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Wrestlemafia, the sign up and game thread

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“Welcome everyone to the WWE/WWF/who cares its Wrasslin Mafia Royal Rumble!. This is good ol JR sitting next to the King, Jerry Lawler.”

“I cant believe you are back JR!!!”

“I wouldn’t miss this slobberknocker for all the pigs in Oklahoma Jerry!”

“Alright JR, lets take a look at this short clip to catch up on what has brought us to this point”

Video roles, enter movie trailer voice..

Recently, the world championship has been vacated by BCB who unfortunately stayed in the sun for more then 20 minutes and exploded, poor bastard. You forget things like your skin tone when you get old.

BCB has been eliminated: He was Sheamus: Irish Vampire WWE ALIGNED

So now there has been lines drawn, teams made. Each team wants the chance at the belt. They must win the Royal Rumble match in order to crown one winner!


1   TedLavie  Jake Roberts-  The Snake--WWE Legends aligned

2  Mission. Shawn Michaels Mr wrestlemania wwe legends aligned 

3   Mathman diamond Dallas page diamond cutter wcw aligned 

4  teude

5   bucsfan  The Brooklyn Brawler--Whats' that smellJobber aligned

6  EliteTexan80. Hulk Hogan "vitamin shoppe" WWE legend aligned 

7  domepatrol

8  untouchable   The Ultimate Warrior Parts unknown-  WWE Legend Aligned

9   "pickle rick"  FJ  Disco InfernoDancing King-  Jobber Aligned

10   LetTheBallFly

11  tk3 act 2   The  Rock-  The People's Champ-  WWE Legend Aligned

12  Darth Pees. Doink- t  he clown jobbers aligned 

13  Gopher Kurt angle Damn truth tester wwe legend aligned 

14  kingseanjohn    the godfatherthe ho train  jobber aligned

15  Whicker. Owen Hart - - the king of harts - wwe legend aligned 

16  Horizontal Zenith

17. Tk3  part 1Randy Savage - the macho man - - wwe legend aligned 

18. James. McMurray 

19. Ragnarok    

20. Woz   ted DiBiase - - the million dollar man. Wwe legend aligned 

21. Mookie monster 

22. Jfinley /touch 2        Steve Austin-Stone Cold  Drinker-  wwe legend aligned

23. Slappy Mc    Sting-  The Icon-  WCW Aligned

24. Md4l. Gold dust - wtf - alien aligned 

25. Sira 

26 Ruskie time   Chris Jericho-Y2J-WWE Legend Aligned


Day 1-  Rags Folley takes him out of the game like a swift Mick to the gut

Night 1.Whicker sharply gets shot out of the ring, tk3 savagely gets eliminated

Day two.  Rags gets no love.. Dude

Night two.  Missions heart is broken.  Etmania no longer runs wild, math goes back to yoga

Day three, no clowning around, Darth is eliminated 

Night three curtain call for Md4l, gopher hands in his medal 

Day four woz can't buy his way out of trouble 

night four-  SirA throws in the towel, Touch ultimately fails, FJ falls into the inferno

day 5-  Bucs still can't find a home despite brawlin

night 5-  SIRA Returns!, Ruskie chances runs into the walls, tk3 hits rock bottom, ted is snake bitten

day 6-  Slappy gets stung

night 6-  Touch and KSJ drink their chances away

--You must make 3 posts per day phase consisting of GULP! a complete sentence. They may be on or off topic. Yes this rule will be waived for short day periods. If you have a life for a few days, let me know and i will understand

--You may character claim at any time. However you may not role claim until day 3. Exceptions shall be made starting day two. If you are to receive an exception you will be notified prior to day 2 beginning. This is a new rule so I will allow possible slip ups. Flagrant breaking of this rule will result in a modkill

--Unless it says otherwise in your Role PM, you may NOT talk about the game outside of the Game Thread.

--Voting during the Day Phase will end once we get to a majority decision.

--In order to vote for someone to get lynched during the day, you must bold their name

--The night phase will last exactly 24 hours unless BCB receives every PM. That means if you have a Night Ability, you have 24 hours to send in your PMs unless otherwise noted. Should you not want to use your night ability, send a pm saying so.

