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Will Josh Allen become a franchise QB for the Bills?

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14 hours ago, BigMountainGoat said:

I completely disagree. That's the one thing he won't be. He'll either be a disaster and or take them to the playoffs regularly He is very high ceiling, very low floor. Tannehill is high floor low ceiling

This is where i think people have kinda caricatured Allen a bit from being a bigtime boom/bust prospect, into a boom/bust NFL quarterback.  When you have a guy like Allen who can make those "wow" throws and break big plays as both a runner and a passer...they're going to get leash, for better or worse.  It's why, pre-draft...i kinda likened Allen to Jay Cutler.  He's cut from that same sort of cloth where he's made to be either brilliant, or frustrating on a game-to-game/snap-to-snap basis.  That gives the whole boom/bust profile in a direct sense.  But in reality, that type of QB is often enough to constantly hang around as a starting NFL quarterback, so long as the "wow" moments mostly outweigh the frustrating ones.  Something where Allen ends up being a QB who ends up inconsistently taking the Bills to the playoffs seems entirely plausible to me, where you're talking about a QB who is a potential big play machine...but also lacks a great deal of consistency in the "easy stuff".  

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Boy, was I wrong about this kid. I remember being at the bar on draft night 2018. I wanted Josh Rosen so bad. Mayfield was my first choice, but I knew he wouldn't last. When the 8th pick was announced I heard the name "Josh" and I thought for sure we were drafting Josh Rosen. My heart filled up with joy for a brief second, then I heard 'Allen' a second later and my heart dropped. I immediately went into a drunken rant. I even called my wife telling her "Same old Bills. They screwed the pooch. We're screwed for another few years."

Well, I'm here today to eat crow. The moment I saw Josh hop over Barr my mindset changed from "I guess I'll see where this kid will take us" to "I'm ride or die with this kid". He was never tentative. He was always a gun slinger. It was at that moment that I realized this kid at least has a chance. The timid ones never amount to greatness. 

His first year was full of more downs than ups, but there was something gravitating about him. He was a natural leader. He left it all on the field. And my god, he was way more physically talented than I could ever imagine, which gave him the ability to rush for a crazy amount of yards but also survive when the pocket completely collapsed. On top of that, he had the toughness to stick in the pocket and not fold. The passing ability simply wasn't there, so after his first year I was onboard with giving this kid every opportunity to succeed but I also knew he had a ton of work to do to become our 'guy'.

Year two comes around and there are still warts to his game, but his short-to-intermediate passing started improving drastically as did the talent around him. Not only that, but he had that 'it' factor you love to see when the game's on the line. He wasn't perfect. Far from it. But he improved drastically and began to deliver when it mattered. 

Year three is here and I must say he continues to improve. He's an accurate passer now. No one will convince me otherwise. He's put in the work to fix his mechanics. He doesn't rely on his legs nearly as much. He's tough as nails in the pocket and his pocket awareness has improved. He's scanning the field much better. And he may damn well be the most entertaining QB in the league (For good and bad). He's a top-10 QB in this league with the potential to be a top-3 QB in this league. 

This is the tastiest crow I have ever ate. Props to Beane and co. for sticking with this kid through the thick and thin. They never once thought about sitting him. They allowed him to work through the ups and downs while working tirelessly to improving him and the supporting cast around him. 

The Buffalo Bills are in good hands from the top on down. It's a great feeling. We have our QB for the next 10-15 years, and it's a bit surreal. So, a message to 2018 WizeGuy- 'Stay in your lane, kid. Don't ever doubt the process again or you will be made a fool of'

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