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2018 Post Draft/FA Playoff Predictions

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Playoff seeds
1 New England Patriots (East winner) Philadelphia Eagles (East winner)
2 Pittsburgh Steelers (North winner) Minnesota Vikings (North winner)
3 Jacksonville Jaguars (South winner) Los Angeles Rams (West winner)
4 Kansas City Chiefs (West winner) New Orleans Saints (South winner)
5 Tennessee Titans (wild card) Carolina Panthers (wild card)
6 Buffalo Bills (wild card) Atlanta Falcons (wild card)


This year (prediction):

1. Jacksonville 

2. Pittsburgh

3. New England

4. LA Chargers

5. Tennessee

6. Denver

Out:  Bills and Chiefs In: Chargers and Broncos.

Jags probably have best defense in the entire league and along with a good running game will win games old school.  Won't be easy as its the toughest division in the AFC; Luck is back, Titans are stacked and Houston has some all world players.  Tennessee and Jacksonville are probably two most talented teams in the entire AFC.

Pittsburgh seems to be sliding a bit, but are still best in their division and have a lot of offensive weapons.

New England is definitely on paper not as good as last year and everyone is one year older.   Division is still worst in AFC and Brady and Belichick are still there.

LA Chargers because they can't have bad injury luck forever.  9-7 last year, and KC went with the rookie QB.   Rivers needs to win now or hang it up soon.  Broncos should not be a doormat this year making this division almost as tough as the South.  


1. Atlanta

2. LA Rams

3. Philly

4. Minnesota

5. New Orleans

6. Dallas

In: Dallas  Out:    Panthers 

Atlanta has been oh so close two years in a row and just added two good draft picks that should help immediately.  They are a Super Bowl contender again.  

LA Rams played fantasy football in offseason and added a bunch of names.   Maybe not as good as they look on paper, because that is almost always the case.  Still best team in their division by a good margin.

Philly defending SB champs and look to be loaded again.  Cowboys and Giants should be a lot better in 2018 however.  Division was bad last year when on paper it was one of the best.

Vikings are still class of the North.  Won't be quite as easy as last year.  Detroit should be a bit better this year.  Chicago is much improved and GB seems about the same.

NO is a SB contender who plays in toughest division in football.  Falcons are loaded.  Carolina still has its perennial all pros and Tampa Bay just loaded up its defense and picked up a RB.

Dallas lost two all time greats, but Dev was a distraction because of his personality.  Whitten hurts though.  Still even with that, Zeke has last years nightmare of his own making behind him and OLine is healthy again and added a good draft pick to mix.  Defense looks to be much improved as well.  Dallas went out and plugged most of its holes in the draft.  Good chance they make playoffs.  






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Jags won a ton of close games last year and lost some that they should have won. By no means am I implying that they suck, but I think they caught a ton of breaks last year.

1. Steelers
2. Chargers
3. Patriots
4. Jaguars
5. Titans
6. Texans

1. Rams
2. Vikings
3. Saints
4. Eagles
5. Falcons
6. Packers

Wild Card
Pats over Texans, Titans over Jags
Saints over Packers, Falcons over Eagles

Steelers over Titans, Chargers over Pats
Saints over Vikings, Rams over Falcons

Chargers over Steelers, Saints over Rams

Super Bowl
Chargers 33, Saints 29

Top 5 picks in the draft next year- (1) Colts, (2) Bengals, (3) Jets, (4) Cardinals, (5) Dolphins
OROY- Anthony Miller
DROY- Bradley Chubb
COY- Anthony Lynn
Comeback POY- Dalvin Cook
DPOY- Aaron Donald
MVP- Philip Rivers

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You didn't pick Smith has DROY? 

(Walking naked)  Shame.... Shame.... Shame....

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I’ll give it a shot:


1. Pittsburgh 13-3 

2. New England 13-3 

3. Denver 11-5 

4. Houston 11-5 

5. Los Angeles 10-6 

6. Tennessee 10-6 



1. Atlanta 12-4 

2. Los Angeles 12-4 

3. Minnesota 11-5 

4. Philadelphia 10-6 

5. New Orleans 11-5 

6. Chicago 10-6 

Wild Card

Vikings over Bears, Saints over Eagles, Broncos over Titans, Texans over Chargers 


Rams over Vikings, Falcons over Saints, Broncos over Patriots, Steelers over Texans


Rams over Falcons, Steelers over Broncos

Super Bowl

Rams over Steelers

Top 5 Picks next year: 1. NYG (3-13), OAK (4-12), AZ (4-12), NYJ (5-11), SF (5-11)

OROY B. Mayfield - CLE

DROY R. Smith - CHI

COY V. Joseph - DEN

Comeback POY Julian Edelman - NE

DPOY Von Miller - DEN

MVP Matt Ryan - ATL


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9 hours ago, dll2000 said:

You didn't pick Smith has DROY? 

(Walking naked)  Shame.... Shame.... Shame....

^^^ Nearing 1 am and I thought you said "Shane Shane Shane"   

Felt slightly uneasy until I realized I can't read. One of the few times illiteracy IS the better option.

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On 4/29/2018 at 9:35 AM, Superman(DH23) said:


NE 12-4

Buf 7-9

Mia 4-12

NYJ 3-13



Pit 11-5

Bal 8-8

Cle 5-11

Cin 2-14



Jax 14-2

Hou 12-4

Ten 9-7

Ind 3-13



KC 13-3

Lac 12-4

Den 7-9

Oak 3-13



Phi 13-3

Dal 4-12

Was 4-12

NYG 4-12



GB 12-4

Chi 10-6

Min 9-7

Det 7-9



NO 14-2

Atl 12-4

Car 6-10

TB 6-10



LAR 14-2

SF 7-9

Sea 5-11

Ari 3-13


Wild card

Hou at NE

LAC at Pit

Chi at Phi

Atl at GB



NE at KC

Pit at JAX

Phi at LAR

GB at NO









Most Valuable Player: Drew Brees

Offensive Player of the Year: Aaron Rodgers

Defensive Player of the Year: Aaron Donald

Offensive Rookie of the Year: Derrius Guice

Defensive Rookie of the Year: Roquan Smith

Comeback Player of the Year: Allen Robinson

Coach of the Year: Doug Marrone

Just the results of me picking every game.

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