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Y2's Roster Power Rankings Entering Preseason Game One


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Check out previous rankings here: 


I decided to go ahead and update these rankings before the preseason game this week, and I will do so again after the game (or at least hope to do so again). Thought there was a lot of camp notes that changed my thinking in certain areas, and I was very right. Lots of movement. Here it is: 


1) DeForrest Buckner, DT – (#1)

No need to change the guy at the top. Buckner has reportedly had a solid camp.

2) Reuben Foster, LB – (#3)

Jumped Foster up a spot because he has been consistently around the ball, and thanks to Malcolm Smith’s injury, he’s expected to be a starting linebacker for years to come.

3) Joe Staley, LT – (#4)

Staley remains the best starter on the offensive line. Not a whole lot more to add to that here.

4) NaVorro Bowman, LB – (#7)

Bowman remains the star linebacker on the squad. With Malcolm Smith’s season-ender, there’s going to be no more chatter, however ridiculous, of Bowman being traded.

5) Brian Hoyer, QB – (#5)

Hoyer has had a very strong camp by all accounts, and there are no questions about him opening the season as our #1 QB (as long as he makes it there without injury).

6) Pierre Garcon, WR – (#6)

Despite some shocking performances from other receivers, all the beat writers have noted that Garcon is still unquestionably the best WR on the team.

7) Solomon Thomas, DT – (#2)

The first player moving down the rankings; Thomas hasn’t performed poorly at all, he’s just faced unexpected stiff competition from Tank Carradine for the starting RDE spot. Thomas is still obviously the future at the position, but if he’s rotating a bit to start the year, I’m gonna knock him down a few. He remains this high because he has still practiced well and remains one of the long-term building blocks.

8) Marquise Goodwin, WR – (#15)

A big jump here from Goodwin – daily reports have been coming in about he and one of the QBs hooking up on a huge play, and not always on a fly route. I think some big things are coming for Goodwin.

9) Carlos Hyde, RB – (#19)

Likely one of the biggest jumps of the rankings (I’m doing these in order, so tough to tell at this point). Carlos Hyde’s strong beginning of camp combined with an eagerness to prove himself has pretty much dispelled any rumors about his spot on the squad. I haven’t moved him higher as I still don’t expect he’ll be resigned after the year, and the main health question will remain until it doesn’t.

10) Kyle Juszczyk, FB – (#9)

Juszcyk moving down a spot isn’t a knock on him. It was more in correlation with two players likely to have a larger impact solidifying their spots and moving above him. Another player having a great camp as our new Swiss army knife.

11) Arik Armstead, DL – (#13)

Moved Armstead up a couple spots because he has remained unblockable in camp. My only question is whether or not this was a factor of a poor offensive line or not. A strong preseason will have him moving up these pretty quickly.

12) Earl Mitchell, NT – (#16)

A starter with a spot solidified, I’m moving Mitchell up because of a strong camp in which he has been often ranked along with Buckner as standing out on the DL. Plus, apparently he’s been a vocal leader, which is great with all these young linemen.

13) Elvis Dumervil, DL/LB – (#14)

Dumervil with a small jump as he’s had a solid camp. Not a lot of standout news, but he’ll have his role.

14) Rashard Robinson, CB – (#8)

There is no question that Robinson will start, but he’s been beaten a lot in camp. It’s the time for a younger player like him to make those mistakes, so it’s not much to be concerned about. Still good to drop a few spots here.

15) K’Waun Williams, CB – (#32)

Sorry Hyde. I lied. This 17-spot jump will likely be the most. Some have said he’s looked like our best cornerback, and since we’ll be in the nickel a lot, he’ll play a lot. Good to hear him regaining form this early in camp.

16) Eric Reid, SS – (#11)

Not meant to be a knock on Reid. But, missing a few days early in camp has allowed some younger guys to shine a bit. Also, have not really heard much about him standing out. That’s normal at this point in the offseason for Reid. Since he’ll be there to lay the boom, that’s something we don’t want him doing on our own guys.

