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All News Rumors and Signings will go here. 



CB Tony Brown (Alabama) - https://www.nfl.com/prospects/tony-brown?id=32462018-0002-5601-3827-e3c3900c01f5

DE Demone Harris (Buffalo) - http://www.draftscout.com/ratings/dsprofile.php?pyid=1006507&draftyear=2018&genpos=DE

WR Erv Philips (Syracuse) - http://draftscout.com/ratings/dsprofile.php?pyid=132214&draftyear=2018&genpos=WR

TE Jason Reese (Missouri) - http://draftscout.com/ratings/dsprofile.php?pyid=127984&draftyear=2018&genpos=TE

DE Antonio Simmons (Georgia Tech) - https://www.nfl.com/prospects/antonio-simmons?id=32462018-0002-5610-6656-6c15b3852a05

S Godwin Igwebuike (Northwestern) - https://www.nfl.com/prospects/godwin-igwebuike?id=32462018-0002-5599-80a0-aafa8de2e632

K Joey Slye (Virginia Tech) - http://www.draftcountdown.com/player/joey-slye/

P Joseph Zema (UIW) - https://uiwcardinals.com/roster.aspx?rp_id=6778

TE Donnie Ernsberger (WMU) - https://www.nfl.com/prospects/donnie-ernsberger?id=32462018-0002-5601-31fd-ee5572a8f02b

QB Austin Allen (Arkansas) - https://www.nfl.com/prospects/austin-allen?id=32462018-0002-5601-179e-7f64e9949129

TE Brian Bridgewater (LSU) - https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.seccountry.com/lsu/lsu-brian-bridgewater-nfl-draft-2018/amp

DE Evan Perrizo (Minnesota State) - https://www.msumavericks.com/roster.aspx?rp_id=7519

QB Riley Ferguson (Memphis) - https://www.nfl.com/prospects/riley-ferguson?id=32462018-0002-5599-5128-de3727d75838

WR Sergio Bailey II (Eastern Michigan) - http://draftscout.com/ratings/dsprofile.php?pyid=1020778&draftyear=2018&genpos=WR

OL Cole Boozer (Temple) - https://www.nfl.com/prospects/cole-boozer?id=32462018-0002-5610-68dd-7776ce351902

RB Shaun Wilson (Duke) - http://www.draftscout.com/ratings/dsprofile.php?pyid=132679&draftyear=2018&genpos=RB

TE Julian Allen (Southern Miss) - http://draftscout.com/ratings/dsprofile.php?pyid=1020783&draftyear=2018&genpos=TE

OT Ruben Holcomb (UIndy)

K Trevor Moore (North Texas) - http://www.meangreensports.com/sports/m-footbl/mtt/trevor_moore_903725.html

TE Tanner Hudson (Southern Arkansas)

WR Chris Murray (Arkansas State) - http://draftscout.com/ratings/dsprofile.php?pyid=1026495&draftyear=2018&genpos=WR

LB Nick McBeath (Holy Cross)

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As of right now some guys I would like to target after the draft are...


Darious Williams - CB - UAB

Tarvarus McFadden - DB - Florida State

Holton Hill - DB - Texas

Desmond Harrison - OT - West Georgia

Jeff Holland - DE/OLB - Auburn

Marcell Frazier - DE - Missouri

Tony Brown - DB - Alabama

Akrum Wadley - RB - Iowa

Tray Matthews - S - Auburn

Skylar Phillips - G/C - Idaho State

Auden Tate - WR - Florida State

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Greg Auman
Here's another undrafted rookie for Bucs: WR Erv Philips. 89 catches for 904 yards and four TDs this past season ...
DT Sports Media
Former Syracuse WR Erv Philips(@Ambition1_) will be heading to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as an undrafted Free Agent, he tells me. #Bucs #Buccaneers #OrangeNation #Cuse #Syracuse #NFLDraft

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