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Pastor Dillon

Official Houston Rockets Thread: Where no lead is safe

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Somehow Morey turned Anderson’s contract into Shumpert at the cost of a 1 round pick and got us out of the tax without compromising our roster. 

Pretty impressive. I think we still have the money to bring house back. 

Also this gets us well below the tax for next year and will mean we won’t have to pay the repeater tax during the CP3 contract. 

I like Ennis over Shump but the difference isn’t that big. 

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A couple of note worthy things:

Cp3/Gordon/Harden/Tucker/Capela starting 5 has only started 6 games together. We are 5-1 in those 6 starts, with the 1 loss coming by 2 points to the heat in a game CP3 played 12 minutes before leaving for 5 weeks due to injury. 

We have had players miss a combined 149 games due to injuries

Since the last time our starting 5 all played together we have added Austin Rivers, Iman Shumpert and Kenneth Faried to our bench at the expense of James Ennis, who was the last time our starting 5 was playing together anyway. 

We also will be adding 2 players by thursday, granted they wont be expected to be contributors. 


should make for an exciting finish. We need to go 17-8 to reach 50 wins. I would guess we need to go 20-5 to have any chance at the 3 seed. 


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well, i guess its time to bump this thread. 

This season stung a little. Honestly I was thrilled to win 2 against the warriors until the KD injury, and then it really hurt that we couldnt beat them. 

After having some time to reflect, I have some positive thoughts:

Harden had one of his best Post Seasons ever. His shooting number was still down, but a lot of that is from 2 really terrible shooting games, one of which we won, and the other, well the refs admitted to missing about 3 calls that would have changed his %. Nevertheless, he performed much better than he has historically. 

Against the warriors he averaged 35/7/5/2 shooting 46/36/82 so I'll take those numbers from him all day long. 


CP3 looks like hes lost a step, but the guy still has some great ball handling skills. I think he will never live up to his contract, but he can remain an important player for us for the next 2-3 years. He's just not going to be an iso guy or a 20 point scorer. Hes going to be a 3 and D guy when Harden is in the game and hes going to be run the offense guy when hes not. CP3's game 6 performance was very nice. 27/11/6. It gives me hope that we can get more of that in big moments next season. 


I don't buy the narrative that we blew game 6. I fully believe that Curry took game 6 from us, which I can live with. He was amazing in the 4th quarter and we played him about as well as we can. Iggy stepped up big. Thompson kept them in early. Green is a beast in the playoffs because the refs dont call as many fouls. We got everything we wanted, more rebounds, fewer turnovers and better 3 point shooting. In the end it wasn't enough


I also don't buy the "Window is closed" narrative. I still 100% believe we are the 2nd best team in the West. I also believe we would beat anyone in the east, struggling the most with the bucks and possibly losing that one. You don't blow that up when you have aging players, you try again. 


10 things moving forward:

1. resign MDA. We might as well ride with him the next couple years

2. don't trade any of our starting 5. They have been really good together, especially against 28 teams not named the warriors. Same for Capela. The only way I would trade Capela would be if we get a starting level wing for him, AND Deandre jordan is willing to take a pay cut to play here. Assuming neither is true, we need to keep him. 

3. Resign Shumpert. This is the easiest choice of the off season. Morey has the green light to pay the tax, avoiding it this season made a huge difference for us not getting into the repeater tax. Shumpert has a cap hold of like 15 million. there is no way hes going to make that kind of money. We need to give him a 1 year 8-9 million deal for a number of reasons. #1 hes a playoff rotation caliber player who we can't replace. #2. Having his expiring 1 year deal on the books come trade deadline season gives us more options. There is no reason to not sign Shumpert

4. Resign Gerald Green. Again, we own bird rights on him and can give him a 1 year 5 or 6 million deal that can be traded or just used to give us a solid bench player. 

5. Check out the market on Faried and Rivers. I think rivers is a 4/40 million player, which we obviously can't pay him. I would be willing to give Rivers our full MLE to bring him back, he was that important for us, and knowing CP3 will miss 20 games minimum, we need rivers back.  Faried is a different story. I think we should give him a standing 1 year vet min offer and then let him explore his options. If he can come back, we can use him as a back up big and spend more time experimenting with PF Faried shooting 3s. 

6. Give Danuel House the best offer we can give him, and then let it work itself out. I think we can pay him 2 million a year, which is slightly higher than the minimum. I like House, and he was great for us in the regular season before falling apart. I want him back but not at the expense of our MLE. 

7. I want to see growth from Clark and Hartenstine. These two guys are really the only chance for internal improvement, and I think they have the skills they need. Hartenstine is as good as you can be in the G-League, which means very little in the big leagues, but it means he has potential. I expect him to be a major rotation piece in his 3rd season, which is why I only want to offer Faried a 1 year deal. Clark has PJ Tucker potential. I would love to see him develop into an energy defender who can knock down open 3s. He flashed potential early on, stepped up and played big minutes when he had to, that says a lot about his character. 

8. Trade nene or convince him to retire. He just takes up space that he shouldnt be taking up, and are we really going to pay over 3 million in taxes for him to be on the roster next year?

9. Minute restrict CP3. We need to be religious about this in the regular season. No more back to backs ever. keep him around 28 minutes a night.

10. Find another wing with our MLE or a vet Minimum. Someone has to be out there for us. a couple guys probably out of range that I like are:

Danny Green,

Wesley Matthews,


Marvin Williams(but i doubt he opts out),

Caldwell-Pope(though he might think hes worth the money hes been getting),   

Rudy Gay (my man crush every season),

Demarre Carroll

Thabo Sefolosha 


Either way, October can't get here quick enough! 

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Posted (edited)

I don't think the window is closed, but your basically hoping for GSW to lose a key player or 2 in FA or due to injury. With a tail-end of his prime CP3 you had a real shot, but he appears to be past that stage

Edited by amac

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37 minutes ago, amac said:

I don't think the window is closed, but your basically hoping for GSW to lose a key player or 2 in FA or due to injury. With a tail-end of his prime CP3 you had a real shot, but he appears to be past that stage

its possible for us to beat the warriors as is. we just need a few more lucky bounces to go in. We've gone to 7 games last year and had the closest 6 game series in history this year. We aren't that far off, just havent been able to get it done. 

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