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  1. What TV Show Are You Watching?

    Married with Children... now that it's on Hulu
  2. Eric Washington impressions?

    Yeah DL or OL should definitely be taken with our first round pick next year. Peppers and Ryan Kalil are likely on their last year of their career
  3. hell of a comeback. i'm impressed. didn't think we would win this one at half
  4. almost had another pick.. these games are so frustrating to watch lol
  5. Olsen so clutch. What a comeback! Defense must stop Wentz
  6. and our offense shows up. Great drive by Cam and our entire offense
  7. of course they convert their third 4th down conversion
  8. great now Thomas Davis is injured
  9. we have to get more consistent with our passing game
  10. I'll be attending this game. Always gotta go to games in DC or Baltimore. Looking forward to seeing TD make his return. Should be a win but I hope we don't let it come too close like in NY
  11. Let's hope this Sirles hamstring injury doesn't linger throughout the season. Claussell looked alright in his place
  12. What TV Show Are You Watching?

    Power. In the middle of season 2
  13. Billy Madison vs Tommy Boy

    Both are great but Billy Madison because it has so many quotables