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Pastor Dillon

Official Houston Rockets Thread: Where no lead is safe

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2 hours ago, Leader said:

I think the "great Westbrook experiment" is working just fine. At the time of the trade all the fuss was how they couldnt/wouldnt work together and how it (and the team) would fail. The team's record indicates otherwise. HOU is a shade behind the LAC and moving up.

I've not watched a great deal of HOU games but from what I've read - Westbrook now is who Westbrook was when brought over from OKC. Strengths and deficiencies there seem to be playing out pretty much the same - which leads you to consider the record. The imminent demise of the Rockets has not occurred. How the players evolve over the course of the season will tell the tale. 

Their record wasn't going to be affected all that much in the regular season. Harden alone keeps them afloat. The question was whether it was worth it come playoff time and if Westbrook made them better. That answer so far has been an easy no.

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It’s been a typical Houston rockets season. We have the talent to beat anyone and yet we have the lack of discipline to get beat by anyone. 

based on my counting, we are a -4 on the season as far as games we should have won. That’s figured on things like blowing a 22 point lead to the spurs or blowing an 8 point lead in the final minute to the clippers and not based on team record. We’ve lost 6 games we shouldn’t have and we’ve won 2 games we shouldn’t have so a -4 is where we are at. 

these are the games we didn’t lose when we finished the 1 seed. 

honestly, I’d rather finish the 2 or 3 seed and hope the clippers finish 4. I’d love to see a bracket of 

1. Lakers

2. rockets 

3. nuggets

4. clippers

5. Mavericks 

6. Jazz

7. thunder

8. Spurs 

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Idk if small ball can win, but we’ve got the personnel to give it a shot. Hartenstien and Clemons are off to the g-league. So our roster looks like this 






outside of Westbrook and rivers, the rest are 33% or better career 3 point shooters. 

lots of depth and ability to switch at will. 

problem might be deciding which 8-9 guys will be playoff rotation players. 
westbrook/harden/Covington/Tucker will close out games and Rivers/Gordon/House/McLemore/Carroll will all be possibly that 5th guy depending on the night and the match up. 

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