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It's time to get excited about the Chiefs D again!

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New article about the CB going into camp. The default position seems to be Fuller on one side with Amerson and Nelson arguing over CB2 and Nickel, with both playing a lot. Pardon me if I am underwhelmed. https://www.arrowheadpride.com/2018/7/16/17572792/chiefs-training-camp-im-most-looking-forward-to-watching-the-cornerbacks

No offense to Steven Nelson, but I would be most comfortable with him playing 18-20 snaps per game. Solid is his upside. Amerson might be a bit better in some uses, but has much more flop potential. What excites me about our CB unit are the dice rolls.

Roll #1: Will Redmond

  • Top 50 talent
  • scary injury history
  • no production yet at this level

Roll #2: Tremon Smith 

  • Who? From Where? Central Arkansas U, that's where.
  • 6th round pick
  • Tyreek Hill speed
  • Former QB and WR

Roll #3: Arrion Springs 

  • UDFA
  • Three-year starter at Oregon
  • leg and feet issues may have knocked him down (bowlegged, pigeon-toed)
  • Improved throughout college

Redmond is the guy that could really shake up camp. If he is fully healthy, he has the talent and time in league to take the CB2 job outright.  In my mind, Tremon Smith will make an impact with the Special Teams. His blazing speed is tailored for the new KO rules. He's also sticky-fingered and returns punts. I can see him coming out of camp as the dime back and ST Ace. By end of season, still ST Ace, but covering the fast slot receivers. The talent is there to do it faster. Springs is under the radar. I suspect that most years he would be drafted. Few three years starters from top programs cannot manage the NFL. The question is not if, but when.

Camp is just over a week away. Go hit something.


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