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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6jUgWCAXxTQ
  2. Nut

    Alex Smith retires

    Nothing but respect. One of the most resilient players in recent memory.
  3. Which SB that did not include your team or division rivals did you find disappointing? For me: SEA/PIT SEA/DEN
  4. I agree he was overrated, but he was certainly a good player despite his flaws as a passer. I think another big question is what if he never got suspended?
  5. Statistically speaking he was only marginally better for the most part. In fact, his second highest passer rating and highest YPA for a season was 2006, which was when TO left (granted he missed half of it). 2004 was a pretty great season, but in the world of statistics it's definitely an outlier. While McNabb had ho-hum receivers for the most part, he consistently had a great defense. For example, the legendary 2000 BAL defense's DVOA was 32.6 and their starting receivers were Qadry Ismail and Brandon Stokely. 2001 PHI was 32.4. The key thing is that no matter what you gave him, you
  6. Brees was an instant asset to NO and was FAR more productive with a revolving door at receiver. Guaranteed spot in the Hall of Fame and to be frank lumping McNabb with him is kind of a joke. Roethlisberger has two rings and has a far better playoff resume. Vick was an electrifying and unique athlete. Completely overrated, but fascinating nonetheless. Even pre-SB McNabb wasn't nearly as athletic as he was. Romo was an elite quarterback that was carrying a poorly managed and coached team. Dallas would have been perennially picking top 5 in the draft without him. McNair was to
  7. No. McNabb was just good at most pre-SB and was bad post-SB. Jim Johnson's defense was more instrumental to PHI's success in the 2000's.
  8. I'm pretty confident they'll trade down; there'll be that one team that'll be either be dumb enough to mortgage the future for Mac Jones or take a huge risk with Trey Lance.
  9. Kyle Pitts should be the first non-QB off the board,
  10. Pitts is not only the best BPA by a landslide, he fills a position CIN is a black hole at. They will have a whole draft and FA to address the OL.
  11. Buck's gotten better in recent years.
  12. Marino and Moon were overrated (the latter has no business in the HoF). Aikman and Bradshaw were underrated. The draft is stupid.
  13. Not very highly. Hasselbeck at his best was never more than average and benefited from the NFC West being a total joke for practically his entire time on SEA. He, Delhomme and post-SB McNabb would be journeymen in today's NFL.
  14. Isn't there a PFF article that says CIN's offensive is actually average? He's not the most effecitve runner, but he can still contribute as a third down back.
  15. There is a significant difference between wrinkles to iron out and being a full blown project. Plus, you have to think value. If a guy a lot of people pegged as the first overall pick falls to you and you didn't have to move up, you do that every single time. They didn't give up much to trade up for Love, but I think they could have done it even cheaper if they waited until the second round or something.
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