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Rank Your Personal Favorite Draft Picks


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What were your favorite picks that we made from the weekend? Just the players you really like or the value of the pick? Rank a top 3-5 list or even the entire list if you want.

1. Reed - Just flat out baller. I only started watching his clips a few weeks ago but loved the way he competed and his play making ability. Has a big chip on his shoulder and was elite from the day he stepped on the field for Kansas State. Dude had to truly grind to get to this point and I love that. Can't believe Dureyter's staff didn't feel he could help. SMH, but anyways he had no other option but to play JUCO for two years. Williams was very solid last season and we extended him so he won't be easy to beat out, but I'm not counting out Reed in nickel competition. I would wager to bet at some point he will be THE guy there and our KR

2. Pettis - I love Pettis, but the value of the pick was bad IMO, and that drops him to #2. I didn't feel like we needed to trade up for him, and this was classic Shanahan forcing Lynch's hand to get "his guy." He did it twice last year with Beathard/Williams and I thought even then it was unnecessary. But saying that, Pettis' route running ability is second to none in this draft. Or at the very least on par with guys like Ridley. He has enough speed to turn 10 yard gains into 30 yard gains. High points the ball well and is able to create separation with his release off the LOS. Shanahan believes he was the best WR against press coverage which is no small thing. 

3. Warner - He is the modern day NFL LB. If Foster is able to stay out of trouble and not get kicked off the team, then we will have one hell of a duo between him and Warner. Very good play maker at the LB position that will be able to cover out of the back field and opposing TEs. How well he sheds blocks is still a question mark but if Foster is the MIKE, then it won't be that big of an issue. Probably top 3-5 sideline to sideline LB in the draft. Should be able to start during the time Foster is suspended and may possibly start over Smith even when Foster returns.

4. McGlinchey- Absolutely hated this pick when it was first rumored, but made more sense after the team was looking to get rid of Brown. Still not convinced he will be an upgrade over Brown, at least not early on, but a better fit for Shanny's scheme. Garoppolo's quick release mitigates some of McGlinchey's deficiencies in pass protection, but he should help the run game far more so than Brown ever did. Seems to be a sharp guy who was a leader for ND the last few years. Felt much better about the pick after reading Ted Nguyen's breakdown. 

5. Moore- Even though I didn't see much of him, love the measurables and his versatility. He's not going to play in year one aside from STs in all likelihood, but will be interesting to see how he develops into the new position. Culliver was able to transition quickly and became a day one contributor, but he may have been an anomaly. Looks to be fluid in his movements and a good play maker, but this is a 2019 pick. Gets to learn from one of the best to ever do it in Sherman that will help. 

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1. Fred Warner. For a third round pick this is great value. Can start in place of Foster at the start of the season and can compete with Smith for WILL.


2. Mike McGlinchey. While it may not be the best value i like the player. Instant improvement in the run game and while i like Brown i can completely understand the thought of shipping him out when you are in the rebuild we are in.


3. Dante Pettis. Great route runner that is another piece for Shanahan to play with. Can play both on the inside and outside and also an instant upgrade at PR.


4. Richie Morris. Another chess piece in the passing game. Mostly on the inside but offers a completely different type of presence than Taylor does. Having the flexibility to throw so many different types of receivers at a defense is something i actually prefer over a situation like the Lions had when Johnson was there.


5. DJ Reed. Dude just goes out there and leaves everything on the pitch. Starts off as KR probably and will compete with Ward and Williams as the nickle/dime corner. 

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1. DJ Reed - maybe because he's the guy I knew most about when we picked him, maybe its because he's got a mouth that can rival Sherman's. Him and Elijah Lee were close in college, we must have known about him since last year and kept him in our plans. 

2. McGlinchey - After the Brown trade this pick is an obvious win. I dont even know who the next best tackle in this draft is, I thought Crosby but he tumbled so what do I know. So much hype on the interior guys that he almost flew under the radar by us. Let it forever be known that Shanny's offensive line hierarchy of lineman goes OT>C>G as it should. 

3. Warner - Special talent in coverage, reminds me of Eric Reid at backer tbh (which i didnt mind). I dont know if he's a plug in play guy quite yet but i'd be happy to see him contribute immediately. 

4. Jullian Taylor - Dude is a physical specimen, I'm really excited about him. Very aldon esque body but I havent seen him bend from the edge, he looks like he's played mostly interior. I found this video of him stacking and shedding Q. Nelson for a tfl which was nice to see. 


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Wow, this is going to be tough. My faves are our top 3....

Pettis: My favorite WR in this draft. Probably the best route-runner, good hands, quickness and some speed to go with it all. Love this pick and endorse the trade up as well. 

Warner: My next preference at LB when Smit/Edmunds/Vander Esch were gone. Was ecstatic to see him taken immediately after my fave WR. What a back to back charge for me! Amazing, IMO.

McGlinchey: Size, attitude, smarts, high work ethic and willingness to learn. Guy is a really good run blocker and I am confident he will put in the effort to get better at pass blocking. I think Jimmy smiled big when this guy was picked.

DJ Ward: At 1st his size made me wonder, but no more. Sold on him. Tested vs high powered passing attacks in my Big 12 Conference. 

For me, the jury is out on the rest...I shall wait and see. They certainly didn't excite me too much. 

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1. Fred Warner
This was someone I was locked in on for a while now and getting him at the top of the 3rd is excellent value. He will be our starting WILL by his 2nd or 3rd year. I can see him sharing MIKE duties this year until Foster returns. Coyle as the base down 4-3 MIKE and Warner as the 3rd down nickel MIKE. 

2. Tarvarius Moore
The size, speed, and playmaking ability is just too exciting to not love. I don't really know if we got good value on the pick, but I can see him being a major contributor/starter 2 or 3 years from now if he develops properly. I don't see him getting on the field much this season, which hurts since our CB depth is pretty bad.

