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Official Houston Rockets Thread: The future is bright the present is bleak

Pastor Dillon

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well the game Saturday played out like every time we go to Memphis. Still, without Cp3 and Gordon, we did have a 2nd half lead. 

Capela has turned into a beast, now if he can just stay out of foul trouble. Thats the only thing hurting his game right now. He's getting just under 14/11 on the season while shooting a lead leading .729 from 3 point range. 

oh and Capela is a 90% free throw so far this year shooting 10 of 11 from the free throw line. Thats a small sample size, but its encouraging anyway. 

He's got all nba potential....let me explain that. Last year, because of the Center requirement, Rudy Gobert and Deandre Jordan were 2nd and 3rd team all nba.

Gobert averaged 14/12.8/2.6 per game shooting .661 from the field. Widely regarded as a top NBA defensive Center

Jordan averaged 12.7/13.8/1.7 per game shooting .714 from the floor, and was 3rd in the league in rebounds. 


Capela  still has a ways to go, but its not impossible at the weak Center position, for a guy on a top seed to get a look. Granted Embiid, Towns and Gasol are all going to be back. There is also the possibility that Aldridge gets considered a center the way Davis did. Still Capela is playing pretty well if he can stay on the court and out of foul trouble

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Rockets are playing like garbage right now. Outside of Dallas and Charolette we have not looked great. Still sitting 5-3 is nice. We should win the next two over the Knicks and Hawks but who knows. Porzingis will ball. We should probably put Mbah A Moute on him. Hardaway is a Rockets killer as well. 

Im recording it to watch late tonight so hopefully we get it rolling. 

Hopefully CP3 is back in a week or so 

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OH Atlanta, i think we have lost like 4 straight years in Atlanta. I hope we destroy them and dont have a let down game. I had us at 8-2 to start the year, so we are already a game behind thanks to the 76ers. We need to beat the Hawks and then figure out a way to beat the Jazz. With as bad as we shoot at home, it will be a tough game against the great D the Jazz play.

then we get a break before we play the Cavs. 

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Big time match up for us tonight. We are still without CP3, but I want to see how we stack up against the Cavs. They have not played well to start the season, but Lebron and the boys seem to show up in prime time match ups. 

Derrick Rose will not be playing. Luc Mbah a Moute is still struggling with a sore knee and might miss the game for the Rockets. That will be a huge loss. Hes really our #1 option for throwing some D at Lebron. 

I am guessing that the Cavs will Start Wade/Smith/Lebron/Crowder/Love If they do that, then we should be able to run some major pick and roll. Love can't cover the paint and Wade or Smith can't stop Harden in the P&R. They will have to collapse and leave Gordon, Anderson or Ariza wide open. I suspect they put Lebron on Ariza because hes the safest of the 3 to leave open and give some help D with. 

honestly the Cavs have been terrible on defense this year. They have by far the worst Defense so far this year, but they rank #2 on offense. We actually have the 11th rated D, but thats not going to be as good without Mbah A Moute. The guy is a stud on D. In this match up, he could literally play all 5 positions. I am really hoping we can lock him up this off season on a cheaper deal. It might signal the end of Ariza as a rocket, but with Tucker and Moute, we can afford that loss. It also might convince Ariza to sign a smaller deal. 

I feel like we can flip Anderson next off season at the cost of just a 1st round pick. We would end up with a starting 5 of Cp3/Harden/Tucker/Moute/Capela with Gordon/Nene off the bench and then add two more guys on cheap deals to fill up the rotation. 

That 7 man rotation alone, assuming Monte signs for something like 8 million per, hopefully less, would cost us a lot. I am hoping that CP3 realizes it will handicap our team if he makes us give him the 35 million a year max, but assuming he does, we have 123 million tied up (assuming Capela gets about 25 million a year max deal). thats a lot to tie up in 7 players, which is also the projected Luxury tax line for next year. 

Ideally we would get CP3 to sign like a 3 year 80 million deal that starts at about 25 million in the 1st year and convince Capela to take about 20 million a year. Also maybe we can get Moute to take a 3 year 20 million deal, and we would free up about 16 million under the Luxury tax. We can give Ariza a 2 year 20 million deal and use the other 6 million on some vet minimums and UDFAs to keep us under the tax line or just barely over it. Basically we bring back the same team minus Anderson.

I am going to cry if we give Cp3 a 4 year 160 million deal unless we make it to like game 6 of the WCF

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Capela had probably his best game ever last night. He won us a game. Clint Capela won us a game against Lebron James....what a time to be alive.

