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Jags cut Brad Nortman

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8 hours ago, Speedyg said:

That's a good point about net. I can recall quite a few times that we were just at 40/50 and we punt. On the other hand, I do remember Nortman over kicking  those to the end zone 

Yeah.  That's gonna happen now and then though, when making those type of kicks.  The less often, the better...but in a lot of respects, i feel like those "smaller area" punts are the tougher ones to consistently nail.  Where "net yardage" doesn't necessarily reflect real proficiency.

5 hours ago, DuvalsKing said:

I don't think the cap savings is 2.5 I think its along the lines of actually 1.9 million

Yeah.  That's true as well.  We're not getting the new punter for $0.  It's still costing something to replace Nortman, even if it's a pretty minimal expense.

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