17) Daniel Kilgore, C/G – (#26)

Zuttah getting released has solidified one of the spots on our line – Barnes is not going to beat out Kilgore. Kilgore’s play has certainly helped, so I’ll give him a little bump.

18) George Kittle, TE – (#10)
19) Jimmie Ward, FS – (#12)

Two guys I am grouping together for the same reason – it’s hard to say how they’ll play when they aren’t practicing due to injury. Despite missing a lot of camp thus far, both are still unquestioned starters, though with the rise of Lorenzo Jerome, there may be some question about where Ward will start if the CB #2 competition fizzles due to nobody breaking out.

20) Trent Brown, RT – (#20)
21) Ahmad Brooks, LB – (#21)
22) Robbie Gould, K – (#22)

A group of guys I’m keeping at their original spots. Brown had one rough day at camp, but played well the next. Otherwise, there’s been little info about these guys, so no reason to move them around at all.

23) Brandon Fusco, G – (#25)

Zuttah’s release and Garnett’s injury has pretty much solidified this spot for Fusco. As an almost certain starter, I bumped him up a few spots.

24) Dontae Johnson, CB – (#33)

Johnson has currently emerged as the favorite to win the CB #2 spot and one of the last remaining starting spots on the squad. His recent concussion could set him back a couple steps and once again open the door for someone else to take it over.

25) Zane Beadles, OL – (#51)

Well, tough luck K’Waun Williams…Garnett’s injury combined with Zuttah being released just created a huge jump for Beadles as the de facto favorite to enter the season as the final starting offensive lineman (also the final starting spot on the squad). That created a big jump of 26 spots for Beadles. I still had him making the team previously, but I was hoping some good interior line play would make it difficult for him to see the lineup. He is who he is.

26) Tank Carradine, DL – (#47)

A big jump for Carradine as the final starter on the roster. By most accounts, he has played very well in camp and has held onto the RDE starting position. For that, he makes a big jump up the board. However, this is tempered somewhat by the fact that Solomon Thomas will eventually take that job. It’s just a matter of when.

27) Tim Hightower, RB – (#44)

Another big jump – this one from Hightower, who seems to have solidified his spot on the squad with a strong camp opening. If he’s here, he’ll almost certainly have a significant role, so he deserves a bump up the ladder.

28) Bradley Pinion, P
29) Jaquiski Tartt, S
30) Joshua Garnett, G

A group of guys I liked right where they were. We’ll still be punting a lot. Tartt is currently the third safety and a possible heir apparent for Eric Reid. Garnett seems like he’ll still be in line to at the very least compete for the starting job when he’s back, as Shanahan has hoped to get him back for Week 1. If he was healthy, he’d likely be set as a starter.

31) Trent Taylor, WR – (#35)

Not a jump that really signals how well he’s been playing in camp, but a significant leap for Taylor nonetheless. He’s been a standout perform with some stellar receptions over the last week. I currently have him as the favorite to have a larger role than Kerley.

32) Aldrick Robinson, WR – (#46)

Some beat writers say Robinson is already a roster lock and in reality, the default #3 WR on the team. Have heard some pretty good things about him, but not quite to the level of Taylor.

33) Matt Breida, RB – (#56)

A 23-spot jump up the board for Breida, who has apparently been lights out in a short time. He’s already making it difficult for the team to try and stash him on the practice squad. Some think he might split reps with Williams, and because of that, I’m putting him higher on this list than Williams (who has turned it on as of late).

34) DJ Jones, DL – (#49)

A big jump for Jones who has been a camp standout and has made Dial appear expendable. Could be a real late-round gem for the team.

35) Jeremy Kerley, WR – (#23)
36) Joe Williams, RB – (#24)

12-spot drops down the rankings for these two, mainly because they’ve each been outplayed by rookies (in Williams’ case, another rookie) that were not expected to do so, and may each lose their expected 2017 role to those rookies. It’s hard to fault Kerley, as Taylor has just been the productive machine he was in college. It’s easier to fault Williams, though he has had some better practices of late.

