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Rank These Linebackers Coming Out of College

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I didn't start following the draft heavily until 2010, so I cannot in good faith rank Curry/Willis. So I replaced them with two other players. I am still extremely pissed the Cowboys got LVE. 

Luke Kuechley

Rolando McClain

Leighton Vander-Esch 

Myles Jack

Anthony Barr

Roquan Smith

Jaylon Smith

Treamaine Edmunds



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On 5/6/2018 at 1:41 AM, brak86 said:


How I would rank them only knowing what I saw in college and would hopefully learn in interviews.

Assuming they were all healthy going into the draft...

1. *Luke Kuechly - I don't have to say much beyond the obvious. We saw greatness in college, but ILB was not valued in that period until he caused people to value it.

2. *Myles Jack - tremendous versatility and great in cover. Has a percentage of his potential greatness permanently stolen by injuries.

3. *Tremaine Edmunds - asked to do a lot in the VPI 46 defense, and he did great as a teen. Infinite range and plays tough with unbelievable size and athleticism. Smart and mature.

4. *Patrick Willis - I liked him a lot in college, and thought he was underrated because Ole Miss was not a factory then.

5. *Jaylon Smiith - who knows how good he could have been if healthy going into the draft. I don't think he will ever be where he could have been. Still, he benefited by that ND mystique that causes scrubs to go in the first round....

6. *Roquan Smith - great range but has problems shedding. Not big but big enough.

7. *Aaron Curry - drafted high in a weak top of the draft year.  Strong and could cover at the college level. Could not pass rush and had trouble with athletic pro tight ends. Not enough range.

8. *Rolando McClain - strong, which always inflates college performance compared to the league when other players catch up in strength. Head case and you hope you catch that in interviews.


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