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  1. Sure; I wouldn’t call Demo a “hit” yet but he’s playing well for a 5th. The reality is that we need Demo and ASjr or even Adebo woulda been nice instead of sermon.
  2. Just went back and watched Russell Wilson’s first start in the NFL. I feel like Trey is more dangerous right now than Wilson was at this point. I think our offensive scheme is much more advanced than the Hawks was back then but still Trey looks better to me. I’m not saying Trey will be better than Russell, because Wilson greatly improved over the years. Still, I think it’s noteworthy to see where other similar players were at this point in their career. Wilson also played way more college games against much better competition that Trey. Trey has some things he needs to work on for sure..I’m st
  3. I like the idea of adding Decastro..I also think we are one Deebo hamstring injury away from being disheveled at WR. Kenny Stills, Golden Tate or Danny Amendola anyone?
  4. I’m not worried about the Lance struggles in the 2nd quarter. To start, Shanahans play calling was extremely vanilla and the threat of Lance running was not mixed in to the play calling. Next, the 2nd team Oline is really bad..we all knew this though. Finally, the backup skill position players are trash as well. I mean Trent freaking Sherfield is our 3rd receiver lol Jennings actually didn’t look bad but Richie James is going to be cut and Charlie W is not a receiving threat.
  5. I love the idea of beating the crap out of the Lions week 1.
  6. I thought we were gonna take him in the 6th but it’s all good
  7. Hopefully Jalen Hurd stays healthy...
  8. I really like cam mcgrone...
  9. We met with Shi Smith but he’ll probably be swooped up by the time we pick. why is tay gowan and Jermar Jefferson falling??
  10. 5 RBs that we had visits with are still on the board...not saying we’re taking another one but it’s just a testament to how we felt about Sermon I guess...
  11. Wasnt Wade considered a top 50 player until he got torched in the championship? also there goes Brevin...
  12. How about either Molden or Brevin Jordan with this next pick... I'd also be ok with Tylan Wallace or St. Brown or Jabril Cox
  13. Sermon came into this draft a little bit underrated. He had his best showings in big games. Good fit for the zone run system. Catches the ball well out of the backfield. I think he can be a solid contributor but..idk..when you have mostert, Wilson and gallman...taking Sermon before addressing the DB position is a little sketchy or even before finding Bournes replacement is sketchy as well. Hopefully we take one of those two positions next..
  14. Alright well we got a starter to add with Mack. Our line will be much improved and we’re gonna jam it down the NFCs throat.
  15. Do you guys think he will start right away? Improve our line right away?
  16. Jeeez what is going on???!
  17. I hate these long intros before the picks it’s so annoying
  18. Baalke loves guy who have had season ending knee injuries
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