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  1. I'm good with how he plays. And It's not like he doesn't elude tacklers at all. See his 2nd TD vs the Jets. I don't expect him to play like george kittle. He is a former WR after all.
  2. Better than targeting Richard 80+ times like he did one year.
  3. 3 straight years of being bottom 5 in the league in terms of WR targets, if the numbers I am looking at are correct. We barely threw the ball more to our WRs last year than the Ravens, who are perhaps the most run heavy team in the modern era.
  4. Amari Cooper and Crabtree were one of, if not, the best WR duo in the league for 2 years. Facts. We have had one of the more expensive Olines over the years since Carr REQUIRES that to succeed. Facts. Two top ten TEs in Jared Cook and Waller. Facts. Amari Cooper and Ruggs were both the first receivers off the board in their respective drafts. Facts. Carr has had 3 seasons where he has 1,000 yard runner, and we also finished 6th in 2016 in rushing. Contrast that to a guy like Matt Stafford who literally has had one 1,000 yard runner in his entire 12 year career. That's a re
  5. And look at where we spent our money the majority of those years. 2017 2nd in league in O spending. 2018 2nd in league in O spending. 2019 6th In league in O spending 2020 2nd in league in O spending. When you are consistently that lopsided in spending, are you really surprised the defense has been trash. Truth is, Carr has been given more help and a longer leash than a majority of QBs with little to show for. His biggest claim to fame in 7 years was a empty stadium win in October vs the Chiefs. But let's continue to paint him as a victim.
  6. @Rich7sena really thought he "dunked" on us with that excellent point lol he got mutombo'd.
  7. Two dumb losing teams that just fired their coaches, sure. If that's what we want to continue to be, let's follow that model. Both those teams paid their non elite QBs and had problems on the defense. We will fit right into that same mold.
  8. It's a thankless job, but someone has to instill logic when it comes to Carr.
  9. Yeah lets strive to be the Falcons and Lions of the last few years. That should be our aim. While we're at it, lets give Josh Jacobs a 90 million dollar contract like Zeke Elliott since he has played just as well as him the last two years.
  10. Aren't you in another thread citing PFF for ranking Carr #8 as QB as your evidence. Didn't PFF rank Mack as their #1 edge defender for 2020? Or do you only use pff when it fits your narrative 🤔
  11. We pay Carr and a season like the one he just had is no longer good enough and will be judged differently. The expectation will be for him to be elite, not the 6th or 7th best qb in the conference.
  12. Sheesh. Wrestlers getting caught shooting are always absolutely vicious kos.
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