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James Lofton

Will new WRs be better than last years rookies?

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Highly regarded coach Luke Getsy moved on to become an OC, here is his highly regarded replacement at WR coach

The Green Bay Packers named David Raih wide receivers coach on Jan. 24, 2018. Raih (RYE) has been with the Packers for the past four seasons, spending 2014-15 as a coaching administrator, 2016 as assistant offensive line coach and last season as offensive perimeter coach

He's got his hands full this offseason trying to mold....3 rookies, some young vets, some older vets and UDFAs into a winning WR crew


"Each coaching stop immersed Raih in a different culture. He witnessed Rick Neuheisel’s infectious charisma and enthusiasm at UCLA, Kirk Ferentz’s elevated fundamentals at Iowa and Kliff Kingsbury’s quiet intensity at Texas Tech."


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I thought Raih was a good hire with solid background from UCLA, IOWA, and TT.

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In 2011 Packers passing game was ridiculously good

They had 5 pass catchers who exceeded 12 yards / catch for the season. Nelson, Jones, Jennings, Finley and Driver in that order

Jordy Nelson averaged a whopping 18.4 yds / catch in 2011

In 2017, the Packers had only Davante Adams who achieved the 12 yds / catch metric

Jordy came in at only 9.1 yards per catch for the year


Philbin and Raih and MM are gonna have to find a way to squeeze more out of everybody, including the athletic rookie WRs

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