The Bizzaro Dynasty League (BDL) was created in the summer of 2011 during the NFL Lockout following the 2011 NFL Draft. A lot of us were really bored and were looking for something to keep us occupied. In the beginning the league consisted of 16 teams, that were composed of 2 NFL rosters mashed together. We manage a cap, trades, waivers, free agency, a draft and pretty much anything else that pertains to running a team. 

Lasting for years to come is what has brought us to this point. A group of posters from another forum have decided to migrate ourselves and our mock/sim/fantasy Dynasty League here because our current forum is dying. We chose FF because this was the place most likely to attract co-owners, potential new owners and just more interest in general.  2018 BDL Roster East Division Camden Hood Rats – @Jlash *2014 BDL Champions
Charleston Dingos – @DingoLadd
Gotham Gashslayers – @pheltzbahr *2015 BDL Champions
Orlando Ospreys – @SkunkApes co owner @Hockey5djh 

West Division 

Oklahoma City Rogues – @Whicker
Long Beach Leprechauns – @Counselor *2012 BDL Champions
Louisiana Jazz – @WFLukic
Wichita Woodpeckers – @PR

Atlantic Division 

Berlin Blitzkrieg – @Ragnarok
Cuba Smugglers – @MD4L 
London Knights – @RuskieTitan
Rome Eternals – @bcb1213*2017 BDL Champions

Pacific Division 

Compton Black Panthers – OPEN
Portland Horned Owls – @OleXmad
Seoul Dragons – @TedLavie *2016 BDL Champions
Singapore Sentinels – @SirA1

Ruling Committee : JLash, bcb1213, TedLavie / Backup: Ragnarok 
Roster Sheets: SirA, TedLavie, Bcb1213, Ragnarok 
Standings: ?
Waivers: bcb1213 
Schedule: bcbc1213 
Trade Council: Ragnarok; SirA; miamidolphin4life; PR; JLash/ Backup: pheltzbahr 
Contract Committee: Ragnarok; SirA; JLash; miamidolphin4life; Bcb1213; Vacant / Backup: pheltzbahr 

Roster Management 

There are four ways to add players onto your team: 

Draft April 10th 

The BDL draft is very similar to the NFL draft: 7 rounds in which teams pick in the reverse orders of the previous seasons, the BDL champion picking last in each round. There are no compensatory picks. At the end of the draft, each team submits a wishlist of undrafted free agents to a forum member (bcb1213), and, just like for waivers, the player the team ends up getting depends on the draft order and the wishlist of other teams. You can sign up to 2 undrafted free agents right after the draft 

Free Agency Starts May 29 

Each free agent will be available to every team in BDL, as long they have the cap space to sign them. Free agency lasts three weeks in July, one week being reserved for OL & QB, one for RBs, WRs and TEs, and one for the defensive positions. Each team can start a bid on player as long as the salary proposal represents at least 40% of the IRL contract of the player. Every other team then has 48 hours to up the last bid on a player (raising a bid follows a certain set of rules detailed in the free agency threads), after those 48 hours have passed, the player is signed by the team that submitted the last bid. 

At the end of those 3 weeks, every remaining free agency can be signed one week in August, the Shark Tank week. In the Shark Tank, every team can submit one year only bids to remaining free agents. There again, you can raise a bid following certain rules. Every team has 24 hours to up a bid, after that, the player is signed by the team that submitted the last bid. 

Restricted Free Agents 

Players in their 3rd year of the league with expiring contracts become restricted free agents: each owner has a chance to tag a player with a pick of its choice (from a 1st rounder to a 7th). If another owner wishes to sign the player, they have to make an offer that the owner of the player won’t match and give him the pick with which the player was tagged.  2017 RFA Compensation Table
1st Round - $3,500
2nd Round - $3,000
3rd Round - $2,500
4th Round - $2,000
5th Round - $1,500
6th Round - $1,250
7th Round - $1,000

Exclusive Rights Free Agents 

Players ending their first or second year in the NFL become exclusive free agents. Their owner can choose to sign them at $500 for 2 years or let them hit Free Agency. 


Trades are unlimited but must be submitted to the trade committee before being considered valid. There’s a trade deadline after week 9. 


Each week, every team has the right to claim a player, as well as a second if one of its players has gone on IR IRL  2017 Waiver Costs
Weeks 1-6 $450
Week 7 $400
Week 8 $350
Week 9 $300
Week 10 $250
Week 11 $200
Week 12 $150
Week 13 $100
Week 14 $50

Roster Limits 

Each roster is capped in salary and amount of players. The roster limit is set at 70 players. However, player that are RL free agents, that are on IR/PUP or that are on practice squads are not counted against that limit. The salary cap is set at $170,000 in 2017. 

