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Formerly The Gnat's Dynasty League - Drafting

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3 minutes ago, Hagar said:

My thoughts exactly, I was going to take him for the exact same reason (plus I would have had a  Viking on my team)...but  I have mixed feels due to really needing the RB position more than 4 TE's. :)

Yeah getting a Viking on the team didn't hurt either.

Also fun fact: This is my second draft in this league, and Smith is the first time I've actually drafted a rookie. Unintentional, but certainly interesting.

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Im pretty happy with how my draft turned out (I think, this is my first dynasty season so we will see in a couple years)...


1) Josh Jacobs, RB

2) TJ Hockenson, TE

3) Marquise Brown, WR

4) Ryquell Armstead, RB

5) Justin Tucker, K

6) Daniel Jones, QB


Im still overall weak at RB, depth wise, but ultimately better. In hindsight I wish I waited on TE with how the draft fell...but that is the way the cookie crumbles.


QB) Goff, Wilson, Jones

RB) DJ, Bell, Jacobs, Richards, Armstead

WR) OBJ, Shepard, Gordon, Brown, Washington

TE) Henry, Cook, Hockenson

K) Tucker

D) Rams

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6 hours ago, Klomp said:

This was an interesting draft for sure. Board fell much different than a dynasty draft I did about a month ago.

It absolutely did.  It was harder to pace yourself in this draft than others that I have participated in this year.

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