Also dont look now, but Capela ranks 5th in blocked shots and 8th in rebounds despite only playing 24.8 minutes per game.....for comparison, everyone in the top 20 of rebounding plays more minutes than Capela does. He also leads the leaguing Shooting % and is hitting 72% of his free throws. 

put another way, the off season work by Capela to improve his free throw shooting resulted in a win last night. He was able to play the 4th quarter because of that. 

The Capela max is going to be 26 million. I really dont want to tie up 45 million next off season between CP3 and Capela, but we cant let Capela walk. I guess the plan is to let him go into restricted free agency with a standing offer around 15 million per year over 4 years. let the market determine his value and then match anything he gets. Honestly hes perfect for what we are doing but he wont fit that well with a lot of other teams. 

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CP3 should be close to a full go with little minutes restriction. Anderson and Gordon are both suppose to be back tonight. 

3 games home stand at full strength against teams we should beat. As long as we don't slip up we should get to beat all 3 and work out the issues. Harden seems to be struggling just a little at playing off ball. Maybe not struggling but playing slowly  

who doesn't like the idea of Harden playing the 3 & D role? 

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it's nice to be sitting at 15-4 at this point in the season. I think we are almost a lock for the 2 seed. I am not sure we can keep pace with the warriors, but we have still had a lot of struggles this year. Missing CP3 for 13 games hurt us a lot. Gordon, Anderson, Mbah A Moute and Ariza have all missed games already this season as well.

We need to focus this week because the schedule is kind to us. Home game tonight against Brooklyn and then another home game against a pretty decent Pacers team, but we blew them out a few weeks ago. Then we end the week playing the Lakers, which we should be able to win. That would get us to 18-4, which would be a very good thing, because we are about to enter a tough couple weeks. We have played a pretty easy schedule so far this season. that changes starting next week.

New Orleans
San Antonio

Thats a tough 13 game stretch to end the year but we get a good 7 games and 2 weeks of being at home.  if we play well and go say 9-4 during that stretch, we would enter the new year sitting at 27-8...which is on pace for a 63 win season, which would be a huge success for us. 

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I really want to add another player to the roster. Someone that can play but doesn't have to be in the rotation. 

Lull Deng would be a nice pick up if the lakers would reach a buy out with him. 

Ryan anderson needs to go as soon as the draft is over. We will be able to attach a 2019 1st rounder to him and he will only have 2 years left. We should be able to flip him at that point. 

I liked what we saw from this Weber kid the other night. He played hard D and in the 1st half played well enough for harden to get a rest. 

As for tonight it's looking like a 3rd loss. Maybe Capela is back, because without him it might be a blow out loss. We just need to hope for a westbrick sighting and Harden needs to make tough shots because Roberson and PG will lock him down 

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On 12/25/2017 at 1:38 PM, Texansfan713 said:

Leandro Barbosa makes too much sense to not get him.  I know he is overseas but can we still sign him?  He knows D'Antoni's offense and he is a much better option than Weber, Bobby Brown and Demetrius Jackson. 

yep. I wanted him this off season. Hes a guy who can shoot, handle the ball, and while he cant play big minutes anymore, he can also keep it together sitting on the bench and not playing when we are healthy. Hes not averaged over 15 minutes a game in years, but we only need him to play like 12 minutes a night when one of Harden/Gordon/CP3 is hurt.

on another note, Capela has a broken face and will miss the back to back against the Celtics and Wizards. Neither team has a dominate big man, so thats good. Horford averages 7.7 rebounds and Gortat is getting 8.5 a game. its going to get iffy unless Nene can play both games. I guess we probably need Nene against the Wizards more than the Celtics if he is going sit one of them. 

I said in a previous post that with our tough December schedule, I wanted to see us get to 27-8 at the end of the year. We just need to go 2-1 against Boston, Washington, and LA. I suspect we come out and play mad against the Lakers on Sunday. 

really we need to get everyone healthy for the game against the Warriors on January 4th. Its a back to back but we should have CP3, Capela and hopefully Moute back by then. 


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Its crazy that we have hit this rough patch and we are actually 1 game worse at the 1/2 way point than we were last year. Still this team is much better. We have only seen a glimpse of what we can do.

when Harden/CP3/Capela all play we are 15-0, thats good.

Luc Mbah A moute is a game time decision for Monday Night, which means he will be back Thursday for sure. I also think Harden comes back on Thursday night, if not then on Saturday for the Warriors game. I really dont want to see him come back first night out against the Warriors, but oh well. 

once we get past this Wolves/Warriors games then we have an easier schedule before playing the Spurs and Cavs in consecutive road games. 

If guys come back, we can get to all star break 42-15, which would be 2 games ahead of last year

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