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3 hours ago, sp6488 said:

I think we also saw a lot of balls get out quicker than normal, often to a spot where it was either going to be a short catch or incompletion, whether that was Flacco doing it because he didn't trust his line or by design (or a combination of the two).  There were certainly some good players along the line last year (Jensen, for example), but the early injuries threw off the cohesion of the unit.  

The ball going out quicker certainly also played a part. Another thing not recognized is the amount of defenders the oline had to handle. Both the Jaguars and Vikings had excellent defenses and according to Ken McCusick never rushed more than 4. Then it is much easier to protect, but very difficult to find open guys (especially as the Ravens had Moore, Campanaro and that former Colts receiver as the only wide receivers in the vikings game).

I watched the offense on the coaches film from a couple of the later games. That oline, nor Flacco or the receivers where great at any point. Flacco got better at finding the open man, which most likely is because he had just 0,5 of a second extra before he could feel the pocket collapse, and that also led to defenses trying a bit more to get to him, which again opened up some stuff for especially the running game.

With a 5th place ranking, PFF make it seem Flacco had a clean pocket and 3-4 wide receivers running routes. That is very very far from what actually happened on the field.


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Here's some great player theory and analysis work on Joe Flacco from our newest member @Edgar. Who you should absolutely subscribe to on YT if you haven't already. 


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