--If you miss a night PM, and are the last person to send in a pm the following night, you will lose your power for that night phase as we will end the phase there!

--No editing or deleting your posts in the game thread. Double, triple, quadruple, quintuple, etc. posting is fine. 

--I reserve the right to mod kill and forcefully end a lynch. I also reserve the right to put a 24 hour limit on any phase if nothing is happening

--NO DEAD POSTING! Once you're dead, you're out of the Game Thread. Simple. You will be allowed one good game, **** you guys, etc post. I also don’t mind idle chat during night phases or a joke post. However must you post when you're dead please keep it non game related 

--NO POSTING SCREENSHOTS OR DIRECTLY QUOTING FROM ROLE PMs. No posting fake role PMs either. Failure to do so will result in being Mod killed. You may type out night action pm’s if it so suits you

--Do not post information regarding your PM from the Night prior to the Write-up being posted 

--If your PM says not to say something, don’t. There will be no second chances and you will be modkilled. 

---If there is conflicting ability uses on one another. The first pm's ability will win out, dont like it, send in your pm's faster

--Most importantly…HAVE FUN!


11sanchez11, @49ers4life52,  @amac, @bcb1213, @beezee,  @biggio7, @Blahman88, @BrettFavre004, @BrotherlyLove, @bucsfan333, @CAS22, @coltsmanic808, @CWood21, @daboyle250, @Danger, @Darth Pees, @devils1854 @bucsfan333 @EliteTexan80@El ramster@flyers0909, @fretgod99, @FriendlyEnemy, @Gambit Jango, @gopherwrestler@Gmen4ev@Heimdallr@HighHopes, @Hockey5djh, @HokieHigh,  @husker_vikes3, @incognito_man,  @iPwn, @Its A Sabotage, @james.mcmurry13, @JammerHammer21, @jetsfan4life51, @jfinley88, @Jlash@JMG, @jrry32, @Karmaloop, @khodder, @kingseanjohn, @LetTheBallFly@LETSGOBROWNIES@LionsFTW, @LuckyNumber11@MathMan, @Matts4313, @MD4L@Mich_fan20, @MightyMouse07, @mission27, @MookieMonster@ninerfanwheelz, @Officer Ricky, @OleXmad@Pats#1, @PatriotsWin!@perikirest, @Phire, @PuntMyLumps, @rabbisson, @Ragnarok@RandyMossIsBoss, @ravens_rool28, @Raves@ravishingone@Rearviewmirror, @RuskieTitan, @S-jax39, @samgurl775, @skatebeanz, @skrILL, @SirA1@SoS, @stallyns, @Stoop Trash, @sunnygsm, @swoosh, @texans_uk, @Texas_OutLaw7, @TedLavie@The LBC, @thelawoffices, @theuntouchable, @Tk3@twslhs20, @Tyty, @Ua@UofMfan909, @utley4568@Victor Cruz Pun, @Vindicatedxx, @VYoung10, @Whicker, @Woz @Famous Jameis @LETSGOBROWNIES @LetTheBallFly  @pheltzbahr   @Jlash   @PR   @DingoLadd   @SkunkApes  @PARROTHEAD  @pollino14  @Pastor Dillon   @bigbadbuff23835  @buddy_z34  @iknowcool  @buno67  @The Gnat  @1BackInBlackFan  @Texansfan713   @Ketchup  @BleedTheClock   @Troy Brown   @KManX89   @DawgX  @titans0021  @teude    

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Just now, teude said:

No idea what i'm getting into.

New number. Who dis?

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1 hour ago, bcb1213 said:

You may character claim at any time. However you may not role claim until day 3.

so we can claim our character (wrestler name), but not our power (tracker).

is that right @bcb1213?

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1 minute ago, MathMan said:

so we can claim our character (wrestler name), but not our power (tracker).

is that right @bcb1213?

Correct.  Once day three hits, claim whatever u want 

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Imma tie some fools into pretzels 


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