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Rams opening day Roster

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Looking for some informed rams posters to weigh in; want to see if my friend makes the team in your minds without giving anything away

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If he’s a UDFA then he’ll stick around. rams love adding them to the roster or PS 

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They drafted some competition for him so he’s gonna have his work cut out for him. He’ll need to work his but off.

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On 4/30/2018 at 4:38 PM, dawgsfan said:

Morgan Fox


It's going to be tough. But if he doesn't stick with us, he'll stick elsewhere. He's put good film out. The problem Fox has is that he's vying for a spot with:

Dominique Easley (top rotational DL in 2016)

Ethan Westbrooks (starter last year)

Tanzel Smart (started at points last year)

John Franklin-Myers (4th round pick)

Sebastian Joseph (6th round pick)

Justin Lawler (7th round pick)

Omarius Bryant (unlikely to stick)

McKay Murphy (UDFA)

The good news for him is that Easley struggles to stay healthy. The bad news is that he's competing for a maximum of four spots. Lawler probably ends up on the PS. He's not big enough yet. However, if Joseph is Wade's handpicked NT, he might steal that final spot from Fox. Franklin-Myers has a skill-set that's pretty comparable to Fox's. That all said, Fox likely latches on elsewhere as a rotational DL if he doesn't make it here. I like the kid, and I'd keep him around if I could, but it'll be tough this year.

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Here's how I see the roster shaking out:

QB: Goff/Mannion

HB: Gurley/Kelly/Brown

XWR: Cooks/Reynolds

ZWR: Woods/Thomas

SLWR: Kupp/Cooper

TE: Everett/Higbee/Hemingway

LT: Whitworth/Noteboom

LG: Saffold/Blythe

C: Sullivan/Allen

RG: Brown/Demby

RT: Havenstein/Noteboom

SDE: Brockers/Franklin-Myers

NT: Suh/Westbrooks/Joseph

WDE: Donald/Easley (If Easley doesn't come back the same or gets hurt again, Fox and Smart battle it out here; Lawler may factor in if he's bulked up enough, but I doubt he has)

SOLB: Ebukam/Young

SILB: Littleton/Kiser

WILB: Barron/Hager/Scales

WOLB: Longacre/Okoronkwo

LCB: Peters/Shields

RCB: Talib/Peterson


FS: Joyner/Countess

SS: Johnson/Christian/Howard

K: Zuerlein

P: Hekker

LS: McQuaide

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I can't see Longacre starting. Have a feeling we sign a veteran FA or someone cut during camp that has familiarity with Wade's system. Or sign Barwin. Longacre starting week 1 would be disappointing. Fleener would be a nice addition to compete with Higbee for 2 TE sets. Higbee is not McVay's guy.

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