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Round 5 Pick 148: S Marcus Allen 6’2 215

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What they run on the field with pads on is what matters, and reaction time factors into this. We will see how this goes, but I doubt we will get another Shazier, but maybe somewhere near the speed of Timmons when he had speed. Not a bad idea , and we need to get over trying to replace shazier or expect something close because he was different than anyone else.  Never liked the pick, but will wait to see what they have in mind. 

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On 5/7/2018 at 5:53 PM, warfelg said:

Unofficial 4.36 pro day.  Typically a tenth of a second faster than laser timed combine times.

Any way you look at it, Shazier was still flying and even if you call it a 4.4, that's a LOT faster than the 22 lbs lighter Allen's 4.6 (which adjusted the same way would really be a 4.7).  Even more of a difference when you figure that the 4.7 for a LB would be ok, and a 4.4 for a S would be good.  Switch them around, or make Allen even slower if he gained the weight to play LB, and there's absolutely no comparing the 2 athletically.

Combine #s from NFL.com:

Vertical:  Shazier 42.  Allen 37.

Broad:  Shazier 10'10".  Allen 10'7"

SS:  Shazier 4.21.  Allen 4.32.

Bench.  Shazier 25.  Allen 15.  (Shazier has almost 1" bigger hands and almost 2" longer arms)

Allen is exactly 1" taller, at 6'2 1/8" vs 6' 1 1/8".  

I'm just making a real comparison here so as to clear up any misconceptions that Allen is 1/2 the athlete Shazier was.  

To be fair, Shazier's 40 of 4.38 was from his pro day.  Ran once, hammy.  On draftscout, where they said Shazier ran a 4.38, ran once, hammy, they list Allen's 40 as a 4.63, ran twice.  

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