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Wrestlemafia, the sign up and game thread

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On 5/15/2018 at 4:07 PM, Ragnarok said:


Thanks for doing exactly what i wanted.


On 5/15/2018 at 4:09 PM, Ragnarok said:

I have powers now.


On 5/15/2018 at 6:10 PM, Ragnarok said:

Maybe scum deserves help instead.


On 5/15/2018 at 6:48 PM, Ragnarok said:

Role claiming is not allowed.


Re-reading the thread these stick out to me a lot.  I fully believe in my read on md4l, but since that's going no where....


rags I think he is gloating and bluffing trying not to get lynched again since now he has powers.  He probably had nothing before and needed to get lynched to get them.  It doesn't make since to have him be lynch proof more than once bc that would be too OP.  He had openly claimed to wanting to help scum bc it wasn't nice that we lynched him.  I feel his is a danger to both sides and that comment was just to keep mafia from hitting him if he doesn't get lynched.  Something is up with him and it's definitely not good for us.  

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59 minutes ago, james.mcmurry13 said:

I could vote teude. Don't like the votes on mookie.

Why don’t you like the Mookie votes?

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14 minutes ago, domepatrol91 said:

Why don’t you like the Mookie votes?

He's been questioning some of the bad trains/dumb logic early on. No point in pointing that out if he's scum.

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3 minutes ago, mission27 said:

When is night? 

If someone would be kind enough to catch me up I may be able to help out quite a bit tbh.

There is no night....Lynch happens when majority is reached

Rags is still alive and now has powers we believe he had to be lynched to get them 

So far as we can tell touch's vote is stuck on ltbf or at least he can't vote for Sira

I have a strong meta read on md4l gaining no traction though

Malf has been barking like a dog all day

Ltbf is doing some weird WWE thing with his posts 

Gopher is handcuffed to the ring and can't vote or be voted for 

Rags also edited his post and can't vote today as a penalty 

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Rags --10--hz, teude, mookie, MD4l, Jfin, Darth, math, dome, ksj, fj 

teude -1--, slappy

Et--1- woz 

Ltbf--4-utley, touch,  bucs, James

SIRA-2--ET, ltbf


Mookie - - 1--ted

Touch - - 1--sira 


12 to lynch

Rags has lost his vote for today for editing a post

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