incident

    The NCAA has post season bowl game or Basketball tourney bans, right? I think the NFL should've liked banned NE from postseason. This is ridiculous at this point.
  6. Patriots sign QB Cam Newton

    Meanwhile Nick Foles out here signing 90 million dollar contracts based off something he did before Newton quote "fell off"
  7. -$1.1 million in club fines. -Loss of 2021 third-round pick. -Patriots’ TV crews not allowed to shoot games during 2020 season https://mobile.twitter.com/AdamSchefter/status/1277394412411260930 Thoughts? Justified or?
  8. Patriots sign QB Cam Newton

    We'll get to see how good Josh McDaniel's really is. With all the recent success of mobile QBs, I hope Josh with his ego doesn't try to pigeon hole Newton into the Brady offense. Josh has always seemed like a "my way or the highway" type guy.
  9. Patriots sign QB Cam Newton

    If he's healthy, Cam Is still a top 15 QB. It's funny how quickly we forget dude was on pace to have his best passing season in 2018 before TJ Watt wrecked his shoulder. The year before that, he led the Panthers to the playoffs and epically dueled back and forth with Brees in New Orleans. Newton's demise has been greatly exaggerated because he's not well liked. Tried to bury this man.
  10. Patriots sign QB Cam Newton

    Lets Goo!! I'm a cam fan this is great
  11. Random Raider Stuff

    In the past, Carr has made his stance clear on not kneeling. He, as many other did, automatically associated it to out of respect for the military. I'm just glad he didn't bring it up this week, with all the crap that has been going on lately. We know how you feel and it's fine but this wasn't the week to reiterate it like Brees did. Brees was really tone deaf with his statements, which is surprising for a guy as smart and image conscious as he has been throughout his career. So even though I'm sure Carr feels very similarly to Brees, I'm glad he didn't restate it this week when a community of people are hurting. Very same community that makes up over 70% of the league and are the best players.
  12. The MMA Thread | Yas Island (UAE) is Fight Island

    The alpha ginger lol. Even though he ran out of gas that was fun to watch
  13. The QB Thread: Everything Carr, Mariota and beyond

    Mariotas last full season starting he had like 13 TDs to 15 Ints, which is very EJ Manuel-ish or worse. Really only had one decent season in his career. Gets hurt every year. Just like Carr, ever since he got hurt he is a different player. He hasn't proven to be a good player yet.
  14. Player Appreciation Thread

    Already the 2nd best player on our team behind Rodney Hudson. Stud.
  15. The QB Thread: Everything Carr, Mariota and beyond

    Lol I doubt it. If anything, we'd replace Carr with Mariota in the redzone. Doesn't MM have some all time great stats in the redzone. He's good in the redzone but cheeks everywhere else.