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  1. I have a feeling Stafford will disappoint. He's not very good. Average at best.
  2. The Second Coming has been fulfilled.
  3. Please, you got living room GM's that play the whole "oh they reached on this guy", "this team is dumb for doing this", etc. The draft is the single most overhyped, overanalyzed and overrated event in the NFL.
  4. I love threads like this. Grading drafts right afterwards has got to be one of the dumbest things football fans do. Get back with me in 3 or 4 years THEN we'll talk.
  5. Maybe, but I'm not gonna crown a guy as the next big thing when he played one season at a D2 school, looked bad in his one game last season and is alarmingly inaccurate as a passer.
  6. Well, if the GM keeps saying they're committed to Rodgers, he is effectively admitting that the Love pick was a wasted pick (which it was). Stuff like get GMs fired.
  7. Maybe, just maybe Rodgers is an overrated choke artist? The only constant in GB's postseason failures has been him. They've surrounded him with talent and even changed coaches to appease him.
  8. Why GB took a DB instead of a WR: Rodgers just won MVP and had his best season in years, why would they need to reach for a WR?
  9. BPA that fits a need. No brainer pick.
  10. The draft is an overhyped crapshoot.
  11. He has "upside" and "good film". Same crap was said about Jordan Love who couldn't even be a second stringer.
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