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Bears Decline Kevin White's Option

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7 hours ago, WindyCity said:

But you still run out of roster spots. I think every team in the league has a WR or 2 that are primary special teams guys.

It is hard to keep 5 WRs and a 4th TE and a 5th ILB because of roster numbers.

I think Fowler or Bellamy, please let it be Fowler, are battling for the 5th WR and the special teams role.

That leaves White vs the Field for the 4th role,

Yes, roster spots are finite. But, whether your ST ONLY guy is a CB or WR makes no difference whatsoever. 5 WR and 6 CB, or 6 WR and 5 CB. Both add to 11. It’s all about game day depth. If the Bears are going to have 4 TE active, and both Sims and Daniel Brown play ST then having a 5th or 6th active WR who can play ST but also WR only in a pinch is less important, and even more so with Cohen’s versatility to line up as a WR. There should be plenty of depth without needing Bellamy around as an emergency only WR on Sunday. I’m that case just put the best ST player out there.

Frankly if teams were able to have all 53 active then I suspect very few WR would play on coverage teams. 

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