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3 hours ago, beekay414 said:

He should because he's not. Peak Federer was about as untouchable as it will ever get. Fed is the GOAT regardless of where Joker ends up in the GS count.

Federer had 3 Slam matches that he blew against Djokovic that would have made this moot and their current slam counts would be 22 or 23 for Federer to 18 for Djokovic. 1 day I'm gonna get lost in an internet hole going over all the small things that could have completely changed the GOAT debate between those 2 and Nadal.

I don't know who I'd pick at their peaks. Probably Federer, but Djokovic will definitely have a pretty untouchable resume on paper. And obviously Nadal is right there. The matches these 3 have had that have turned on 1 point is wild to think about.

Random Fun Stat: Federer made EVERY slam final between 2005 Wimbledon and the 2010 Australian Open except 1, the 2008 Australian Open where he lost in the SFs to Djokovic.

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On 9/14/2021 at 5:35 PM, agarcia34 said:

Cant believe the tennis season is almost over. Indian Wells next month and then Paris in November

i might make the trip to bercy this november, ill let you guys know if it happens, the prices are reasonable for the final and the semis. 

for me the GOAT debate is already done with, but federer is a Jordan like figure in tennis, people will never let go. Its an eye test thing, supreme style and spectacle. Federer plays like how most of us rec players would love to play, the movement, the backhand. I hope i can see him play live at least once in a real tournament before he retires.

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