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  1. WCG Panthers at Aint's

    Would love to see a screen cap of this
  2. Norv Turner

    I was hoping for a younger OC who was more flexible. Norv isn't either... I'm not thrilled but I'll try to stay optimistic
  3. WCG Panthers at Aint's

    THIS. He was near perfect. We fought hard but our offense slumped sometimes. Give Cam more weapons! We need a WR besides Funchess. CMC and Olsen impressed but wasn't enough. If Gano, would have made that first FG, would we have won??? We were in FG range.... ugh disappointing
  4. Andrew Norwell

    Norwell has definetly outplayed Turner this season. However, I think we chose to "lock up" Turner over Norwell because Turner can play outside as a tackle
  5. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/ron-rivera-signs-two-year-extension-to-coach-panthers-through-2020/ Great move.. I have nothing but positive things to say about Rivera!
  6. Andrew Norwell

    Norwell is a very consistent player and needs to be locked up for 5 years or more. I think we resign him but.. I hope we spend more than one draft pick on O-Line. Ryan Kalil is probably going to hang it up after this season and his brother, Matt, has been nothing more than disappointing. Draft a center with a 2nd (which is where we draft Ryan Kalil) and grab a tackle on day 3 to challenge Matt.
  7. 2018 Draft

    I like those two WRs but they are too similiar to Funchess. We need a speedster that can stretch the field... one that can be more reliable and won't get hurt. Paul Richardson's contract is up this offseason... I doubt Seattle lets him go but if they do, he's my top candidate
  8. The PSVR Thread

    is the new RE worth buying?
  9. The PSVR Thread

    is the new RE worth buying?
  10. good to hear its been reduced to one game. How will our defense do without TD, Shaq and CJ absent??
  11. Remaining 4 Games and Playoff Chances

    Welcome back P11!
  12. I hope it isn't true.. truly shocking
  13. Vikings at Panthers GDT

    Good win. Surprised me as well. We need to rest Olsen until playoffs. Glad to see Ryan Kalil back. It really showed in the run game . Keep Pounding!
  14. Vikings at Panthers GDT

    Stewart is looking like a stud today! Two TDs in the 1st quarter
  15. Vikings at Panthers GDT

    *Olsen and Kalil