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  1. Fureys49ers Mock Draft (2 Rounds) 1/15

    Love the Burns pick and the safety is solid
  2. Goldfish's 2 Rounds - Updated

    good 2 rounder for Carolina
  3. 1st Round Mock

    Love this pick for Carolina
  4. 4 Round mock: Team by team

    Very interesting draft for us. Tyree Jackson would be the perfect backup to Cam
  5. 2 Rounds Let’s get down

    would prefer a pass rusher but decent pick for Carolina
  6. Goldfish's 2 Rounder

    would prefer a pass rusher but very solid pick for Carolina
  7. The Mock: Kyler Murray Edition (With Trades)

    great pick for the Panthers!
  8. Final Draft Order Mock w/ Explanations. 1 Round

    would prefer a pass rusher but very solid pick for Carolina
  9. D82's 2019 NFL Mock Draft w/ Trades

    very good draft for Carolina. You hit on all our needs. Love the trade up for a tackle!
  10. perhaps all that Madden cover hype has gone to his head LMAO #Madden Curse
  11. 2019 Offseason/Draft

    I would love to for us to take Clowney in FA but it's not our style to go big in FA so not going to hold my breath. In the draft, a pass rusher in the first, Guard in the 2nd and most definitely look at QB in the 3rd or 4th. I wouldn't be opposed to taking double dipping either. Cam's shoulder is a huge concern and it's best to have a backup plan. Looking forward to seeing what Heinicke has in a few hours
  12. Saints @ Panthers

    Cam has serious accuracy issues and is inconsistent
  13. Saints @ Panthers

    Terrible game by our offense. Season over. McCaffrey looked solid but our passing game was awful
  14. Saints @ Panthers

    defense played hard especially a hell of an effort by Luke
  15. Raiders sign RB C.J. Anderson; Released

    I figured KC would be the one to sign him