37) Lorenzo Jerome, DB – (#58)

A big jump up the board for Jerome who has made the most of his opportunities and injuries and has played well with the 1s. Still, there doesn’t seem to be much question that he’ll be back down with the 2s once Ward is back, at least this early on. However, he’s definitely seemed to play his way onto the team and might push for playing time. I’d have him higher if playing time were likely, but it is hard to imagine him even as the dimeback early on.

38) Aaron Lynch, LB – (#42)

Lynch gets a modest boost up the rankings with solid play in camp that have made it much more difficult to cut him. Even with that solid play, however, it is hard to push him far up this list when he’s at least the third LEO rusher, and may even lose some pass-rushing snaps to Brooks as well.

39) Ray-Ray Armstrong, LB – (#50)

A boost up the board for Armstrong, as his roster spot is now all but assured. However, it’s hard to see him getting many snaps unless Foster or Bowman get injured (come to think of it – with Bowman, that might be cause enough to move him up the rankings even further). My heart tells me this ranking is too low for him, but we’ll see.

40) Chris Jones, DL – (#48)

Moving Jones up the board a bit, as he’s been having a good camp and most beat-writers think he’s all but a lock for a roster spot.

41) Kyle Nelson, LS – (#41)

Going to keep right on not overthinking this one.

42) Keith Reaser, CB – (#31)

I don’t feel great about this ranking, but the truth is that Reaser lost hold of a spot that was wide open – one in which he was leading – in two weeks of camp. He’s not likely in any trouble of losing a roster spot with Witherspoon being so raw, but if Witherspoon can come on late, Reaser could be cut in favor of Redmond or James.

43) Garry Gilliam, T – (#34)

Dropped Gilliam down a bunch of spots because he no longer appears to be in competition with Trent Brown for the starting job, which means now he’s only in competition with John Theus to be the backup swing tackle. That’s a battle he should easily win, but the slight uncertainty causes him to drop.

44) Matt Barkley, QB – (#36)
45) CJ Beathard, QB – (#53)

Grouped these two together because they are now embroiled in a surprising training camp battle. Because Shanahan has said that Barkley will be the 2nd QB off the bench, it means he’s still leading the competition – for now. Still, it’s hard to say where this is going, so Barkley drops down (due to more uncertainty with his role), and Beathard bumps up with a solid camp. Beathard doesn’t go any higher, because as of now he’s still the inactive QB on gamedays.

46) Logan Paulsen, TE – (#37)

I do not feel great about predicting a roster spot for any TE on this roster after Kittle. I still have to imagine that Paulsen is one of the three. For now.

47) Eli Harold, LB – (#39)
48) Dekoda Watson, LB – (#40)
49) Brock Coyle, LB – (#63)

I’m finding it hard to gauge these backup linebackers, but all of them have special teams value. Since Smith went on IR, I can move a linebacker back to the roster, so Coyle bumps up onto the squad. I’ll put them in this order, though it could be completely opposite of the true situation right now.

50) Will Redmond, CB – (#52)

Right now, I’m finding it difficult to cut Redmond with so much uncertainty at CB, and he appears to be the backup nickel CB. I don’t think his spot is safe, as they may feel Reaser can move into this spot if Williams goes down (or perhaps Ward here and Jerome to FS). Those options put his spot in jeopardy, especially as a Baalke pick.

51) Cole Hikutini, TE – (#55)

Boosted Hikutini up onto the roster due to solid play in the last few practices, but once again – I do not feel great about my TE predictions. Preseason should help a lot.

52) Tim Barnes, C – (#64)

Barnes gets a bump up onto the roster as the only remaining interior lineman on the roster with a real chance at making it. Therefore, someone I once thought was an easy cut makes it by default. Rumor has it we may look at the waiver wire to actually fill this spot, but that’s not a possibility on these rankings.

