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Best Time For Tickets?

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Hey party people, I'm from Cleveland and some friends and I are going to make the trip to go see the Browns vs. Broncos game in Denver for a long weekend as sort of a mini-vacation.

I went to the Broncos vs Jags (largest point spread in NFL history) I believe 5 years ago for my first Broncos game so I am somewhat familiar with the game day routine there.

Question I have.....

For the Jags game I remember I bought Tix I believe 3-4 weeks before wlthe trip out there. I got lower bowl corner endzone (16th row?) For $135 a pop. I operate under the impression that if I'm going on a mini vacation with friends to see the Broncos play and spending air-fare and hotel Im not skimping on the game Tix. I'll spend the extra 50-80 bucks to get good ones considering I only make it out there once every few years.

The Broncos v Browns game is Dec. 12 I believe. When should I start looking for tickets so I can get some good seats (lower bowl corner endzone just like last time) at the best price? Right now at face value they are $140ish for those same tickets and I didn't know if I should wait until like....a week before? Days before when people start dumping their seats or should I get out ahead of it by like a month like I did last time?


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I think that late in the season you gotta figure out what this team is. Another season like last and I would wait as long as possible. If they can get in the playoff hunt I would say earlier would be better. 

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