3. Mike McGlinchey
Personally, I've really done a 180 on my opinion of him since Thursday night. I didn't like the pick at first, but now after learning more about him, I like the pick more. It really helps that he's coming from Notre Dame, as they have a great reputation of producing quality O-linemen that are already polished. He needs work in the passing game, but I think before his rookie deal is up, he will be our best lineman.

4. Dante Pettis
Admittedly, I didn't like the pick at first. I didn't understand it and thought it was too redundant. But after learning more about his playing style, it sounds like he is someone who can play inside and outside, wins with a combination of athleticism and route running skills, and really does damage in the short to intermediate areas, which is Jimmy G's strength. I don't think drafting Pettis means Taylor is on his way out, I think that Shanahan just loves WR's who can be lethal in the short to intermediate areas. 

5. D.J. Moore
I was confused by this pick at first because of our need for more outside corners, but I think this was a guy that the niners felt was just too good to pass up. I love his attitude and confidence. Coming in as a 5th round pick that was constantly overlooked, yet was a playmaker everywhere he went makes me feel pretty good about his ability to compete and win a job. I think he could force K'waun Williams out of the picture in a year or two. 

6. Kentavius Street
A lot of people (me included), were surprised and disappointed by this pick. The last thing we need is another interior D-lineman. But after looking into him more, it sounds like he was a very intriguing and disruptive player from the inside that is insanely strong and quick. The ACL injury may take some of his quickness away, but I'm interested to see what he's going to look like next year. I can see him being Buckner's backup or playing at big end eventually. 


Overall, I'm very intrigued and excited about most of our picks this year. I think we're getting some quality playmakers on the team. Yeah, the value wasn't there for some of them, but in the end, I think our team is better now than what it was last week at this time. 

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1. Tarvarius Moore

2. Dante Pettis 

Ultimately, I think history will judge this class's success on these two prospects, because I think both of these are boom or bust picks. We either hit home runs or struck out swinging. With McGlinchey, I think his floor is high enough that even if he ends up not being a total scheme fit, he will be a serviceable tackle. If he's great (say Staley level), then he'll be a great continuation of what we've experienced at the tackle position for the last decade (and that's a great thing). So then we will look to these two to judge the totality of the 2018 class. I think both are capable of being game-changers on their respective sides of the ball.

3. Richie James

He's going to take a little longer to get going, but I think he can be a long-term weapon on this team. Really love the playmaking talent makeover on this team. No excuses - Shanny has his type of players in spades now. 

4. DJ Reed

Would love to say I'm more enthused by position groups other than WR/CB, but that's largely not the case. I love the guys we chose here, even as they became redundant.

5. Fred Warner

I DO love this pick as well, though. Great choice. Just more intrigued by the skillsets/ceilings of the above guys.

6. Mike McGlinchey

To be fair, the only lineman in this draft that we could have chosen that might have ranked higher than this was Nelson. That's not so much a statement about the quality of linemen in this class, but rather a statement of how much I can be excited/intrigued by offensive linemen. WRs/DBs/etc. just have a much larger range of possibilities to make plays. Dirty work is necessary/more important, just not as "exciting." I'm hoping McGlinchey can ultimately get to at least Staley-level.

7. Jullian Taylor

If he amounts to even just a rotational guy, cool.

8. Marcell Harris

Like the player. I think he might be healthy enough to be able to contribute in 2018. I am just over the DBs at this point in the draft. Only a box safety, so only a Tartt backup. Might be able to do the Eric Reid LB role in certain packages.

9. Kentavius Street 

Ask again in 2019, I suppose. 


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1 minute ago, J-ALL-DAY said:

Interesting that you see Pettis as a boom/bust pick. If he hits, who do you compare him to? 

I compare Pettis to Pierre Garcon. He's deadly in the short/intermediate areas, knows how to get open, not afraid to mix it up with defenders, and catches well. He adds the threat of punt returning, too. I see Pettis as a dynamic playmaker that is tailor-made for Shanahan.

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26 minutes ago, NinerNation21 said:

I compare Pettis to Pierre Garcon. He's deadly in the short/intermediate areas, knows how to get open, not afraid to mix it up with defenders, and catches well. He adds the threat of punt returning, too. I see Pettis as a dynamic playmaker that is tailor-made for Shanahan.

In your rankings post, you meant DJ Reed of course, correct? Thought I would point out that you have DJ Moore on that list...wishful thinking perhaps? 

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35 minutes ago, y2lamanaki said:

Emmanuel Sanders I think is the best comparison I can think of (in terms of receiving).

Prime Wallace or sanders Is well worth a second. I actually think He compares to a Young garcon 

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1 minute ago, John232 said:

My favorite picks.



1. Fred Warner

2. DJ Reed


3. Richie James

4. Tavarius Moore

meh picks 

5. Mcglinchey

6. Pettis

7. Julian Taylor


8. Street

9. Harris

I pretty much agree. I didn't think that nickel corner or 3rd down converting slot receiver were top needs, but they both could use depth and I really liked both Ritchie James and DJ Reed for those roles. I think Warner and Tavarious Moore are excellent scheme fits, though I am still frustrated by some of the players we passed up there in the middle rounds. Pettis and McGlinchey are mildly growing on me. Kentavious Street rubbed me very much the wrong way.

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Hey, can we drop the label that Mayock erroneously gave Pettis? If you watch him, he is so much more than just a 'natural slot receiver'. I cringed when Mayock emphasized that. I do not recall another time when I disagreed most with him over a particular prospect. He looked at his size and made a hasty judgement. His skills say otherwise. He can play anywhere, just like our staff have said.


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