If a team goes above the roster limit (if say, a player on practice squad is signed IRL in a 53-men roster), they have to cut a player before their next game. If a transaction puts a team over the cap, they have either the chance to cut a salary (see later) or the transaction is considered invalid. 

Contract Management 

As soon as a player is signed on a roster, his contract is locked until the end of league year. For unlocked contracts, there’s a limited amount of options to alter them 

3down (until May 29) : A 3down allows you to cut a player and its salary without penalty in the offseason. You are allowed 3 3down each year, but only one for a player with 3 years of contract left or more 

Sub 500 cut (all year long): Each player with a contract of $500 or less per year can be cut freely from a roster 

Free-agent cut (all year long): a player who is a free agent IRL and who hasn’t played a snap in a full year can be cut without penalty from a roster 

Retirement party (all year long): if a player announces his retirement from the NFL, he can be immediately cut from a roster. 

Normal cut (all year long) : Any player can be cut at any time, but the owner will pay the salary of the player for the remaining time left on the contract 

Double Down (all year long) : Every owner has the chance to reduce by 2 the number of years left on a contract by multiplying by 2 the salary. For instance, if a player has 2 years left on his contract at $1000 per year, he can be double downed and his contract will become $2000 with 1-year left 

3up (All year round) : Each year, an owner has the chance to resign 3 players at a discount rate. 
If the player is an upcoming free agent that is not coming out of his BDL rookie deal, he can be signed at 85% of the value of his remaining IRL contract 
If a player is under BDL rookie contract but has just signed a new contract IRL, he can be signed at 85% of the value the IRL contract 
If a player is a free agent coming out of his BDL rookie contract and has signed a new deal IRL before the year of the 3up, then the owner has to pay 85% of the total IRL contract but end the contract the same year in BDL than IRL. For instance, player X has a BDL rookie contract from 2013 to 2018 at $2000 per year and signed a new deal IRL in 2017 at $10M per year for 6 years. You can either 3up him in 2017 at $8,500 per year for 6 years or in 2018 at $9,800 per year for 5 years. 

3up & over (until May 29) : A 3up & over gives the chance to owners to trade away or for upcoming free agents. If an owner trade for an upcoming free agent, he has to resign him at 100% of his IRL contract. Each owner is limited to one 3up & over per year (either if you trade for or away the player) and a 3up & over will count against the 3up limit for both parties 

100% extension (all year long): You can extend an unlocked player at 100% of his IRL salary as long as it doesn’t decrease his BDL salary.    5th Year Options Option 1 - If a real life NFL 1st round player is tendered their 5th year option a team can match it at 100% without using one of their 3 Ups for the year. Option 2 - If a team wants the can average the higher of BDL players Salary or their NFL Rookie Average with the total of the 5th year option and spread it over 2 years to satisfy the 5th year contract.

You can also offer a player a restructuration or an extension and negotiate with the contract committee. All 3downs and 3ups have to be agreed by the contract committee. 3up & overs have to be agreed by both contract and trade committees. 


Each NFL Sunday, you are required to send a lineup and a gameplan to face your opponent. Each lineup should field 11 starters (just like IRL) and up to 8 bench players. An offensive and defensive gameplan should explain the strategy of the team to beat its opponent (for example, take a look at last year Bizz Bowl: link Bizz Bowl game thread as an example). All gameplans must be submitted by 1pm ET on Sundays. To decide the winner, other forum members are required to vote and explain their votes on each matchup before the Wednesday at 10 am ET. Co-owners are only allowed to vote for their team if the owner doesn’t vote himself. Homefield advantage should be taken into account in the voting process. Games that are tied at 10 am ET go into overtime. The overtime lasts 1 hour and the first vote breaking the tie is the decisive vote. 

Penalties are applicable for owners who don’t send their gameplans, who don’t vote or who don’t state their votes. (Insert penalties voted in owners meeting) 

Each team will play its division opponent 2 times and two divisions’ teams once, which make a 14 games regular season. Each division winner is qualified for the playoffs as one of the top 4 seeds. The 4 next best records are qualified as the 5-8 seeds. Homefield advantage carries through the first round of the playoffs but the semifinals and Bizz bowl are on a neutral field. 

2017 League Calendar 

To be added