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2018 OTA's

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11 hours ago, thebestever6 said:

Dang lol thought he was in the clear. Whats your thoughts on it ? Does the length of the time it takes the chargers to be filled make it more likely he gets off? I mean without physical evidence it's gonna be hard for a conviction. Especially waiting 5 years to come forward. 

What was that packers tes name in the 90s whos career ended because of a rape conviction?

I have a co-worker who is friends with Gotsis, said that the girl is just after money...hope that is the case.  Gotsis doesn't seem like a rapist, but you never know these days.  I do find it suspicious that the girl stated the claim five years after the fact when he was drafted and made some descent money as a 2nd round pick.  

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