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2021 NFC North Fantasy Football League Discussion (DRAFTING!!!!!!!!!!!)

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7 hours ago, Sllim Pickens said:

Thank you, what website is used for this?  When is the keeper deadline and draft? Also what are the rues/roster spots?


24 player roster, 15 keepers

No deadlines or draft have been set up yet.

0.75 ppr.  Not sure on the QB scoring off hand.

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13 hours ago, Vikes_Bolts1228 said:


It's so cute watching you guys trying to get better!

Back to back, baybay!

Thanks! And don't worry I will do good things with all your picks! :D

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On 7/12/2021 at 9:45 AM, Sllim Pickens said:

Who should I send my email to get added on ESPN?

@Sllim Pickens Please send your email to me via PM.   sorry for the delay in responding.   Was on vacation this week.  

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45 minutes ago, Sllim Pickens said:

Is it a live draft on ESPN or do we draft here?  If we do a live draft, during the work day is best for me or like 9:00.  I have some plans the first two weekends but Leila be available to draft. 

we do a draft on here. I think you get 24 hrs to make your first pick

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