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Packers vs. Eagles


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11 minutes ago, DavidatMIZZOU said:

I wish I could.  On antibiotics through Sunday.  Need to not drink while on these, they said.


Moral of the story:  Don't get a kidney stone.

Sober David for the opening game of the year? Wow. Times change :o

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13 minutes ago, Shanedorf said:

I was thinking that 165 lb Pumphrey might be good on short yardage plays too:

After the hand-off, Jason Peters just picks up Pumphrey and tosses him over the LOS for the first down...B|


Hey.. if Peters can nonchalantly catch Ryan Mathews out of the air when jumping into the end zone, then he can definitely throw Pumphrey.


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Watching some of these extended-play Rodgers highlights. Nuts to see how effective the line is at timing their protection assignments, and how adept Rodgers is at finding the soft spots and stepping into them to buy his receivers time. It's absolutely gorgeous. And then Nelson's incredible red zone awareness? It would be so heart warming to see Adams develop the same red zone wherewithal. 

But goodness the options. Bennett matched on an undersized linebacker? Adams on the number 2? Monty split out on your no. 3 linebacker or safety, shifting the coverage and opening up the big play? 

Lots of options. Liking how things are shaping up. Want to see some solid pass pro. from the young guys tonight!

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