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The 2022/23 Buffalo Sabres Thread


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2 hours ago, bigbadbuff23835 said:

To add on though...wtf are they doing why hasn’t Jeff Skinner been extended?!! We can’t let him go, and why would he ever want to leave Jack Eichel’s side?

Sabres didn't originally want to negotiate but Skinner forcing issue. Still to this day don't know how Buffalo made his trade list but Skinner/Eichel is perfect mix. 

Only way Skinner leaves is if he doesn't want to be here. No team can match us except Vancouver or Arizona. 8/64 is what I hope but 8/80 might happen. Skinner gonna get paid 

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On 11/25/2018 at 8:39 PM, soflbillsfan said:

 I am super lucky I get to enjoy a sabres game on friday against the panthers, then the bills game on sunday. Hopefully I get to experience 2 wins in a weekend.

Did pretty much the same thing last week. Sabres v Flyers on Tuesday and Bills v Jags on Sunday, what a week. 

Also went to the bar on Saturday and found the only place in Buffalo that didnt have the Sabres game and watched the game on a cell phone with like 10 people huddled around, it was awesome. 

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1 hour ago, marshawn lynch said:

Well I haven't watched a Sabres game since Stu Barnes... Well I'm definitely watching tonight. Can't wait to see Eichel and Skinner. Anyone else for me to keep an eye on?

All of them. Hutton, Dahlin, Ristolainen for sure though. I like Tage Thompson as well. 

3-2 right now. ****s cray.

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I enjoyed the game tonight, saw Eichel make an amazing pass to set up the goal for Rinehart. Just wish they won. The defense played sloppy and it seemed like the panthers had a ton of opportunities to score. This was one of those games they should have had in the bag but blew it. Hopefully they bounce back soon. 

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