53) Aaron Burbridge, WR – (#57)

In these predictions, the final roster spot goes to Burbridge for his role as a Special Teams gunner/the ability to be the tallest receiver on the roster. Not at all confident this happens, but many beat writers think it’s possible. I feel better about this than many others.

54) Vinnie Sunseri, S – (#54)

Kept Sunseri here because I believe he is the competition for Burbridge for this final spot. Special teams wins the day, but secondary considerations go to the versatility of Sunseri (both safety spots) vs. the need for a 6th WR.

55) Pita Taumoepenu, LB – (#43)

Taumoepenu falls out of a roster spot in this update, but mainly because of the play of all the vets in front of him. He seems like a certain lock for a practice squad spot, and because of that, it means he has a potential future with the team. That’s why he gets ranked over a couple guys who I think might have better chances for an actual roster spot.

56) Vance McDonald, TE – (#45)

This is an odd ranking, because I think he might have a better chance at the roster than the two guys above him, but my gut says we’re moving on one way or another.

57) Quinton Dial, NT – (#38)

A big tumble off the roster for Dial, mainly because most of the beat writers have noted that he’s not a fit for this defensive scheme. Nothing against the quality defensive lineman and one of Baalke’s better picks, but it just doesn’t seem likely he’ll be on the team.

58) Chanceller James, S – (#76)
59) Adrian Colbert, CB – (#59)
60) Darrell Williams, Jr., OL – (#85)
61) DeAndre Smelter, WR – (#67)
62) Victor Bolden, Jr., WR – (#70)
63) Kendrick Bourne, WR – (#88)
64) Donavin Newsom, LB – (#86)

Some of these guys might still have outside shots at the roster, but this is my group of favorites for the practice squad. James went from a tryout player that won a spot to having a solid camp and forcing some potential difficult choices (should he continue to play well). Williams is an unfair big riser just because I knew little of him previously, and now he might be a guy with an outside shot at being the backup swing tackle. Likely only 2 WRs would be kept on the practice squad, and your guess would be as good as mine as to which two. Newsom has the double whammy of being the only LB not set to make the roster in these rankings (discounting Pita as the LEO guy) who has been with the team all offseason (thus likely making him a practice squad favorite), but also is the guy who just took a serious head injury that could make him an easy IR stash. Either way, he seems like a guy that will be back.

65) Louis Murphy, WR – (Unranked)
66) Asa Jackson, CB – (Unranked)
67) Sean Porter, LB – (Unranked)

Three newcomers to the team thanks to releases/injuries. They appear this high in the rankings because none would be expected to win a roster spot coming in this late, but any of them potentially could win a spot without being overly surprising. Murphy seems to be the favorite for that scenario based on the fact that he would be the tallest receiver on the team. Jackson might factor into a lackluster CB competition. Porter…well, I don’t see Porter fitting anywhere, but he still gets this spot.

68) Ronald Blair, DL – (#65)

Still not seeing the roster spot for Blair, especially when the beat writers say the system isn’t a strong fit for him. Since he’s competing with Carradine for the second RDE spot and Carradine is having great practices, Blair has to be considered a real longshot at this point. He could be stashed on the practice squad, but he’d likely get claimed by another team.

69) Kapri Bibbs, RB – (#61)

Every moment Bibbs is silent, he looks less and less likely to even have a shot. With Williams/Breida now almost assured of spots, there’s next to no pathway to the roster for the mostly silent Bibbs.

70) Will Davis, CB – (#62)

It’s probably not a good sign that with a relatively open competition for the CB #2 spot, this vet has not been reported as being in that competition.

71) DeAndre Carter, WR – (#69)
72) Tim Patrick, WR – (Unranked)

In the videos I’ve seen of practices, both of these guys have stood out from time to time. They could be in play for the practice squad opening. However, the other guys above have gotten far more coverage for it.

