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Will Josh Allen become a franchise QB for the Bills?

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14 hours ago, BigMountainGoat said:

I completely disagree. That's the one thing he won't be. He'll either be a disaster and or take them to the playoffs regularly He is very high ceiling, very low floor. Tannehill is high floor low ceiling

This is where i think people have kinda caricatured Allen a bit from being a bigtime boom/bust prospect, into a boom/bust NFL quarterback.  When you have a guy like Allen who can make those "wow" throws and break big plays as both a runner and a passer...they're going to get leash, for better or worse.  It's why, pre-draft...i kinda likened Allen to Jay Cutler.  He's cut from that same sort of cloth where he's made to be either brilliant, or frustrating on a game-to-game/snap-to-snap basis.  That gives the whole boom/bust profile in a direct sense.  But in reality, that type of QB is often enough to constantly hang around as a starting NFL quarterback, so long as the "wow" moments mostly outweigh the frustrating ones.  Something where Allen ends up being a QB who ends up inconsistently taking the Bills to the playoffs seems entirely plausible to me, where you're talking about a QB who is a potential big play machine...but also lacks a great deal of consistency in the "easy stuff".  

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