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Jordan Lasley- The Fifth Element

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I’m letting it be known for good or for bad.

Back in 2012, I started the Tucker’s gonna Tuck campaign when he was still just a measly undrafted free agent trying out for the position in rookie camp. I created a sig for a KICKER, long before he became what he is today. Largely because of his insane confidence.

Jordan Lasley is the first time I’ve gotten this feeling of greatness from a non-high round player since Justin Tucker. I’m strapped into the #1 spot on his bandwagon. Click. Click. (Did wagons have seat belts??) Let’s see how this ride goes.?

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Lasley is definitely a character, telling Ozzie you're the league's next F%&K up is bold. That label can cut both ways though, so I hope he stays aware and lives up to his potential.



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