73) Noble Nwachukwu, DL – (#72)

The default favorite for the DL spot on the practice squad. Have heard nothing about him throughout camp, though.  

74) John Theus, T – (#73)

Theus is in competition with Gilliam for the swing tackle role, but it’s not a battle I see him winning, and with Williams showing promise thus far, he does not seem likely to find his way to the practice squad either.

75) Norman Price, OL – (#74)

As I mentioned last time, Price spent time on our practice squad last year, and he’s currently practicing with the 2nd team offensive line. He might be a favorite with Williams to take the offensive line practice squad spots.

76) Nick Mullens, QB – (#75)

The little I’ve seen of Mullens hasn’t been promising, but that practice squad QB role is his by default as of now. I don’t know if we’ll look for a different practice squad QB or not, however.

77) Prince Charles Iworah, CB – (#77)
78) Raheem Mostert, RB – (#78)
79) Don Jones, S – (#79)

No need for changes down here. None of these guys have done really anything of note in camp and all are buried on the depth chart.

80) Garrett Celek, TE – (#71)
81) Blake Bell, TE – (#80)

The two tight ends on the roster I do feel good about. They’re gone.

82) John Flynn, OL – (#81)
83) Andrew Lauderdale, OL – (#82)
84) Richard Levy, OL – (#83)
85) Erik Magnuson, OL – (#84)

The backup linemen. I initially ranked them based on alphabetical order, and I didn’t change the ranking. But it should be noted that Flynn is practicing with the 2nd team offensive line and would then be another competitor for the 2nd offensive line practice squad spot.

86) Austin Calitro, LB – (Unranked)
87) Jayson DiManche, LB – (Unranked)

The two newcomers at LB. DiManche is now back after some time with the team earlier this year. Neither appear likely to make much of an impact.

88) Tyler McCloskey, FB - (#89) 

Same comment as last time: I feel fairly confident that the team will not carry multiple fullbacks and has no use for a practice squad fullback with Juszczyk on the team.

89) Nick Rose, K - (#90) 

Same comment as last time: The easiest guy to rank. Rose will not be on the 53-man roster, likely even with some catastrophic injury to Robbie Gould (as the team would likely find a vet on the free agent market), and the team will not have a need for a leg on the practice squad.

90) (Open Roster spot)



Previously Ranked:

NR) Malcolm Smith, LB – (#17)

Tough break for Smith. By all accounts he was having a stellar camp before the injury ended his season before it even began.

NR) Jeremy Zuttah, C/G – (#27)

Tough break for Zuttah. By all accounts he was having a lazy camp in which he seemed disinterested in competing at guard before the release ended his season (with us) before it even began.

NR) Jimmie Gilbert, LB – (#60)

I thought he was a shoe-in for the practice squad, but his injury means he’ll be sticking around anyway.

NR) Bruce Ellington, WR – (#66)

Ellington was released, claimed by the jets, and to no one’s surprise, did not pass a physical.

NR) BJ Johnson III, WR – (#68)

An injury has ended Johnson’s season early, but he’ll be able to be back with the team next year.

NR) Zach Franklin, CB – (#87)

Another player waived/injured and back with the team next year.


There you have it. Let me know your differences!

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2 minutes ago, Fureys49ers said:

This is awesome and a whole lot of work, nice job Y2, good read. Agree with most of it as well, seeing this definitely makes me hope we claim someone for our interior OL once other teams start making cuts though.

Thanks for the kind words...even though the bottom half of the roster is easy because of easy groupings, I'll be happy when we cut down to 53 players, haha. I intend to do this all year. Although, I rarely follow through on these sorts of projects. So...we'll see.

And yeah - I'm all for claiming someone on the interior OL. Having seen what I have of Barnes, I have to hope we find some other interior lineman to be a backup, at least for early in the season. Alternatively, John Flynn flashing potential would be nice, given that he's working with the 2s (which means little at this point, because he wouldn't be there without Garnett's injury).

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