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Atlanta Falcons 2018 Draft Class Review

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It's sad how dead this sub forum is tbh. So lets see if we can start some sort of a discussion. What is everybody's thoughts/feelings about this years draft class?

1. Calvin Ridley: I really, really want to like this pick but I'm not sure if I can. Ridley seems to be a fine player and will be a very nice weapon for Matt. I just have a feeling Taven Bryan would have had a bigger impact overall. 

2. Isaiah Oliver: I don't understand why this guy wasn't a first round pick. Dude is a long, fast corner and has these freakish long arms. Could easily see him become a bonafide CB1 in our scheme.

3. Deadrin Senat: Don't know much about him tbh but from what I've seen and read after the pick he seems to be a solid selection.

4. Ito Smith: Not that hyped. Would have liked a FB/Short yardage back at this point or maybe some more competition at OG.

6. Russell Gage: I really, really like this pick. CB converted into a WR, heard from some LSU fans QB play and horrible play calling held him back a bit. Fierce competitor and ST ace. I've got high hopes he'll turn himself into a legit WR.

6. Foyesade Oluokun:  Had some decent film, likes to hit. I'm not really expecting him to push Riley too much since I really see the latter improving a ton this year. Still, for a 6th rounder he has some upside.

Overall I'm pretty happy with this draft. Would have like some OG help but I can't really knock the FO for that looking at how the draft fell into place.



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Quite possibly my favorite Falcons draft to date. 

1) Ridley - I thought we would go Bryan here, but am so glad we didn't. I was hoping for Ridley or Oliver when we were OTC because I think they're much better players than Bryan. I think Bryan would've been reaching for a need, while we went BPA. I have to disagree that Bryan would have made a bigger impact, although obviously we'll never know. Bryan is raw and while DT was a bigger need than WR, the depth in the draft at DT was a plus. I'm also in the camp that WR was a pretty big need, something I know every not everyone agreed with. We were one injury away from Hardy starting. This fills a short term need and a long term need. Not to mention we can get immediate impact from Ridley in three receiver sets. He can play inside and outside and gives us so much flexibility on offense. Watching him run routes is a thing of joy. 

2) Oliver - absolute steal. He's a stud, who much like Ridley, fills a short term and long term need. We lacked a good, lengthy CB who can go against the likes of Mike Evans in the division. He uses his length and hands so well. I love watching him play the ball in the air. 

3) Senat - I'm with you on this one. I don't know a lot about him, just that he was one on a long list of talented tackles in this draft. I trust Quinn and company's ability to draft defensive lineman. Good size with solid enough athletic ability to make an impact early. I think we'll pick up a vet DT who will start alongside Jarrett, but I expect Senat to make an impact in the rotation. And if he starts earlier than expected, even better. 

4) Smith - I don't know a ton about Smith, but I've loved what I've seen. He reminds me of Freeman a little bit: smaller guy who is a lot stronger than you think. He fights for every yard. I couldn't care less he's not a bigger back. I don't believe that's something the team has struggled with. With a third RB, I'm more concerned with getting the best guy available as you're an injury away from getting significant snaps in this offense. Plus, you're likely looking at the #2 back next year if/once Coleman leaves via free agency. 

6) Gage - at the very least, you're getting a really good special teams player. At the most, you're getting a guy who can take Hardy's job as the #4 WR immediately and then develop into a nice slot WR in a couple of years. He likes to hurdle defenders and that alone is fun to watch, although he probably should hold back on doing it on every play. 

6) Oluokun - S/LB hybrid who can lay the wood. Sounds like the making of a guy who can make an early impact on special teams. If he turns into anything more than that, you've hit big in the six. 

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think we knocked this one out of the park, but time will tell. 


Ridley - prob the best player left on the board, and should help open our offense back up.

Oliver - Huge get, perfect for our scheme and likely pushes poole, who was easy to pick on in coverage, to 4th on the dc.

Senat - Like everyone else, not familiar with him but seems to have good reviews.

Smith - Like this pick a lot, another exploive guy and may be colemans replacement next year.

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1. Calvin Ridley: LOVE this pick. I remember watching Ridley at Bama and telling my wife, "I hope the Falcons take him" the entire season. So glad they did.

2. Isaiah Oliver: He's arguably the best deep ball corner in the draft. Add in his ability to press and his overall athletic profile, and he should have been a first round pick. This was a steal. Falcons were going to go with B.J. Hill if he wasn't available though.

3. Deadrin Senat: Go back and watch some film on this guy. Will remind you a ton of a fat Grady Jarrett when Grady plays the 1-Tech. Eats doubles, keeps working. Could get a little better with his hands to help him with his penetration off the line. However, USF used him as a 0-tech most of the time, and his best fit is really as a 1-tech. Should be a much better pro than college player.

4. Ito Smith: This dude is just Devonta Freeman with better top speed. Love his play. Great pass blocker too.

6. Russell Gage: Special teams ace in the 6th. He should compete for return time. Might also be in there for some gadgety plays on offense. Don't love it. Don't hate it either.

6. Foyesade Oluokun: LOVE this pick too. Oluokun has the athletic profile that Deion Jones has. Dude could potentially challenge for the starting WLB role after a year or two. He's fast, smart and ridiculously good in coverage. Former SS.

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Posted (edited)

1. Calvin Ridley: When Bryan fell to us I thought forsure he'd be the pick. Hes the guy I wanted all along and felt was an absolute perfect fit. So when Ridleys name was announced it kind of caught me off guard. Taking a few minutes to digest the pick I really liked it. Ridley gives us another explosive option in the passing game who can abuse man coverage and gives us an insurance policy for Julio and his injuries. We've effectively locked down our WR1 for the next 8 years. I think another big factor in this pick was the flexibility it gives us with Sanu next season. With cap room needed I think this move all but guarantees this will be Sanus last year in Atlanta..... *Could you imagine Shanny with these weapons*

2. Isaiah Oliver: My favorite pick. Would have been completely fine with taking him in the 1st. Perfect DQ corner.  Finally gives us someone to matchup against the bigger WRs in the divison who always abuse us. Still shocked he fell to us. 

3. Deadrin Senat: Love this pick. Going into the draft Senat was someone I felt like we'd target if we skipped taking a DT in the first two rounds. Senat is a Javon Hargrave clone who I was a big fan of coming out a few years ago. Stout at the POA with sneaky pass rushing upside. Great pick. 

4. Ito Smith: This was the first pick I was indifferent about. Im a fan of Smith but I didn't feel an RB was a huge need at least this season. I also feel like he's extremley similar to Devonta and would have like a back with more power to his game like Kalen Ballage if going RB was a must. Personally I would have gone Maurice Hurst or Tyrell Crosby here. I thought and still think an interior rusher on 3rd downs beside Grady is a need. Hurst would have been perfect in that role. 

6. Russell Gage: Don't know much about Gage. Seems like hes going to be a special teams standout in the mold of Matthew Slater. Mayock had him in his top 100. Bethel and Gage should really get our speical teams until turned around.

6. Foyesade Oluokun: Great pick. Oluokun plays like a heat seeking missle. Prototypical DQ LB. Alot of potenial here and thats all you can ask of out of your late round pick. 

Overall I'd give this draft a B+. Well done. 

Edited by jarren

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 Newbie here but I concur with most of these comments. I think we had a very good draft. Now, can anyone tell me how to like a thread or comment in here? Theres no like button, and yes I am signed in.

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