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Adopt A Titan - Sign Ups - 18/25 Spots Filled

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Ranking the roster is beginning to wind down, with the poll for the #8 spot just now going up, so figured might as well get the sign ups started for our annual Adopt A Titan draft. We have a few new members, so for those unfamiliar, you can click here to see last year's draft thread. As with the past 2 years, having 20+ people sign up, we're bound to have players drafted that ultimately don't make the team if we stick solely to players, so drafting members of the coaching staff(and front office/ownership) has become common place.

There will be a 24 hour clock for each pick just like in years past. If there's a chance you won't be on to make your pick, feel free to PM me a list of players/coaches/etc you'd like(from most to least) and I'll make your pick for you.

I know we have several newer members since we moved over to this board, so if we get over 25 sign ups, should be able to fit a few extras in.

We'll aim to try and start this somewhere around June 1st.

As always, the draft order will be decided at random by https://www.random.org/lists/

Sign Ups:

1. Justin615$
2. TitanSlim
3. Titans fan 617
4. grizzans3222
5. tgrades3
6. TitanSized13
7. renndawg37
9. TwoToneBlue
10. Andrei01
11. TJM217
12. RuskieTitan
13. SerenityNow
14. TitanTuff
15. EddieGeorge27
16. Titan89
17. ragevsuall17
18. deeluxx3

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