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Bears Forum Fantasy Football 2017

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chisoxguy7    1

From the old forum:


Interested in getting this going again.

Sig prizes for top and bottom scorers, though I can't promise you'll like the last place one. You'll be obligated to wear it, nonetheless, until Fantasy 2018.

10-14 teams, .5 PPR, ESPN or Fleaflicker, up for debate. Standard rosters and 99% standard scoring otherwise, perhaps 1 or 2 extra bench slots. Up for debate as well. Annual redraft.


1. Me
2. Bowler1215
3. Sugashane
4. Bigbear72
5. Tankwilliams
6. AnonymousGM
7. CBears019

8. GoGriese


Would like 2-4 more.

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anonymousGM    0

My team name will be either Ditka's Signatures or Strasmore's Ballers. Feel free to take whichever name I don't choose! ;)

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